Diablo® III

Unable to cast, move, or even die.

first of all sorry for my english, i will try to write the best i can :)

I was playing today with complete normality since 18:00 to 21:40 (GMT+1) with my barbarian.

The setup of my barb is this:

Frenzy -> Sidearm
Revenge -> Provocation
War Cry -> Impunity
Furious Charge -> Dreadnought
Ignore Pain -> Ignorance is Bliss
Wrath of the Berserker -> Insanity

And passives:
Tough as Nails
Nerves Of Steel


When i was in the arreat crater level 2, two times i got stuck (and inmortal, with 0 health and no die), the champion could die because the Enchantress was doing dps and the proc of my ring was helping her. I couldnt use any habilites even the portal (only use potions)
. I had to invite a friend, exit the game and enter to pickup the loot.

The first time i did the elites and champions from the first part of the act III to get the 5 nephalem, and go on to kill cydaea, but in another encounter again the same (and again in the same instance of arreat crater lvl 2), stuck in combat with a champion, inmortal, unable to cast, only to use potions and my Enchantress and my ring did all the job. (and again a friend with me to maintain the loot while i exit and re-enter the game).

I hope this would be helping for the devs.
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I would like to add to the above post. I have had the same problem twice in less than an hour.
I use a barbarian with the following set up and equipment


I have had the exact same issue. I will 'die' in combat, yet still be 'alive'. Unable to use town portal or use any moves such as leap or furious charge to 'unstuck' myself.

Both times have occurred in act 3 inferno. The first was in the Fortified bunker on some stairs. The second was in the Fields of Slaughter. I've seen some reports of it possibly being a result of Revenge spamming.

The biggest issue is having 5 stacks of NV and seeing iLvl 63 items at your feet that you can't pick up and are forced to leave the game to resolve the issue.

Any fix for this? A console command like /stuck or something along those lines?
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same problem too
proof video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57OaPXswzmg&feature=plcp
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I experienced the same problem while playing in act III with my barbarian


I have a video of it if that helps. Had to leave game to solve the issue.
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I am also a victim of this bug. Twice now within the past hour I've gotten stuck in such a way that I can't die, attack, move, etc. I was just running around aimlessly killing champion packs and both times I got stuck mid-fight. Once was in Northern Highlands and the other was in a Defiled Crypt.

I notice a lot of barbs are claiming this has happened to them, but I play a monk. Perhaps it is melee only. I haven't heard of any range classes with this issue. Each time I got stuck, I had just cast dashing strike.

It's starting to get quite annoying. I no sooner get 5 NV stacks and then I gotta log out and start over.
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Can everyone who has had this problem request a sticky. I believe we have given enough information for a blue post response to the issue. It is obviously not a random problem. It has only happened, and has continued to happen, since 1.04.
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This continues to happen to me, I have posted about it several times in several different topics all in the bug report forums. It is happening so often now that I log in get 2 or 3 NV stacks, bug out, and stop playing because I am so frustrated with this occurring over and over.
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same problem here. Happened at least four times already on separate days.

char profile: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Zagoras-2111/hero/145235

I think this occasionally happens when fighting champion pack and using charge.
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I just had the same issue, charged into a group of enemies and the next thing I knew I couldn't do anything, including die. Had to log out to resolve the issue.
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85 Human Priest
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This is a recurring issue, has happened with my barb 5 times now. please fix this, as it completely sucks to have to restart acts, lose nv and hope it doesn't happen again.

Which it does
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It happened to me 3 times. I believe that Furious Charge was the cause.

After switching to a different build that does not use that the skill and everything is okay.
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happened to me too and now that everyone is mentioning it, i use furious charge a lot and it could be the cause.
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90 Undead Mage
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I have a lvl 60 monk and it's happened repeatedly to me. As with everyone else experiencing this wonderful phenomenon (not!) the only way I got out of it was to LOG out. Very irritating and it keeps happening.
Thus far the common factors I've noticed for my monk are:
1) It happens with Elites
2) They're always the Elites that come in packs
3) It's always happened AFTER I've maxed the Nephalem Valour buff (NVB x 5 = max)! Ya, after running around like a crazy person trying to get that darn buff maxed out so the half an hour doesn't run out and I have to start stacking the buff all over again.. THIS is when it the game pulls this on me. Takes some time to stack it five times and then you're logging off and having to start all over again on the NVBx5.
Anyone else noticed the buffx5 thing?
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I was the second poster on this thread. It has happened to me more and more since my OP. I have been noticing as Ghosty said that it only seems to happen when I have 5 stacks of NV and are fighting elites or champions. I can't say exactly what move is making it happen because I don't notice it has happened for a second or two after it occurs.

I have a sneaking suspicion it isn't tied to a specific move because there are monks experiencing the same issue, but it seems to occur mostly when I use furious charge (dreadnought) or revenge (provocation)

There needs to be a suicide or unstuck command added to the game to fix this. Granted, fixing the bug itself would be wonderful, but having a command to suicide or get yourself unstuck would be a start.

As stated above, if this occurred at the beginning of a farm run it wouldn't be as frustrating, yet it only seems to happen after getting 5 stacks and while engaged with champs or elites. It's especially frustrating to watch my enchantress kill them all while they are beating on my 'dead' body and see ilvl 63 gear drop at my feet and not be able to pick it up.

This is obviously a wide spread issue. Blue response please.
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same here :////
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If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006892777
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