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3e time migraina aura in a row

Should i be worried ?
east 3e time if noticed it being really bad like blocking nearly half my vision.
I'm kindy woried i might get it some day while traveling getting my whole vision blocked nearly.

Each time happends for me also when if got lot stress which if got a lot lately.

I bought a tablet and got 2 dead pixels after 1 day, Had to run back forward 2 times in a row getting out off breath just to get invoice printed out because the other invoice had no price tag on it.

then got home with migraine aura it was dark i barely noticed till looked at street lights.
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I have suffered from something similar but as an EMT, I do not have the training to diagnose or make any recommendations beyond recognizing an emergency situation. It doesn't sound like an emergency but I can pass on what I know.

One possible condition is called occular neuritis. This presents with blindness or visual disturbances (usually temporary) in one or both eyes (with pain on eye movement) and one helluva headache. This condition that is only diagnosed via MRI (and a brain scan while staring at a wierd checkerboard screen) and is often the first symptom of multiple sclerosis (not that you have that). Variations of this are possible.

Another condition you may have (and more likely) is a migraine. Many migraines are vascular in origin and some originate within the eye, not the head. These often produce aura sensations and visual disturbances (especially when moving from areas of varying level of brightness). Do the streetlights look more blurry than they used to? That is another example of this effect. These migraines might also exist without pain, don't let the migraine fool you into thinking "headache" only.

You should see a dr ASAP as more serious underlying conditions will also present with these symptoms (scary stuff like tumors but these are less likely). The dr will probably give you a referral to a neurologist who can make a definitive diagnosis. I went to two different neuro's as I got conflicting advice so don't hesitate to seek a second opinion. Brain science is hard.
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