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1.0.4 Witch Doctor Thorn Builds

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I've been working on my Thorny Pets build for almost two weeks now:

I have 5k armor, 500+ resists, 14k thorns, 32k HP and 46k DPS. (includes Enchantress bonus to armor and DPS)

I spew out Locusts up close, then retreat to cast Acid Clouds from afar, then attack with Poison Darts. All this is happening while my pets distract and keep most enemies in place. Spirit Walk is for extra life regen and repositioning.
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Bump because this thread deserves it.

Also, I've been using Ghost Fire Bomb over Locusts. It just feels better, especially in solo play.
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Sadly I have to abandon my quest to try out a thorns build, because I want to sport gold find as well, and it is extremely hard to find gear that has additional thorns.
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Hooray! I have been using a thorns build since the very beginning! Sometimes its felt like I was the only one out there lol so Im really liking this thread! In fact when I earned my 30 in one blow achieve it was entirely thanks to my thorns!

I have always used thorns because well, I could never see taking a passive and not using it to its full potential! FL gives them regen and thorns so I went with it! Plus I did enjoy a thorny Golem so!

Before the patch I had a bit more res, regen and thorns and used different runes for my pets and used firepit. I also used to have 1k loh. The way they survive now is so amazing! But I do miss my procs something awful! Obviously I still have cc on my gears and although you cant see it I have a gob of bleed on my mojo, but they just dont go off like they used to! Just this week I switched to these funny frogs to see if they would proc a little better and so far, it seems like it does...
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I would say my build is a combination of thorns / tank-proctor. It has worked great especially for a casual budget player like myself! I've probably spent +2mill TOTAL on my current set of gear in the AH, with a few lucky drops. I beat Diablo solo with this build and can farm A3 with ease.

43k HP
+540 AR
3800 Armor
10% CC (Immobolize, Stun, Freeze, Slow)

21k DPS
+9000 thorns
500 LOH


I experimented with Gruesome Feast over Zombie Handler, but my pets seemed to die noticeably quicker (Guess the 20% HP is a lot) plus I think the thorns dmg by the 4th dog does more than the 10% Int Stacks dmg of Gruesome Feast. Maybe I am wrong, but it just felt like I was clearing mobs faster with Zombie Handler.

Playstyle is pretty easy. Sit back and spam RoT, AR every few seconds, horrify as needed, and run around and pickup health globes. Proc's go off VERY often, especially with Acid Cloud!

Aiming to upgrade my LoH to about 800, DPS closer to 30k, and pushing thorns as high as possible!
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Thorns is awsome against some bosses (skele king, siegebreaker), others not so much but doable (belial, ghom). But it makes trash so much easier unless it is electic, that just kills my muts. Even without my spiders this is the funnest build i've ever had.

Note i just looked at my profile. The only item i have that doesn't have thorns is a ring named terrible source. I saw it after i sorted for thorns damage.
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As of 9/11

Tank Doctor w/ high Thorns

Thorns 19297

Life 42.8k
Damage 22137.3
Armor 4980

Vitality 1157
Intelligence 1981

All Resist 700+
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on my thorns build it was fail on ACT 3-4 and i found out why. because i dont have the life regen. with life rg and thorns now my pets and i dont even die anymore unless it's a GOD DPS rare monster. more life rg means you will or your pet will heal much faster = more thorns damage. i spend 147m gold to find out this craps.
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http://www.twitch.tv/darkburrow - This is me using my recently dinged 60 WD, Paragon lvl 3 at the time of writing this, ill be streaming daily.. but i guess its not a very interesting stream since Thorn-build is a tad slow with my build.. !@#$ damage :(
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Great thread!! Firstly I must say that I'm playing HC so my stats are not as high as yours:(

Quick stats:
32,5k hp
800-900 res
3850 armor
11,3k dps unbuffed
13k thorns

I just finished inferno act1 and it was too easy, not a single pet of my died and I run just like at I was in normal act1
I am waiting 1.0.5 patch for act2 and I am aware of I must have at least 1k LOH or a decent life regen.
I sometimes switch my gear and skills for gold farm but basically my stats are like above and I used rain of toads, acid rain, horrify with bonus armor rune and spirit walk for slip off. For passives, spirit vessel is essential in HC and the other is jungle fortitude

I love this thread and build!
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Hi fellow thorn lovers.

Two qucik questions regarding your thorns build:

Do we need a primary attack (RoT, Firebomb, splinters) or it is better to use something like Searing Locust?

Is this kind of build at high MP or is the thorns damage just to low?
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working on getting my wd up to 60 to do a thorns build, stoked on this thread!
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Ok, so here's a question..

Does thorns proc bleed? Would be crazy to have like 20k thorns w/ 6-12k bleed
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fyi, get cindercoat. can have up to 3k thorns on it as a set affix. pretty cheap as well with ok intell and res .... costs more for life on it as well.
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well those player with high thorns also rely on their basic damage... u cant rely on the thorns for damage alone... the damage is too low scaling with inferno monster health... great combo though with zombie dog leeching beast and high thorns for gaining back hp...
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And don't neglect life regen, when building towards thorns. You can have a pretty good pet thing going with high life regen.
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will a thorns build handle the Butcher? been running a balanced build that includes some thorns, due to a cinder coat I found. believe I died once in all of act 1, MP3, until I hit the butcher. gave up after dying 3 times in a row until I can review my skill selection.
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i took the butcher last night on my 3rd try. first try i got him down to half health before i died, second time he one hit me. third time i got him without taking much damage at all.. i just started my thorns build a few game hours ago, so i'm still figure out the proper play style.
i've been picking up my gear for super cheap, mostly by bidding on gear rather than buying out. i'm probably only 1.5m in with my gear so far. it kinda shows, though, it's not the best at all. my dps and life are both pretty low atm, but i'm slowly building my stats as gold allows.
so far i'm loving thorns!
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also, i forgot to mention, i've been playing mp1 ever since getting to inferno. lately i've been key grinding solo at mp4 and while it takes forever to take down elites, i rarely ever die, and when i have died it's always been my fault for not hitting spirit walk in time or something stupid.
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so i made it through inferno with my thorns build, but it took forever. my dps is so low, but i can't find any worth while one handers with life on hit and a socket (for more life on hit) at any price, and the two handers don't cut it for my current build. i need the block of a shield to keep the incoming damage under control, plus i miss out on the 2.4k thorns when i drop the shield.
what can i do to get my dps up? i suppose i might be able to find a better 1hr if i drop the socket, but i'm not sure if ~950 loh will be enough. my thorns is currently at something like 16k, i'm starting to think i should look for more dps gear and loose some of the thorns.
key grinding solo is miserable. i survive mp5 just fine, but it takes FOREVER to bring down elite packs.
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