Diablo® III

Shenlong Set Fist Drop Location

Hi fellow monks,

Been wanting to get hold of the pair of Shen long set fist. Had anyone gotten it yet?
Care to share where does it drop?

Been farming act 3 since patch but not sure if it will even drop in act 3.
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uhmm ... random is random ... bro ... it only needs to be inferno, as i63 !

act 3/4 will give you most chances though ....
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i found mine in act 3. it's very random.
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Legendaries and set items do not have a specific location for it to drop.

If you have high magic find stat the better quality of the drops.
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I don't believe in the MF affecting quality part. I got pretty HAX status gold having zero mf items.
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because it doesnt affect the quality of the drop. it only affects how many rares u get. say a pack of elites drop 5 equips. all 5 of those equips have a chance to be rares, and increasing mf improves those odds. as for quality of the drops, that is entirely random. and, of course, the more rares u can get per run, the more likely u will find something good.
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People in the forums have been asking to clarify how magic find works. After weeks of ranting, Blizzard did respond.

If you don't want to believe me then check the link. I doubt you will argue with Blizzard over the matter.

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Me and my friend got total of 3 stormshield in same place, VoTa (pre patch). RNG?
Somehow we feel that there is a specific area/ location where different sets/ gear drop.

Hey Nin, where part of act 3 do you find the set?
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Drops are totally random. If specific legendary drop from a single area then there would be a guide for it by now.

Didn't you read the link on magic find? Every kill has a chance to drop legendary. Magic find affects the rolls of drops.
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i got it at the bridge to siege monster
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found mine in act 3
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getting a little pissed... been farming act 3 since patch and haven't seen a single legendary or set item while a friend who have 0 mf unbuffed found the barb set wpn, a 6 prop shoulder plan, radiant emerald plan........ in 2 days
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RNG is RNG, I farmed a3 with a friend since patch. He has found 5 legendaries to date, me 0. So....
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