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This post is to guide new wizards who reached 60, don't know where to start, and how to gear up using very little gold. With these guidelines, you will be able to start farming act 1/2 inferno in no time, start collecting great items for act 3+, obtaining gold and good paragon XP all while under the 500k gold mark ^_^ if you like what you are reading, it's about to get better.

First, Wizard stats breakdown as to what you want to be looking for on which item.

Helmet : Socket / Intellect (120+) / Arcane on crit (8+) . If you get some Vitality, it's a plus.
Shoulder : Intellect (140+) / All res (50+) / Life %
Gloves : Intellect (200+) / Crit chance (7% +) / Armor and/or Phys Res.
Bracers : Intellect (120+) / Crit chance (3%+) / Vitality and/or All Res and/or Armor.
Chest : Vitality (150+) / Sockets (3) / Intellect (any) / Armor and/or Phys Res
Belt : Intellect (100+) / Life % / Vitality (any)
Pants : Vitality (150+) / Sockets (2) / Intellect (50+) / Armor and/or Phys Res
Boots : Intellect (100+) / Movement speed (10%+) / Vitality(100) or All Res (50+)
Amulet : Intellect (160+) / Critical Hit Damage (45%+) / Vitality and/or Life %
Ring 1 : Intellect (70+) / Crit chance (3%+) / Life% and/or All Res and/or Vitality
Ring 2 : Intellect (70+) / Critical Hit Damage (20%+) / Life% and/or All Res and/or Vitality

This covers the entire suit of armor. Now onto the Weapons and Off Hands.

Weapon (Wand/Sword/Dagger) : High DPS (750+) / Life on hit (500+) and/or Life steal (2.5%+) / Socket
Off Hand (Source) : Crit chance (6%+) / Arcane On Crit (7+) / Intellect (100+) / Highest damage you can go

Alternative (Shield) : Crit chance (7%+) / Life % (12%+) / Vitality (120+) / Intellect is a bonus here
Also keep in mind that all shields you should look for a total block chance of above 16% and at least ilvl 61 (62+ prefered).

For every socket in your gear, you place Intellect gems, except for the helmet and weapon. where you place either a Red in the helm(XP) or Purple(life%) and Green in the weapon (Crit damage). For the purpose of this budget setup, I used flawless squares.

Total stats buffed can be seen here :
Shield - http://imgur.com/XklEE
Source - http://imgur.com/1gLrw

Item cost list here (after the triumvirate outbids) : http://imgur.com/1Zrgn

Total cost was ~420k gold. very cheap ^_^ (one item in the list was not considered, at 50k)

Now, what kind of wizard can we be with this getup ? Well this is where it gets interesting.
You choose what kind of wizard you want to play at this point (what!?) yes this suit will function acceptably on most builds ! ^_^

I have tried a CM wizard (shield) : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#WiYXhO!gfZ!abYacc

A Blizz Hydra Kite wizard (source) : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#liQXkO!gfY!ZbcYZc

An Archon wizard (source, 37k dps with GC) : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#VmQjSO!gfY!Zccacc

Wierd Build that I was having fun with : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UlQXiO!gfT!ZYcaac

And all 4 of them have been able to deal with act 1/2 elites easily using this suit. Belial took about 1 min 15 seconds in phase 3.

So if you have any questions, comment, want to say hi ? please do so !

Cheers ! ^_^
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Hey dude I'll need you my gamertag : L33tG3ND#1400! i'll be there in 3 hours !
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90 Orc Warrior
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@L33tG3ND not a problem ^_^ I will edit the post and in 3 hours from now will be in game.
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very helpful, thx
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Posts: 189
Just what I was looking for. I dumped all of my gold into my WW barb and can easily farm act 3 but wanted to regear my naked lvl 60 wizard. With only 2mil gold, I wasn't sure that would be possible.

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bump for those asking about gearing up for inferno!
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thanks dude, this is great, wish i had this a few weeks ago.... now i am broke
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I Just noticed something, based on yoru numbers, using a shield, this will give only 20 Critical Chance. I see you have 30% in your stats, how?
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What about act 3?
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@NightAngel The stats you see here will give you 20% extra critical chance.
This is added to your base critical chance (5%) for a total of 25% extra crit chance.
Also I was using the Scoundrel Mercenary for an extra 3 % crit chance (now at 28%)
If i recall properly, I had 8.5% crit chance on the gloves, and 8% on the shield. bringing me to 30.5% crit chance. The numbers that I state as the ones I used to search for said items ^_^

@Nyquister You can attempt Act 3, but it will be a slow progress with this gear. It was not my goal when I did this to clear Act 3, I did attempt and cleared up to Ghom. Then he wiped his butt on my wizard ;). My goal was to put together a cheap suit that would be fun to use and clear act 1 and 2 inferno reliably. Which if you check L33tG3ND's Wizard, he is wearing most of that suit that I bought (gave it away to first poster, my wizard has better gear) and it shows that he has cleared act 2 completely, last time I checked he was having fun with it ^_^
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which build is best for wiz? and most fun to play?
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free bump!
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90 Orc Warrior
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The best build for wiz, common question, you may or may not like the answer, but here is my attempt to explain it.

Out of the builds I have tested, it depends on the situation. Single target DPS, AoE, fights requiring lots of movement, survival, different builds will perform great in some areas, and poorly in others. For example : CM Wizards excel at surviving an onslaught of enemy attack, but fights that require a lot of movement and positioning they start to fall behind compared to other builds. While Archon will provide one of the highest damage possible, both in single target and AOE, if you cannot burn down the opponent quickly you will find that Archon runs out fast (you need to kill a lot of enemies quickly to sustain it) and then you become vulnerable.

Which is most fun to play ? Again a question that is common, but also difficult to answer, as it is a matter of perspective.

Do you like to run around, never get hit, and shower your opponent will spells ? Blizz Hydra
Do you like to burn down opponents fast and be reckless ? Archon
Prefer to go away from stereotypical wizards and want to melee it up ? CM.

My best advice is to try out a few builds, play with them for a couple of hours, and if you like it, go for it ! ^_^
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I wanted to take a moment to thank you for this guide. I've been bidding and shopping around for pieces based on these guidelines the last few days and making progress. My bracers, helm, shoulders, and chest are from that shopping spree, under 50k in all 4 and the helm and bracers went for 1400 each! This is a great aide for wizards who aren't sure where to start, so thank you again!

Editing my post to add that I have finished my set with shield and working on a source for other builds. I've gone from struggling heavily in act 1 inferno to charging though most of it pretty easily and, most importantly, HAVING FUN! Thank you again, other wizards read this!
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This guide is fantastic, thank you! I was looking everywhere for a good guide for those of us less than wealthy wizards. Do you have any suggestions on how to upgrade the gear from this point once a bit more money starts coming in? Is it just a matter of finding items with higher values of the listed stats or are there other things to look for. I'm using a variant of your CM build if that helps.
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What an amazing guide. Going to do some changes to my wizard.
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Great guide for starters like me..currently my wiz is lvl 55 and i'm worried of what items should i get when i reach lvl 60..then i found this..Thanks!
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Finally, a REAL MELEE WIZARD. Free bump and best of luck!
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Nice guide. I actually re-geared my Wiz using this. Though I feel I may have been impatient seeing as your gear costed 400k were as mine was around a mil. Haha, but it's ok. I didn't mind dishing out the gold to have some fun.
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08/30/2012 08:49 AMPosted by txag2k
bump for those asking about gearing up for inferno!

another bump as I am seeing a lot of threads that would be answered by reading this one :)
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