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+x% Elemental Damage mechanic: blue clarify!


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Taking into account the original wording

Adds 5-6% to Arcane Damage
Adds 5-6% to Poison Damage
Adds 5-6% to Lightning Damage
Adds 5-6% to Holy Damage
Adds 5-6% to Cold Damage
Adds 5-6% to Fire Damage

*24-29 character and 1 line is about 40 character I suggest

Adds 5-6% Arcane Damage
Adds 5-6% Poison Damage
Adds 5-6% Lightning Damage
Adds 5-6% Holy Damage
Adds 5-6% Cold Damage
Adds 5-6% Fire Damage

*just take out the "to" and it will be like +min dmg and +max dmg

Adds 5-6% Arcane Damage to Weapon
Adds 5-6% Poison Damage to Weapon
Adds 5-6% Lightning Damage to Weapon
Adds 5-6% Holy Damage to Weapon
Adds 5-6% Cold Damage to Weapon
Adds 5-6% Fire Damage to Weapon
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The "+x% Elemental Damage" affix works by adding "x%" of your physical damage to your attack, in the form of the damage type listed.

So, really basic example:
  • Your physical damage is 100, and the item adds +3% Fire damage.
  • You gain 3 extra damage to your attacks as Fire damage.

Things this takes into account:
  • Rings, mojos, orbs (etc) that have an "X-Y" damage affix (e.g. "1-2 Damage")
  • The base damage range of your weapon, before any elemental damage is added from the affix
  • +Min or +Max affixes on weapons

(Note: It doesn't benefit from "+X-Y Elemental Damage" affixes on weapons.)

We realize the current wording for this affix can be confusing, and it's something we'd like to make more clear in the future. If you have any suggestions for how this affix could be better worded, we're definitely interested in your suggestions. Just keep in mind that space is limited in item tooltips, and that whatever we use would need to be translated into all of our supported languages.

Hey blue -

in your paraphrase you say:

"+X% Elemental Damage"

But if you look at an item, the tooltip reads:
Adds 5-6% to Arcane Damage

Obviously if I have 0 Arcane Damage, adding 5% to it = 0.

You then go into "keep in mind space is limited" when the solution is

"Adds X% Elemental Damage" instead of "Adds X% to Elemental Damage"
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11/27/2012 02:37 PMPosted by Tamek
Found Zuni's Boots today and also am now curious, as a Wizard who doesn't use poison skills and has a weapon with black dmg: I gained 6k dmg although my old boots had the same amount of INT as my new Zuni's. So am I really dealing 6k more dmg with alls my attacks, or would that new and nice DPS-number only count for poison skills or if I had a poison weapon and is thus the DPS number "wrong"?

Paper doll dps doesn't represent "all your attacks," so no, you don't.
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Also, I might add that these items with +% damage are just extremely dumb and limiting.

First of all "the simplicity" of the information panel in the game is demonstrably terrible. Equipping items doesn't show the results of the predictions, set bonuses aren't in there, and there aren't breakouts for dps numbers such as "vs. elites" or showing your stats without passives or with buffs that you can apply.

Secondly the only people grinding through the game for the long haul want to see the statistics. There's no reason to simplify it for them. Make these things optional if you're somehow catering to the casuals.

Is there still any reason you can't mouse over an item in AH and see the dps changes, when you have the goofy "browse ah by a character" selection?

Is there really any reason defensive stats are terrible - why bother having a protection rating if it is bizarre and generally incorrect?

On top of all this, you have a laughable obviously OP stat that has people equipping otherwise poor items to gain %elite damage or %ele damage. Stacking a few of these items, which can be gotten rather cheaply, even with terrible other stats instantly upgrades which MP or ubers you can do. It is the difference between 200k dps and 300k dps. 2-3 gimmick items shouldn't be the "core" of your build.

Also, another "hidden" stat with this nonsense regarding "black weapon damage" ... you need this to be refined because otherwise it would CLEARLY be a ridiculously strong statistic. Instead, it is a NOT CLEAR, BUT STILL RIDICULOUSLY STRONG statistic.

It also further waters down the desirable item pool. Two identical items, one with ele damage and the ele damage version is worse because of some goofy +% modifier on 2-3 items? Pfft.

And your modifier doesn't even work right. Nobody could test is properly because of how goofy the wording is (and then you really couldn't see that removing TO or replacing TO with AS isn't infinitely clearer?)

But if you have an ability that deals weapon damage AS some type, it overrides that type.

thus if you have +%cold. if you autoattack you can see the cold happening. but if you use an ability that does %damage as _________, it loses the cold. Even though it appears to actually gain the damage.

so to follow this. if you have a 1k weapon that is 50% damage and 50% ele, and 5% cold, you will only gain 5% on the 500 non-ele, even if that ele is cold? Derp. And then after your cold only effects the physical portion and not the ele portion, the damage is there but the effect is then overridden by whatever effect your ability is "as"?

Laff. At least the tooltips on abilities didn't also say "does X% of weapon damage to fire" because its apparently not obvious what the difference between TO and AS are
this is more funny but without taking about how many dps up
Wow, this is really terrible. I always thought my tal rasha amulet added 5% damage to my arcane spells. That's literally what it seems to say it does.
Well Blizzard is lazy...
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Thank you Nannie!

This is exactly what I wanted to say. It's not that hard at all but Blizzard seems to got the underlying mechanics wrong. The "to" adds to a certain school of magic and without the "to" it just adds elemental damage to your base damage.

Shape up, Blizzard! Give us some clarification.
Until I stumbled upon this, I was sure things worked the way they are worded, paying careful attention to the wording of items.

Now we find out that things don't work the way they are worded? What kind of BS is that?

Diablo 3 is the biggest embarrassment of a game Blizzard has released over the past 15 years. But that's a discussion for another thread.
Any wizard who did his research has known about this for quite a while.

Working as intended? No
Known bug? Yes
Something to address in the future? Yes
The forseeable future? No
just make it "adds % dmg as elemental" instead of "to elemental" on the wording. one word swap for the fix
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