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Graphic lag after 1.0.4 patch / FPS DROPS

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I do it all the time.

i7 2600k, slightly overclocked
8 gig ram
all settings maxed to ultra, none lowered anywhere
30 " screen 2560 x 1600
SLI GTX 670s no overclocking
20/5 FIOS connection
using both a CM/WW Wizard and a Whirlwind Barb (never disconnected once so far either) solo and in 2-3 player game with friends

Do you play with sound enabled, and music?
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Yes, I use a Corsair wireless 7.1 headset for sound with Skype running at the same time for voice communications. When playing solo, I just use the on-board sound with everything enabled. I never disable anything except the sound device in Windows when on Skype so I hear the game sound and music thru the headphones and not thru the speakers. To top it off, I often am downloading at my max speed in the background while playing. Latency shoots up to 175 from my normal 25-50 but doesn't noticeably affect the game. All in all, a very stable experience for me. There are occasional glitches such as at a certain spot on Rakkis Crossing near the Siegebreaker portal but that's been affecting everyone pretty much since 1.0.5. No issues in Fields of Slaughter though.
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Still no fix?

Since - > http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5596249920

Still no fix?

Fps drop to the point my screen is basically freezing and freezing, specially around 2 spots in Rakkis Crossing & Bridge of Korsikk.

Intel® Core™ i7-3930K Processor (Six Core, 12MB Cache, Overclocked up to 3.9Ghz)
Ati Radeon 7870HD

My card is not over heating, it's a nice temperature as per 1.04 and below.
But 1.05, wow, went to hell of cause.
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Lag still here for me
Edit: just been disconnected aswell
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I have massive frame rate loss in areas of Act 3 as well. Just a minute ago it completely locked up for at least 5 seconds on two separate occasions while fighting packs in Arreat Crater Level 2. When I check my FPS with Ctrl+R I see it dipping down into the 20's when it generally runs at 75 (I have max foreground FPS set to 75 to match the refresh rate of my monitor, if this isn't the right thing to do please let me know).

I have an i7-2600k running at stock 3.4ghz
16gb of G.SKILL Ripjaws X
EVGA GTX 570 HD GPU on the latest drivers
Game is installed on my 128gb Crucial M4 SSD

Never had these problems before 1.0.5.
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It's definitely more noticeable today and yesterday. I've been complaining to my friend since yesterday and he noticed it tonight as well. It was unplayable for me until I put everything to low, smaller resolution and changed hardware class.

This is above all, the thing that sucks the most about this game.
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I have this lagging issue as well... before 1.05 its running smoothly!

1st tough I suspect my Graphic Card is to old to run this game (GTS 250 with latest driver).... but at 2nd tough, I see my Graphic Card running at 55 Celcius (meaning its not over heating!!!).... So its mean that my Graphic Card is totally fine..... =="

Please fix this ASAP....
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I have the GTS250 (sli though) on one of my rigs and its running fine. I don't run the standard NVidia Adaptive power settings and its on full performance since its just better. You can also go to Documents > D3 folder > d3prefs > change hardware class to a lower number.

Currently using the latest beta drivers and its been fine all the time.

Also my radeon machine using a 6870 was fine after I downloaded a catalyst application profile from their website.

My 580GTX has never had an issue but I run custom clocking on it but would suspect similar steps for the 250 would help people having issues with that card or any other Nvidia product.

My suspiciouns are that the graphics card isn't properly switching from the Inbuilt intel/AMD ones on the processors since the speccs for the game are quite low.

Hope that helps
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Same prob as everyone else. When a lot of action is happening I sometimes drop to 5fps. certain areas in the game are worse than others. That i can prove. I do the same ACT III run all the time, and there's a couple of "hot spots" that I KNOW my frames will drop to a crawl.

I have an i5-3750k (stock right now) with a GTX 670 (latest drivers).

I do however have it forced to gen3 in my bios.

8 gigs of ram and Windows 7.

Any solutions yet?
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I have the same specs as the OP and my computer either freezes completely or locks up and then unlocks if I'm lucky. It only happens in Rakkis or right as I'm leaving Rakkis into the Battlefields. Is there any solution? This area of the game is unplayable for me.
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What is this, still?
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ok seriously Blizzard....this has been around for a LONG time now, how about paying some attention to this please!
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bump for fix,
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Same thing also happen here and it only started at 1.06. suspect it could be a bug or as the patch kick in more GPU have become "Not able to support" or " not so supportive" group
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My problems have also started after this latest patch. I have been told to update drivers, reboot etc. I do it to exhaust all options but I know the issue is not on my side.

Will it get fixed?
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any update?
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Ive been having this same issue, FPS is usually 120+ but on Rakkis Crossing where the fire is on the map and im fighing mobs my fps goes to under 10.

Processor Intel i7 920
Memory 6GB
Game install Hard Drive Intel SSD
Video Card 2x GTX 480 in SLI

I have no FPS issues in other games just D3 on rakkis crossing.

Using latest drivers.
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Exactly same problem with low FPS in act 3.

No word from Blizzard on this??
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I'm having fps drops too and I'm sure it's not because of my PC.
I have tried to set my Hardware Class to "1" from "4", didn't help.
I have also tried to play with Vsync and without Vsync and max fps set to 60, no difference.

Processor Intel i5 3550
Memory 8Gb 1600mhz
Game installed to Seagate Barracuda sata III 7200rpm
Video Card Nvidia GTX 660 ti

Rakkis crossing drops my FPS to around 10 or even under.

No problems in other games
(BF3 ultra settings solid 80fps)
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