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Is this desktop PC worth buying?

Was hoping to purchase a desktop this christmas and was thinking of getting the:
HP Pavilion p7-1234 Desktop & 23" LED IPS Monitor Package from BestBuy.

Basically, will this be an upgrade from my pavilion notebook pc, which runs d3 ok? I want something faster that will support d3 at max settings, and gw2 just as well.

Edit: Happy to see that my post is getting some helpful tips, but I'm not particularly excited about building a rig. I would prefer to just buy one, since my gaming time will be limited with college classes starting up. Is there a pc I could buy/order from BestBuy or Office Depot that will meet my needs?
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if you don't build your own computer, its not worth it.

go to newegg and learn to do it. its not hard.
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wont happen with that GC
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I've been told building a computer can get pricey, and I'm trying to avoid anything over $800. Plus, I don't know much about computers other than how to do everyday things so...

Could anyone recommend a pc that I can purchase for around or less than $800 that would still get me the desired results?
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If you can put together a simple jigsaw puzzle, you can build a computer. There are many, may resources available to get you started.
Lots of people here, Tom's, Maximum PC, etc.
Just ask if you get stuck or need help.
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pretty good build you can get with a 950$ budget, a bit off topic, but i live in Tahiti and the same build build would cost me around 1800$
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You won't be able to get a machine that will run diablo3 at max res and graphics for under 800$
Video will likely cost 300-450 alone.
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Build your own. It's actually cheaper if it's over $500 total.

See this guide
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Im a nub and I built mine for $1100 including OS. I hate to say built when its more like assembling it is that easy. I spent about ten hours making sure I was getting what I wanted and that the pieces would work together. I wanted AMD so i did and got an 8core fx4100 (i kinda forget) which is overkill I think. So you could go even cheaper. Plus I didnt shop around for parts just buying them off the shelf from memory express here in Canada. Got a 1000watt psu which was more than was needed so u could save money there by only getting psu u need.

Anyway it runs wow, gw2, and d3 with all settings at max and is perfectly playable at those settings. As a note my toshiba laptop which cost $1000 two years ago plays d3 on mid settings (playable without lagging), plays wow on mid settings, and gw2 on low settings.

The point was if I could do it you can too. Forgive my nubness hope that helped u.
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I picked up a laptop at BB that runs D3 at mid-upper level settings for $450 within the last 2 weeks. From the 5 computers I tried to find one I could deal with, the one you're looking at is not gonna run it that well. I was spoiled by wifey's rig and it took lots of searching to find something acceptable.
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