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I keep getting disconnect after about 10 mins in game right about the time i am getting 5 stacks of NV. I really like the game and want to play it but this is making it unplayable to have only had 5 stacks of NV once in the last 10 hours of playing because of 10 min DC. is anyone else having the problem or know how to fix it?
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this is happening to me as well. I play in hardcore and its very disconcerting. However, the disconnect only seems to happen when I'm idly standing in town, or when I portal to town... so luckily at least for now, I feel somewhat ssafe.
However, when my lvl 60 hc paragon dies to a dc, I'm gonna rage.
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yes, happening to me. only just bought this game !
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i'm currently getting this as well
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Same thing for me guys!!! Since 1 week i'm always disconnect from the game and often, I only have time for getting 2 or 3 stacks of NV. It's so frustrating. I think I will scrap this game from my computer forever if the problem persist 2 or 3 weeks again. I tell in general chat my problem and a guy tell me that's my computer but my comp is new and I run everything at maximum and i play other online games (Guild wars 2 often), I never lost my internet connection or game connection. Only with this big bug game (D3)!
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I don't know what i'm suppose to do now!?!? Maybe the problem is the last patch, I don't know!
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So I'm not the only one having this problem I see. I thought it was my internet connection, or a virus on my computer. But I'm not the only one. Anyone have a solution? What a shame; good money spent, bad turnout. Looking forward to a solution.
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Same here.... ;/ what char you play? i play barb... and mostly i get disconnects when i do alkaizer run
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I'm getting hit hard from the host in the Chicago area with spam and DOS attacks. Only happens when I fire up D2 and I have an insane amount received from akamaitechnologies.

The game is currently unplayable.
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I'm getting disconnects all the time as well, it's making this game unplayable for me as well.

Never have had an issue before and I know it's not my connection
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