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MONSTER Build+Guide+PTR1.05Build (New Stream)

Build: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/witch-doctor#jfQTUd!aTY!YcbZZZ
Stream (Build in Action): own3d.tv/Monster12


This build is focused around High DPS Output, High Mitigation, and High Burst DMG through precise use of chosen skills and passives. Gearing for this build is also very easy (to find the items) no critical strike, ias, or critical strike damage is required. Let me just say this is the faceroll build of all faceroll builds, if you dont believe me then check our my stream/videos. With only 38K Paper Doll DPS, I am able to kill elites in under 10 seconds, and Azmodan in 17 seconds.


Key stats: Intelligence, Vitality, All Resistance, Pickup Radius, Health from Health Globes (Minor)



Zombie Charger: Zombie Bears (Rune)
Primary damaging ability, position is key here and knowing when to spam and not when to spam Zombie Bears, the highest DMG output skill we have imo. For tips/examples check out the videos on my stream of my A3 farming videos.

Gargantuan: Restless Giant (Rune)
We chose Gargantuan as our primary tank/dmg absorber, Restless Giant (Rune) is taken for its burst DMG potential, with the way this build gears our Gargantuan never dies due to our high Vitality and Resistances, therefore we can use the Summon Gargantuan skill on elite packs/Boss Fights. The Gargantuan will resummon and instantly enrage, sometimes you can get 30 seconds of straight Enrage on your Gargantuan if you time it correctly.

Spirit Walk: Honored Guest (Rune)
Spirit Walk is basically our "oh !@#$" button, when caught out of position use it to escape, or use it offensively to spirit walk into large groups and zombie bear to clear (examples on my stream). We use Honored Guest rune for more mana regen since our primary is a high mana cost spell.

Soul Harvest: Siphon (Rune)
HUGE DMG buff from Soul Harvest is too much to give up. Miainly used as a DMG buff, in conjunction with Gruesome feast I personally raise to 60k+ DPS and 4800+ INT with 1200-1300 All resists fully stacked. Any rune can be chosen here as well, as it is primarily used for the buff and not the rune utility.

Big Bad Voodoo: Slam Dance (Rune)
30% DMG Increase for Elite Packs+Bosses

Mass Confusion: Paranoia (Rune)
20%DMG Buff to all in area. huge DPS Increase.



Jungle Fortitude: 20% DMG reduction, our best passive, the more you dont have to worry about dying, the easier it is. The longer you stay alive the more you can DPS, and the more DMG you can take the more you can focus on doing DMG than surviving.

Grave Injustice: Lowers cooldowns for Slam Dance and Paranoia for maximum DPS on all elite packs and bosses. Lowers cooldown on Spirit Walk for Maximum Mana regeneration

Gruesome Feast: Gain 10% INT, and 10% Mana per health globe. This is a HUGE DPS buff, as the build does not require crit/crit dmg/ias, you can focus on HIGH INT items. This passive scales based on % so in conjunction with Soul Harvest+Gruesome Feast you are looking at doubling your base INT while fighting. The extra 10% Mana from globes also allows you to SPAM zombie bears much like before before the Vision Quest nerf.

Notes: We chose not to use PTV due to its increased mana cost of spells and lackluster DMG increase (in comparison to the mana cost increase). You do MORE DMG spamming for longer without PTV. Trust me.



Gearing for this build is pretty easy, the only needed stats are Gold/Health Globe Pickup Radius (I would suggest 15+ Yards). The focus on gear is high INT/VIT/ALL RESISTANCE. Since our build primarily gains buffs and the majority of our DMG from Soul Harvest+Gruesome Feast, IAS/CRIT/CHD is not needed to have EXTREMELY HIGH DMG output (Although your screen will show sub 40k DPS, your actual DMG output will be far greater). Key legendaries to this build are Visage of Giyua(1.04) for the nice high INT and Resists+Socket, and Thing of the Deep(1.04) for the high DPS stats and ***20 Yard Pickup Radius***.

Basically this is the path you follow in this build (cheaper -> more expensive):

Beginner: Int/Vit/AR on every piece of gear. High DPS Socketed weapon + Thing of the Deep

Intermediate: Upgrade to higher Int/Vit/AR pieces, and tack on Critical Strike chance on pieces that allow it (helm/neck/rings/bracers/gloves). Add %Life on pieces that allow it (helm/chest/shoulders/neck/rings)

Expensive: Start swapping some HP/Resistance for +%DMG to Elites (Stone of Jordan/Sun Keeper/Skull Grasp(Legacy)/Hellcat Waistguard).

at 40kish DMG you get to the point where elites drop health globes fast enough to not worry about any form of sustain other than pickup radius (no need for LoH/LL/LPS/etc.)

at 45kish DMG you get to the point where you just have to cast 1-2 bears to kill trash groups

at 45k+ DMG with 30%+DMG to elites, you start getting to the point where a BBV+Fetish Ambush combo will instantly kill elites.

60-70kHP and 700-800AR, is the mitigation point I found where you don't have to worry about reflect DMG packs.

*Past 40K DPS you shouldn't have mana problems and can drop the Mana per Second from Weapon+Helmet. If you still have mana problem past 40K DPS you aren't using the same build, or need to learn how to aim Zombie Bears better.
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Skills (Higher Survival/Less Burst)
Zombie Charger: Zombie Bears
Sacrifice: Provoke the Pack
Soul Harvest: Siphon
Mass Confusion: Paranoia
Gargantuan: Restless Giant
Spirit Walk: Healing Journey

Circle of Life
Jungle Fortitude
Gruesome Feast


Skills (Less Survival/Higher Burst)
Zombie Charger: Zombie Bears
Fetish Army: Fetish Ambush
Soul Harvest: Vengeful Spirit
Big Bad Voodoo: Slam Dance
Gargantuan: Restless Giant
Spirit Walk: Honored Guest

Grave Injustice
Jungle Fortitude
Gruesome Feast
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1.05 Monster Power Level Farming Build

I finalized the build im going to be using for 1.05 and made a couple changes to my gear to better complement the build. if anyone is interested.


basically with my hp pool, my form of sustain is life per second in the form of blood ritual and a couple gear pieces. I heal for 700-800hp per half second, which is equal to about 1400-1600 life per second, take in mind this is all passive healing (i do not need to attack or do anything for these heals to occur).

The passives, Blood Ritual combined with Spiritual Attunement allows for more consistent damage with Zombie Bears (20-25 consecutive nonstop casts of zombie bears before going completely out of mana). Less Burst DMG is produced without Gruesome Feast in the build, but more overall consistent DMG.

Spirit Walk rune is changed to Healing Journey for a little bit more sustain.

Soul Harvest rune is changed to Life Siphon for a bit more burst sustain when needed.

All mana issues are solved, sustain issues are solved, for longer - more mana intensive fights. DMG output is still bursty and good.

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Hey man, try out the cleave garg (humungoid rune). This garg hits the cleave ability nearly every swing, you will notice a large improvement in his overall damage output because 7/8 swings roughly will hit all the enemies around him for 130% of your weapon damage. Seriously give it a try, imo the best rune for garg currently.
This build is amazing for a3.. it takes packs down way faster than plague of toads. I envy your mana regen & life though.. your gears are all trifecta with high rolls & sockets @_@ (int, vit, resist all)

I wonder if they'll nerf something :\
How can it be High DPS output when using Garg and Dogs ?
Dogs to 9% DMG and thats nothing on a 20mil hp mob :)

Garg might be ok, even i use him every now and then, but other builds if correctly geared are still far better then dis pets

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How can it be High DPS output when using Garg and Dogs ?
Dogs to 9% DMG and thats nothing on a 20mil hp mob :)

Garg might be ok, even i use him every now and then, but other builds if correctly geared are still far better then dis pets

Because they add survivability. You're not going to do any damage if you're dead. If you're looking for a glass cannon build go elsewhere.

I was a tankdoctor before patch and i like this build a lot. I don't have the same mana regen that OP has but i use bears and rain of toads together with vision quest. Had to sacrifice dogs, but i have high survivability anyway. This is my version of the build:
You may want to switch BBV to dogs or even horrify (armor rune) if you want better survivability.
08/27/2012 01:38 AMPosted by Usling
You're not going to do any damage if you're dead

You're right, but with amount of AR/VIT OP has he does not need pets to survive. So it's still not highest dps build, probably nice build, but not high dps in any way
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08/26/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Soundb
Gearing for this build is also very easy (to find the items)

You should also add "and very expensive".
I'm trying this with Acid Cloud instead of Bears and it's working so far. Of course I don't have the legendary Mojo yet, hence my pickup radius is crap. But it's still hilarious how hard stuff hits with all those buffs.

I'll try to get a TotD plus a big hitting weapon with LoH and I think I'll have fun.

You're right, but with amount of AR/VIT OP has he does not need pets to survive. So it's still not highest dps build, probably nice build, but not high dps in any way


When one of the passives is 100% defensive (JF), it is clearly not the "highest DPS build". And yes, you can survive without JF (especially when you're rocking 9-10k resists like the OP), so the "it adds DPS by increasing survival" doesn't hold water. That only works if not having JF guarantees deaths, which it doesn't.
I think people are missing the fact that the dogs are there to be exploded most of the time.. not used for their 9% phys damage. Sacrifice deals AOE damage and gives bonus damage back to your other skills - including the garg which absorbs most of the damage for you.. all the while you kill for globes which heal the garg, give you mana & even more damage & revives more dogs. Yeah, it's not as powerful as acid cloud but you're also never starved for mana at any point, so the DoT and survivability make it more user friendly.. This is not a death zerg build at all.. you can take on almost any elite. (The biggest problem I've run into is reflects damage.. which is a good sign)

I still envy the OPs mana regen and life -.-

People that are using acid cloud effectively.. how are you paying for the skill? Any time I try an acid cloud build I run out of mana very quickly.
If your running gruesome feast/Circle of Life maybe switch dogs rune to gift for the etra health globes seeing how you will be getting new dogs in circle of life thatw ill sac the old dog or dogs which will then have a 15% chance to drop globes for feast.

People that are using acid cloud effectively.. how are you paying for the skill? Any time I try an acid cloud build I run out of mana very quickly.

Yeah spamming ACs is hard to sustain.

I'm currently running an (2hand) AC spam/pet build and I use BR, SA and GF. Still not sure which combination is best between VQ, SA and BR. But I absolutely need two of them.

When doing this build (I lack pickup radius which really sucks balls :/) you absolutely have to ditch JF for another passive, BR or SA. The safety of AC allows this (LoH and range advantage).

€: @OP:

Is it just me or is the build you linked not exactly what you are talking about? (profile)

€²: Inspired by your question I tried doing this with my old CK/Mojo combo and - no way is that sustainable. Maybe with 3 manareg items and really badass weapon dmg (or 2 manareg items and a really bawz-ish 1hand mace). But you cannot spam low damage ACs, that's just not working. So a 2hander really helps.
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The Restless Giant rune for Garg is used for its huge enrage/burst, which helps take down elite packs and monsters quick. My Garg when enraged easily hits for over 350kk Dmg.

Like someone said above as well, Dogs arent used for DMG output, they are used for their burst (Sacrifice), and their 5% DMG Buff with Provoke the Pack Rune, this build is all gravitated towards constant Bear Spam which is the highest DPS ATM, everything in this build is used to buff or burst in addition to your spam.

edit:also had wrong build posted lol, updated the link sorry
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08/27/2012 03:01 AMPosted by Asael
Gearing for this build is also very easy (to find the items)

You should also add "and very expensive".

its not as expensive as others, you dont need crit or crit dmg, just high amount of INT, you dont even need as high of an AR/VIT as me. I just chose 70+AR because i COULD afford it, you can easily drop your search paramaters to 40+AR,
ill be streaming this build while I am for Paragon Level 25

Hey Soundb,

I dig your build, one of the reasons I bought TotD was to pull off the health globe heal. Its great for group play, being able to deal high DPS while healing everyone too.

How do you deal with reflect dmg in a3 with just bears, and more importantly, no LOH? Its the one affix I'm having real trouble with. Had to change to dire bats cause of it. And with illusionist tacked on? Sux.
currently doing some 4man runs if anyone interested how this does in group play, the Slam Dance bust is crazy good for group play
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