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Upcoming Change to Trail of Cinders

08/31/2012 04:43 PMPosted by Lylirra
We also know that players are having fun using Trail of Cinders in their builds

A bug has been discovered where players were actually having fun.

I was having fun vaulting through bosses, drawing designs on the ground with the trails, being creative and vaulting strategically so enemies would cross the trail and just melt away. One time I vaulted through a champion pack of reflect damage monsters and nearly died.

I guess you could say I was being very undisciplined with the amount of Discipline I was spending. I mean, I would be completely out of Discipline and use Preparation - Battle Scars to get more Discipline, without even needing the healing aspect of it.

But yeah, it seems a little over-powered, whether used offensively or defensively. If it was intended to do 100% damage per tick over 3 seconds (15 ticks), but is doing more than that, please fix it and keep it at 1500%.

If you're saying it should only do 20% damage per tick over 3 seconds (300% damage total), essentially 1/5th as powerful as it is now, well that seems a little drastic...
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08/31/2012 05:35 PMPosted by Lylirra
So the bug is that it's doing more damage per second that as intended? Why don't you jut fix it and leave it at 1500% over 3 seconds? What's the point of bringing it down to 300%?

It was never intended to deal 1500% weapon damage over 3 seconds (that's the bug). The actual value we designed for Trail of Cinders in 1.0.4 was 300% weapon damage over 3 seconds.

But how come 1500% ended up in the tooltip and the patch notes then, if it was a simply a coding mistake? Well, the tooltip I somewhat understand as it may have it's damage numbers automatically assigned, but the patch notes?

Regardless, currently even with "overpowered" state of Trail of Cinders DH are less effective in farm than WW barbs and wizards even after CM nerf. If you nerf this ability to being much less useful then maybe DHs should get something in return to make them more competitive in farming?
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08/31/2012 05:26 PMPosted by Lylirra
My understanding is, you wanted it to do 1500% weapon damage over 3 secs, but actually it was doing 5 times that = 7500% over 3 seconds? So if the initial goal was 1500%, why in the hell you guys throwing out numbers like 300%?

Not quite. =/

We originally wanted Trail of Cinders to deal 300% weapon damage over 3 seconds (or approximately 100% weapon damage each second). What ended up happening, is that -- instead of the rune doing only 100% weapon damage each second -- it now does 100% weapon damage each tick. The fire damage ticks 5 times each second, so 15 ticks for the entire duration of the spell. That's 1500% weapon damage, or 5 times more damage than originally designed.

I know its early days for this game, but I hope that you will allow for some evolution in the characters you guys have made. I mean, why not allow for a switch in playstyle for those that choose it. Since the patch, I have been using TOC as an offensive and putting my char in danger as a result, but its way more fun than keeping my distance.

Please don't set all your ideas in stone yet, there may be much better way to go about it... or at least give us the freedom to choose.

This is definitely feedback I will be relaying back to the developers. Thank you for sharing it. :)

I agree - How about making the skill dual use, Offensive and Defensive. For instance. 1500% for the first second and 300% for the remainder. That way if you are attacking you get some decent damage but not too much but enough to justify the leap into danger and if you are running you still get some defense but clearly not as much.
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Blizz in diablo: You will play and have fun the way we want you, not the way you want it. I came back to my dh only cause toc was a fun way to play, it was so risky but also rewarding. One mistake and you are dead. But people are not supposed to have fun. Screw this
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08/31/2012 05:42 PMPosted by Morogoth
do you have no quality control division? no testers? why the heck are you lieing to us?

Well, we already knew or suspected many months before that lingering fog, force armor, boon of protection, venom etc would just break the game at release ... so no, they have no idea what they're doing.
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When will we see the bug with WW barbs be fixed?
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I do not understand why you blizard always dislike demon hunter.
demon hunter is most weakst class.
dex is meaningless for defense.
no active or passive skill for defense.
no powerful skill for attack.

most powerful skill is just the Loaded Bear.
but it's wasting too much mana.
all we have is 120 and it wastes 50 for a time.
two times or three times attack and normal attack until all monster died.

i don't care about Trail of Cinders's nerf or not.
but i really dirgust why you really hate demon hunter only.

wizard is babarian was too powerful until 1.0.4.
and you didn't nerf but buf.
you intented demon hunter buf this time, but not you say this is "bug" like before you nurf demon hunter as well.

i am doubful if you ever seen any wizard or babar's hunting movie.
please enjoy watching below movie.


this was 1.0.3 movie
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Yeah I was going to say they had to WRITE the patch notes and clearly:

Skill Rune - Action Shot
Will now always shoot 4 arrows
Skill Rune - Trail of Cinders
Now leaves a trail of fire behind the player dealing 1500% weapon damage over 3 seconds

Looks like it was intended to me. It's not a bug. It was intended. And now it's too "good" but instead of telling everyone somebody didn't think something through, you'd rather say it was a unintended bug. Hah
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Make a Garbage skill good, then make it garbage... make up your mind.. do you want it to be good or not.
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So you meant for the skill to do 300%, but you coded it wrong and it did 1500%, you tested it wrong and did not discover it did 1500%, you wrote the patch notes that it does 1500% instead of the 300% you intended, and you allowed this to be reviewed and go live without noticing this?

That is like, four oversights in one patch.
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all gaming companys these days call nerfs bugs. They just think we are idiots. Well this idiot is taking his money some place else.

Btw Blizz Word of mouth kills games and companys faster then anything else
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Lol, I ain't mad. I saw this coming since the patch notes. Knew that I couldn't lean myself off ToC once I got used to it.
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allright, it was OP; yes hunters it was and dont lie.

But blizzard, this is frekking hillarious.

A 'bug' thats clearly stated in the patchnotes and every DH forum went ape about the new ToC skill before it was released.. yet u guys just... ehm.. missed it?

Missing something is actually a way less worse than what u did.
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Their "typist" had a bug too. LOLOL

Why type 1500% in the patch notes if you only meant 300%? doh.
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08/31/2012 05:46 PMPosted by Lylirra
The note was written based on incorrect information, yes (which due to the fact that we missed this issue during testing). We've already identified why we missed this issue originally and have improved our processes so that the same issue won't happen again -- both for in terms of testing changes and confirming information put into the patch notes.

And you guys call yourselves professionals? What a joke!

Don't act like it's a bug. This is a BIG screw-up if what you say is true. I would expect some sort of apology in the opening post if this were the case. Quit treating us, the paying customers, like crap!

And you wonder why Brevik said his old "team" was better than this garbage.

One word to describe this whole Diablo 3 team: unprofessional
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im a little upset by this tbh. i wanted and tried to use ToC since the beginning (DH my first class), but it was worthless. now i add it to my tab and it is fun, although i cant use it all that much cause i dont have enough disc to keep it always active. however the times i need and want it, it is a friggin blast.

guess with this nerf my DH goes back into hibernation and the monk comes out to play again. ill play you again soon Kala. one day they wont nerf everything fun about you.. i so miss mt IAS with 3.5 shots per second...
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