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Upcoming Change to Trail of Cinders

I think you guys are wasting your time in this thread. Haven't you already realized that its Blizz' s corporate policy to nerf atleast 1 MAJOR skill per patch for the DH?

This time its going to be Gloom. ToC was a unexpected buff so it has to go down or the dev's might get a pay cut for not following corporate policies.

1st Patch : 1.0.2 = Smoke Screen nerf
2nd patch : 1.0.3 = Nether tentacles nerf
3rd Patch : 1.0.4 = Jagged Spkies/Procs nerf
4th patch : 1.0.5 = Gloom
5th Patch : 1.0.6 = I am guessing one of Preparation / hungering Arrow / Elemental Arrow / Cluster Arrow as they are currently some of the most used skills/trees.

Subsequent Patches : 1.0.7 ...= Steady Aim/Archery/Sharp Shooter/Tactical Advantage.

All is not lost though....they will probably buff some awesome skills like Brooding from 1% life regen to 1.1% life regen so that it can be shown as a BUFF in PATCH NOTES.
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Blizzard! Go and pick on the Barbarians insted...
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LMAO they unstickied this thread. I suppose that's their way of telling us that the feedback has been heard and summarily dismissed as they know how we should play. How does this company even function anymore.
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I noticed..

They are making room for new Sticky. Wonder what we will see today or tomorrow?
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Hey blue, can you tell me what should the next skill I should use? seeing how ToC is now completely worthless, and there is 0 build diversity anymore, can you just go ahead and tell us how you intend your userbase to play this game? since it's blatantly obvious we can't play this game as we intend.
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ToC...trolled userbase hard.
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Blizzard Blizzard Blizzard. Here's the thing... You have already lost me as a customer for life, yet for all the gaming hours you've given me in the past I will help you guys out a little. This ToC thing is just what's going on right now so I will use that as my example of your philosophy on the game.

You say you didn't want the skill to be that powerful (that is debatable as every resource said what the change was and you had time to correct it). That is the past, we currently have it right now. You have admitted using it is risky. You also admitted players are having fun with it. It's not an invulnerable wizard bug and it's most certainly not game breaking.

The only reason for you to want to change it is so that the players play the game exactly how you want them to. That goes against the entire philosophy of the franchise and the genre as a whole. People like coming up with crazy builds and making them work. You have already severely limited that with your idea of 'diverse' itemization.

The only thing this change will do is make a lot of your paying customers have less fun playing your game. In what world is that a good business decision? This isn't an MMO. at most it's a 4 person co-op, but you've already admitted that most play solo. So in essence it is a single player game. What does it matter if people use the ToC as it is if they find it fun? It's not without risk.

This is why your dev team and balance solutions just baffles me. It is like you are actively trying to make a game that fans have waited over a decade for, less fun. What is wrong with you people? If the D2 dev team nerfed every build into the ground that they didn't intend on the players using, it wouldn't have had a fraction of the staying power it has. They knew that gamers play games for fun. How do you not get that by now?

Let's be real here. D3 was touted as 'the fastest selling pc game of all time'. 10 million the first weekend if i remember right. While I agree there will be a certain amount of dropoff. Having a game with that title be this dead this soon should scream 'red flag' at you. You have the numbers. You can't be satisfied with the retention percentage, or if you are then the 'Blizzard standard' has been lowered so much it's not even funny.
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I can imagine the Diablo Dev team talking amongst themselves.
Dev 1. Hmmmm our paying customer base wants to keep TOC."
Dev 2: "We will change it anyway because we know how they really should be playing."
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It only took the entire Blizzard team over a week to realize it wasn't working as they posted in multiple posts/patch notes. I refuse to believe that a company can be so ignorant to what is truly going on....

*I can picture a crew of dev's and blizzard members sitting around a round table playing D3 now*

Jay Wilson: Hey Bash, how come your doing decent damage now?!?!IM'za BarbariAN!!! I do all the damage!!!!

Bashiok: ...But sir.. did you read the patch notes? I thought we agreed on ToC getting a buff...

Other Dev:Yah this is fun you can kinda be like Zorro an burn things :)

Jay Wilson: NO ONE WILL OUT DO ZA BARBARIANS!!!!! NERF IT NOW!!!!! Awww cool guys look I just ran around and killed everything with my'z nado'z o' Doom!!!

Bashiok:....ohh look guys... Jay just nerf'd DH again and sucked out all the fun out of a build......AND DOUBLED IT

Jay Wilson:....Just wait til pvp...

....Seriously tho don't pee on us and say you were making snowcones... it's insulting to see an entire company not notice patch notes and values that were posted in advance with the intent to "buff" a move..... and now its a bug... the only thing that is a bug is the parasite taking away the only reason y i would even pick up my DH.... now he sits on his shelf... and waits....

lol ^
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Leave it alone!
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Nerfing good skills and buffing garbage skills won't do it Bliz, please get it.
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oh it's a bug!..... I was wondering why I was having fun.
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Get it right people, this was not any kind of bug what so ever, they had this in the patch notes and I'm sure they knew what they were doing, so for the love of God please stop referring to TOC as a bug...
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Unless you have legacy nats this is impossible to keep up all the time, i uave a new nats set so while i can and do use toc i have to pick and choose my spots, i cannot spam without concern. I do put myself in danger and even die oce in awhile while i vault into the mouth of those godforsaken worms. All in all most people do not have legacy set. I got new one cause imo it adds more survivability so new set it was. But by no means is toc game breaking for me, instead of hanging back and shooting across the world( boring) i can actually run to the front and vault twice and help take down a pack of whites quickly.

Seriously leave it.

Not saying ro nerf anyone else either, but ummmm yeah leave dhs alone, other classes run through everything without issue, everytime a dh finds a build to compete, gone. Deaf ears yada yada yada i know, o well life goes on. Thanks for ummmmmmmmmmmmm nothing.
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