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The Anomie Scrubbed Out Again DeadPool *PAID*

Well, Aziker, as long as I don't quit I've gotta get there sometime. Might just be this time ;)
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09/01/2012 10:46 AMPosted by Anomie
Well, Aziker, as long as I don't quit I've gotta get there sometime. Might just be this time ;)

Haha, true.

Glood Luck.

(my internet decided to start dropping my connection so I have beenleaving my HC characters alone till they fix the issue, don't want to lose them to internet problems after all).
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Well then ... I just 3-shotted ZK in normal and got some achievement for not killing his adds. (might have been slightly more than 3-shot, I'd dropped a hydra right before the cutscene. Threw 3 arcane orbs right as the fight started and he'd teleported right in front of me before the first arcane orb took off).

Guess saving all that gear was a good idea.
Edited by Anomie#1322 on 9/1/2012 5:09 PM PDT
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I've got faith in you Paragon level 14! good luck!
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60 (1)
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You finally making it to lvl 60 (FINALLY - YEA) and then dieing in range between 20-45 minutes later.

See you online later.
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Counting Bob as picking P100 (and I will pay that out upon dinging P100 should that happen)

DonQuixote - 60/p0 is already taken (by Battle123)
Edited by Anomie#1322 on 9/2/2012 6:45 AM PDT
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56 then.
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Darn......! hmmmmmmmmmm

Lvl 60 - paragon lvl 10. wait... no, got to look at the track record.

Let's say, lvl 60 paragon lvl 2.
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Update/notes to self:

Back in NM.
Killed Normal Diablo at level 33, just shy of 34.
Hit level 30 right before Siegebreaker. Didn't rerun any content significantly (meaning, a little bit because I logged out/in, but no regrinding - thank you 19% gem and +exp on kill)
Interested to see how much different it will be getting extra quest XP running the quests the first time. Last time I hit 50 before NM siegebreaker, dinged 52 killing NM Diablo.

Plenty of numbers left to pick, so please pick if you haven't.
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60 Plevel 10!
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60/P10's taken, pick another :)
Edited by Anomie#1322 on 9/2/2012 1:04 PM PDT
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Gonna go with 55, sorry dude, but that 52-60 grind is annoying and you get careless :P
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Not sure whether to interpret that as whether people in general get careless or I specifically get careless, but I can't necessarily argue against it either way ;)
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Quick update & bump for more entries:

Cleared NM act I & II now. Didn't rerun anything at all. About 7 bars xp short of where I was at this point on the last character. Might be due to slight differences in items and/or maybe I reran more than I thought last time. May do a couple extra light the fires/catapults in Act III.

Two levels away up on the lowest pick. We'll see how that goes.
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I laughed my a$$ off when I read this. You've got a great attitude towards HC.

lvl 57 is my bet.
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Kinda funny, a couple days after predicting your level 56 death i lose my 57 barb to a fallen lunatic in Act 2... Might be done for a while now, at least it was my fault for once...

*your 55 death
Edited by Chromium#1683 on 9/3/2012 9:32 PM PDT
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I wanna swing the pool in my favor. Use me for power leveling! :D
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