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The Anomie Scrubbed Out Again DeadPool *PAID*

Kinda funny, a couple days after predicting your level 56 death i lose my 57 barb to a fallen lunatic in Act 2... Might be done for a while now, at least it was my fault for once...

*your 55 death

Glory to the fallen! May you play your own game, and if that game turns out to be hardcore after a little softcore or strictly softcore something else entirely, have fun!

09/03/2012 09:51 PMPosted by BobWitchDR
I wanna swing the pool in my favor. Use me for power leveling! :D

That could turn into "The How Did Anomie Get Bob And Anomie Killed DeadPool" and, well, it wouldn't be fair to change the thread title /now/. :D
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Filfy, 57 is already taken.

Just hit 47. If I die before I ding ambrose will win. My apologies, ambrose, but I am going to try to make you not win :)

Available picks at the time of this post: 48-52, Paragon 6-9, Paragon 11-13, Paragon 15-16, Paragon 18-99
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I'll take paragon 3. Good luck, hope I'm wrong. :)
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I'll throw random silly crap I think about in this thread too.

Often, when I kill Ghom, I get Jay's voice from the movie "Dogma" saying "Kite that mfer like it ain't no thang". I mean, Ghom is kind of a Golgothan, right?
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Well, *that* was interesting.

Just fought diablo.

During phase II, when my shadow spawns I DS and burn her down, then go back to dps'ing/kiting Diablo.

Apparently, this time, I'd thought I'd killed her and hadn't (she must have teleported/moved offscreen or something), because something sucked my whole life pool from full to red flashy screen in about 1-2 seconds, trying to move and pot and the screen changed appearance and I couldn't move,I'm surely dead and, well, nobody picked the level ...

... and then my heart fell back out of my throat as the cut scene to phase III started playing. Yay for killing shadow Diablo *just* in the nick of time.

Back in hell, finally.
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Close call. Remember level 60 (5)...
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lvl 60 (8) Good luck!
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I'll go with level 60 (11)
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Hope you can make it later but I am going to bet on 53.

Good luck.

(Oh, and when you will be level 53, hit me up, I got this super secret spot I want to show you, you can just teleport on me and you will see all them legendaryz!!!11)

Amz 53 nowz so wherez is this zuper secret spot with the legendaryz???? ;)
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lol Dogma I was just thinking about the buddy Christ yesterday. lvl 55 well done Anomie!
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Paragon 12
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Anomie - when you have time you should compile a list of all the entries & put the lvl next the betting on your death, hopefully this will not happen. Then post the list on the forum for all to see.

Now I'm starting to wonder when my 1st HC character will go down? Any bets on me? :)

Playing WD in HC as you will see from the profile this is highest level for both HC and SC. New territory for me. Knock on wood - still surviving.
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Anomie - when you have time you should compile a list of all the entries & put the lvl next the betting on your death, hopefully this will not happen. Then post the list on the forum for all to see.

I've been tracking it in a publicly viewable (but *not* editable) google docs spreadsheet.
Posted the link in the initial post, will post here again (cut & paste it into your address bar, it wraps weird without the code tags):
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I finally did it. I walked away from an elite. Something I've never actually done before.

Walk into a dungeon instance and the first thing I see is a yellow frozen/arcane/illusionist. Big spider that drops the plague pool (Toxic Lurker), with some of those smaller spiders that spit slow-you webs (Arachnid Horror) as minions. With nothing cleared and no room to fight yet. Honestly, I could probably have killed it, could probably burn it down before anything got too crazy, but I had visions of illusionist popping and mad frozen and scary LAZER BEAMS all over the place and thought, 'do I /really/ want to risk it?'. The answer was 'No'.
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Good decision.
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Quick update & bump for more entries (get 'em while you can, there's only so many left):
Dropped the Butcher. He came in all 'Hey, I'm the Butcher, meat, zombie flesh, stuff ..."

and I calmly said "Oh yeah? Well, I'll be *your* butcher if you've got beef ...".

Three more levels to go to 60, have an ok weapon waiting for me. We'll see how long it waits for me to put it on. Off to fight bugs in a desert ...
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