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Forked Lightning Build-1.0.4 -second thread

Has anyone tried like other posters to see if mirror image works good in A3?Wondering if anyone had success as I might try it but don't see it in anyone's profiles.

Do you guys think with this type of build a quicker weapon is required?Ijust got a decent mace drop but at 1.2 speed not sure if it's fast enough.
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09/11/2012 10:39 AMPosted by Kuros
Do you guys think with this type of build a quicker weapon is required?Ijust got a decent mace drop but at 1.2 speed not sure if it's fast enough.

My Skorn is 1.10 and I do just fine with it.
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Hi all lightning lovers,

I have been running SoJ (+12% electrocute) and a +14% electrocute helm with great success. I've also conducted some testing about the little bolts, on act1 zombies: lightning bolts take +electrocute dmg into account. (damage is exactly 55% of electrocute-modified weapon damage.)

This is by far my favorite build for group play !
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So I just started using this build a few days ago and it's going fairly well. I'm having a lot of trouble vs. phase beasts though and my farm speed isn't quite as fast as I'd like. Build/equips in my profile, what do you suggest I focus on upgrading next? Thanks
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1.05 Forked Lightning observations:

(normal realm dps ~80-90k dps.. depending on my setup)
(Usually Act3 runs - keep/pit through azmodan)

PTR setup - same weapons, skills - Electrocute(FL), Arcane Hydra/Blizzard, Energy Armor(Prismatic), Diamond Skin, Archon - passives: Glass Cannon, Cold Blooded, 3rd
(Monster level 2 - supposedly 'equivalent') on first test run...

Same DPS that I can tell..
I would say 'slightly' bit easier in killing... I'd say the difference is the same as the little 'bump' we got from pre-1.04 to 1.04 when we got a little extra 'bump' in damage for electrocute.. I would say we get just a little bit of that same bump to 1.05..

I did feel like I had a less deaths (@30k hp, physical resists @ 70%DR or so and armor @ 58% DR or so, even after prismatic 'change').. and I think that may be a function of killing things slightly faster..

Did not get to try FL with CM, but I doubt it'll work (it doesn't work 1.04)

(Phasebeasts.. and Occultists.. still stink, though.. FYI :)

Other fun facts:

1) Wonderful fun new shrines - I hit two of them: One with + run speed (i got boosted from +24% to +48% could run reaaaaaaallly fast). The other boosted arcane regen while also reducing cooldowns (seemed like half the time required)

2) Drop rates seemed a little higher (? due to higher MF with MP) - although things still rolled weird stuff (i.e. Str on a staff, Int on a Barb weapon). I did not get a "63" ring or ammy to roll.. if it did and was on a '62' ring/ammy I didn't notice it. I did see a +260 dex fall once, so maybe it was a 63.

That's all for now, I think the PTR has gone down for a bit
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Is there any must have gear for this build? I am wondering what I should be striving for ultimately. SOJ with electrocute damage? I guess I have no idea what should be on my wish list. (I'm trying to keep 1.0.5 in mind as well)

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I think a SoJ with electrocute damage would be good, try and find a good one under 10M. The other items will have to depend on what monster power you want to farm in
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Is there any must have gear for this build? I am wondering what I should be striving for ultimately. SOJ with electrocute damage? I guess I have no idea what should be on my wish list. (I'm trying to keep 1.0.5 in mind as well)


must have? not really, but here's some no brainer BiS items for this build:

-witching hour belt
-vile ward shoulders
-tal ammy with crit %
-lacuni prowlers with crit %
-for the ring slot, you'll probably want a crit % zunimassa or a trifecta yellow
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I've been running my forked lightning build on hardcore mode for the last 2-3 weeks. Solo leveled to 60 and am now solo farming act 1-2 on Inferno. Currently paragon 5 and so far so good. I did swap out illusionist and glass cannon for galvanizing ward and blur - this is because in hardcore you need much higher defensive stats. with 40k hp, 5500 armor and 650-700 resist all, Illusionist doesn't proc enough to be reliable for me.

I encourage some of you guys who have gotten bored of softcore mode to give hardcore a spin with this build. I was getting super bored tearing things up with 180k dps and now the game is fun again :)
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This Sithlord build is mad fun. Always has been.

My suggestion for max effectiveness:

- Get close or over 2.0 Atks per sec
- Get as close to 50% Crit Chance

At ~150k dps i did have trouble with single targets. But since hitting over 200k, even with nothing around to 'fork off', pretty much melt everything.

Phasebeasts and Demonic Tremors are problem, not for this build, but for ALL kite builds in the game.

Since youve gotta stand still and channel like a lightning turret, ive started to love TimeStop. Unlike DiamondSkin, which even with ~1000 AllRes, goes down in 3-4 hits, i find TimeStop totally negates ranged enemies (which are ALL OVER A3) and is decent vs most melee mobs.

Drop the bubble, stand at the opposite EDGE of the direction mobs are coming from. Not to mention its a straight +10% dps for friends in Co-op.
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As I was telling JAMES yesterday, I found a variant of this build that will let you make it rain Meteors:

Prodigy Passive, Arcanot Familiar, Energy Tap, Conduit Magic Weapon are involved.
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@DoctorDoom - care to share

@NOVA - SOJ with electrocute might be OK but can be beat out pretty easily with a ring that has +min/max dmg, +int, +AS or CHC/CHD. The +elites are good but then you really never know unless you plug it in the calculator. Take a look at my two rings, the +min/max>80 (@ about 40dps/ does massive dmg). I actually plugged in a Skull Grasp with +AS/+electrocute damage of 10%, and I can lose damage that way! Plus some of those rings can go pretty cheap (+dmg/int/AS or CHC or CHD - just search for some lower AS (6-8's) or lower CHC (3-3.5) - everyone always buys the higher ones (9 AS and 4+ CHC) but they're overpriced for the DPS/million spent. Don't under-estimate +dmg items (same thing as your offhand) - the INT boosts to the damage really add up. I'm not convinced the +dmg to elites on a SOJ for the 'cost' is worth spending yet

I will make a comment that I think with 1.05 upcoming that interesting, the best in slot for a forked lightning build as far as 1h/offhand becomes:

1) A legendary Echoing Fury (1h) - it can hit 1.43-1.45 dps (baseline), has usually +int rolls (150+), has fear on hit (so stuns, they run away, only to be 'forked again'), socket (for +CHD) - and if you're lucky comes with either LS/LOH/LAK. The regular ones in the 850-1000 dps range cost under 10m. This thing out-DPS's any 1000 dps "regular wand," and the only ones that can out-do it are >20m that come with +int/chd. The +int on the Echoing and +attacks per second make 'regular wands' obsolete.. It is also 'black damage', and therefore works with.. (see next)

2) A good >350 total min/max damage Triumvirate, with +int, +CHC>8, and elemental damage. Combined with above because of 'black damage' really rocks - and you can get one for <10m also

My regular 'wand' (970 dps) with regular 'source (110-390 dmg +195 int + socket + CHC 8.5) gets totally out-dps'ed (by about 6-7k) by the combination of echoing fury+triumvirate. The only thing I lose is the 'life steal' on my regular wand.. which is easily fixable by 'switching' when coming up against reflect dmg mobs as needed. There are times I do enough dmg with my EF+triumvirate (to proc LAK/LOH/etc) that I don't even need to change

Right now I run FL+Archon (arcane destruction) - but I might be tempted to go back and explore FL/Arcane Orb or FL/Meteor. I just don't like the APOC possible needs. Seems like Meteor's gonna get the nerf b4 it comes out anyways. Anyone ever play FL/ROF (might still be too much AP needs though)

Shoulders: high int/vit/ar vile ward or rare
Helm: high int Mempo of Twilight (+CHC if you ever find one), (you could make a case for a chc/as/high int/high AR Andariel's)
Amulet: Tal Ammy (no doubt, but $$$)
Gloves: +AS/CHC/CHD rare
Chest armor: Tal's with +high int >160/3 slot/+high vit
Bracers: +Lacuni's with +int (+ar/+chc)
Pants: +high int rare with 2 slots, or maybe some depth diggers - consider +int inna's for RS
Belt: Witching hour (no doubt, but $$$)
1h: Making a case for EF
Offhand: making a case for Triumvirate with EF
Rings: +as/chc/chd rares or soj/electrocute, or new hellfire
Boots: +run speed/high int rare, zunimassa's (+poison dmg) or ice climbers(if you need resists)
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Try this:

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Hey James,

Any changes required for 1.05 for low budget / poor gear with 30k dps doing only MP1 (max 3) and will never make it to ? 60k dps??? Should we be switching Blizzard to Slow Time or Frost Nova? Or ditch blizzard and arcane hydra for Frost Nova and Frost Hydra?

I am more defensive play, so i might switch to galvanized ward. I think i will carry my wep with life leach for the reflects as per suggestions in this thread. I went from a knife to a sword with higher dmg, and i find it soooo much slower to attach, but monsters do "seem" to die faster. My next target when i get money is a ring that gives attack speed and Crit Dmg instead of Crit Dmg and Crit Chance.

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Im doing fine with FL in act 3, i just had replaced Blizzard for Frost Hydra.. so no AP needed, with messy elites I blast them off with Archon
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Hey Doctor Doom, Thanks for sharing, your variant looks fun to try. I see no slowing spells, i am guessing you have great equipment and must run fast. The Energy Tap removes Prismatic or Energy Armor...And no TP either. How is your survivability? I will probably try it 1.05 comes out to see how fun it is with crap gear in MP0.
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Hello everyone, I've been trying out this build in act 3 and it seems to work fine for me but, I need more dps. Can I have some advise on my gear and build. Thanks
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So here's a question for anyone who might know .. James?

If I run: Electrocute (FL), Arcane Hydra/Blizzard, +Cold blooded with a Black weapon (Echoing Fury in this case), and a Triumvirate

I notice this: A blizzard can 'cold dmg' an enemy, and we (anyone in the group) does +20% damage to the mob. If I run Temporal Flux, the Arcane hydra definetly slows them 30%

Does this then, hold the same for Conflagration passive, as Triumvirate has a +5-6% dmg (as) cold/fire/etc. Does the Triumvirate proc off 'fire' damage from EF, even though 'FL' is being cast, and proc the 10% extra dmg for 3 seconds.. On testing last night, it *seemed* like it did? As I was seeing a few higher CHD yellow numbers.. but, maybe it's just me.

Anyone know for sure?
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I feel like FL + arcane Hydra is the best combo for this. I used an only electrocute build yesterday and it's kinda fun.
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Guys F.L. build, still works in 1.05?

James, can you tell me what´s my next up-grade?

Thank you in advance and sorry my basic english :P
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