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WoL vs. SW

I know that a lot of you out there are big fans of SW/Cyclone... and I've experimented with the skill in the past, but I've been going back to WoL/Explosive Light because the initial damage (at 430% weapon damage) in the area surrounding my monk has been so impressive that it takes little time to take down big mobs. Mind you, I'm only just beginning Inferno... so I'll see what happens as I head further into A1.

So with the buffs in mind from 1.0.4, I'm curious about what kind of situations would SW/Cyclone (or any of the other runes for that matter) would prove to be more useful than WoL?
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is explosive light the annoying one that knocks everybody back? If so that's friggin annoying in groups...
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Ritalynn: I have been playing solo, so I haven't experienced it in a group setting. Good to know...

And Fitz: using the 1-3 second rule (maybe I'll round it up to 5)... here are my calculations... if I'm off, please let me know:

SW/Cyclone: At the maximum stack count does this mean that it outputs at 60% continuous damage and then random tornadoes at 20% for 3 seconds. So at 60% Weapon damage / second... it would still work out to 300% over 5 seconds in the best case scenario (assuming you can get super quick initial critical hits in the beginning to get it stacked right away) (and then random 20% tornadoes that last 3 seconds).

WoL/Explosive Light: Initial burst of 430% damage to wipe out all of the weaker enemies in one shot, and then use spirit generators to build up spirit for your next attack of choice (I personally use SSS/Sudden Assault for smaller / powerful groups)

I guess using my crude calculations, if the fights last more than 7-10 seconds, SW/Cyclone is a better one to use?

I guess the other consideration is that my monk would be taking more damage over those 7+ seconds that I might not have to worry about if my WoL obliterates anything close to me in one shot.

Am I missing something, or does this sound about right? For me, I don't think I have room to have both as I am quite committed to keeping SSS/Sudden Assault in my bar, so I'd need to choose between one or the other...
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