Diablo® III

Monk: Tempest Rush Rubberband

I played the Monk from Nightmare up to Inferno difficulty in soloe mode for the few weeks before the 1.04 patch went live. I did not notice any ill effects with Tempest Rush, beyond occasional lag spikes that I have experienced with any of the classes.

Immediately with the 1.04 patch, I started to notice the Monk popping back to its initial starting point while using Tempest Rush to get away from a mob. I first noticed this with Elite Packs and thought it might be due to the Vortex affix.

After that, when I saw this behavior, I would look at the affix's to see if the Elite Packs had Vortex which often times they did not.

I started watching my Ping delays to see if Lag Spike was causing the issue. My latency meter would update regularly between 75-86 ms, and I have still seen the issue.

I believe I have seen this issue with large mobs that do not include Elites, but I am not certain.

When I escape the mob with Tempest Rush, I can run for up to 2 or 3 seconds then pop back to my point of origin. The level up Spirit I used up to that point is spent, and more often than not it leads to death due to no other resources to escape.

I have seen this with a wide variety of configurations as I have had to re-invent my skill set to proceed through Inferno difficulty. I have seen this in Acts I, II and III.

These skills have always been part of the configuration along with Tempest Rush:
Breath of Heaven: Blazing Wrath
Serenity: Peaceful Repose
Sieze the Initiative
One with Everything

Beyond that, I have seen the issue while every one of the Mantras have been part of my build. I have also seen it with every one of the Spirit generating attacks as part of the build, whether the attack had a teleport effect or not.
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Up, I have the same issue with almost the same configuration of skills.

It only rubber-bands when trying to escape from mobs, it works fine when nothing is around.
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I have this problem all the freaking time. It breaks when you need it to work. The ability is made for getting away when things don't look great. I rubberband 9 times out of 10 when I need to get away. I can't stand this.
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