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Legendary Followers MUST READ!


Will mainly put here some of the top combos and class specific gear you can pimp your follower with. There's too many to list so up to you to mix and match. It goes without saying that a Leoric's Ring on one of them is a good boost (if you're rich that is).


Here's a set that will make Phasebeast pack kiting just a breeze. Works well with windforce as weapon.

Legacy Puzzle Ring
Star of Azkaranth

Eye of Etlich
Aspd Rings

Hellrack/Pus Spitter
Star of Azkaranth
Legacy Puzzle Ring

Buriza do Kyanon
Eye of Azkaranth
Aspd Rings


IMO she has the most variety of builds among the followers. The guys are pretty much trumped up by this lady.

Grand Vizier
MF Ring and Amu
Puzzle Ring v1.04

Legacy Puzzle Ring/Eye of the Etlich (cc)
Band of Hollow Whispers


Sadly we dont have as much combos on this guy atm, I personally dont use him much, but I think having shields are the way to go for this guy. Put up some info people!

MF Ring and Amu
Puzzle Ring v1.04

Tanky DPS:
Skycutter/Earthshatter (sounds like earth pooper O_o)
Band of Hollow Whispers
Bul-Kathos Wedding Band
Storm Shield

This is only a portion of the whole thread that I put up in DH forums. I, sadly, cannot put the whole thing since it exceeds the 5000 character limit on a post =p.

LINK: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6412403370?page=1

Also, most of the findings on the post, specially on the link, is based on a DH class. Please add some more info on your findings on how things work with your followers as a dif class.
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bump up!
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It doesn't really belong to DH forum. Why don't you move it over here?

Take a look at my followers...

Scoundrel, not much new here:
1. Pus Splitter - it works on Scoundrel and split poison as expected. Fun!
2. Hellrack and Windforce:
Both works pretty well. My Hellrack can cause in breed over 10k. I would not recommend spending so much gold on Windforce. But I got it from farming (my luckiest day!!)
Something I want to point out here:
With WD + Windforce: I don't see any knockback on hit by my pets.
With WD + Hellrack: I see enemies got root by pet attacks!

3. Eye of Etlich amulet (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/eye-of-etlich):
To add cold damage, I added the eye of Etlich amulet. The DPS went down abit (because he had a better amulet be4) but it's cool to see cold damage. Surprised to see how cheap they were when I bought it (even with bonus socket) but the supply is very limited. I bet that the price will go up (esp. ppl saw my msg here). To those crazy sellers:I would definitely not spend 8mil to get the old puzzle ring w/ cold dmg.

4. Cluckeye(http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/cluckeye):
He can shoot chicks too! I often use it to shoot chicks at other players in multipler games....

Templar -
dies quite often in front of the Elites. I tried to keep him alive but wasn't very successful so far. He was just too stupid to get around the attacks, what can I say.
Weapon tried:
It's cheap, and it rocks on him! Highly recommended!!!
My current setting:Earthshatter and the Band of Hallow whisper(http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/band-of-hollow-whispers).
he keeps banging the ground and haunting the near-by monsters. In number, his dmg is still just 2k'ish. When he hit the ground (and he does it very often), he can cause serious dmg ( 5,000 - 7,000 damage per second) on multiple targets in close range!!!
I think I need to take a video of him some time...

He can freeze the enemies with this blade. However, I didn't notice any knockback.

Grand Vizier(http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/the-grand-vizier):
Obviously I took her favorite weapon for farming. That Grand Vizier can easily pump her dmg up over 6.5k.

Blade of prophecy(http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/blade-of-prophecy):
She is now just using a blade of prophecy and give me 15-20% MF. Low dmg...

Maloth's Focus (http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/maloths-focus):
it's cheap, it works and it's fun! It causes the enemies to run away every n seconds (I didn't time it)

Schaefers's Hammer(http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/schaeferss-hammer):
This one works too but she doesn't get close to the enemies too often. Some guy sold one to me cheap because it doesn't have Strength stat.. But it's with some Int. and I use it on my WD and Enchantress.
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Bump! Because a LOT of people dont even look here and I'm a big fan of DHs.

Ill update the post with your contribution.

Thanks much!

edit: there's a lot to put up, but I'll do it once i get more free time.
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Here's the best combos for Hysteria Lyndon :

Weap: Windforce or ASPD bow with Cold Damage, bow is preferred for highest aspd
Amulet: Eye of the Etlich or Max Crit + Aspd
Ring: Legacy Puzzle Ring or Max Crit + Aspd

Up to you if you want that cold damage CC or want to stack up on pure crit.

Look at my scoundrel on DH, that's the best build I found after a bit of testing with the above gearing. Uptime of hysteria is 100% with delays only caused by the 5/6sec limit.
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