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Hyper WW Barb - 1.0.5 Build & Beginner Guide

I have most of what's stated in the first post.

QUITTING SALE - SELLING MY BARB GEAR 88K DPS: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/6934363370
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Can some one explain all these abreviation to me? Wotb? Ias? Kind of a useless beginers guide if its all giberish.
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Just to make sure........the budget gear and higher gear is intended to be able to handle MP 10, or is it strictly the expensive geared set up that is made made for MP 10? As I stated earlier (more like reiterated) the high end gear set up you have Golden is jokingly high priced at the moment.........GAH and RMAH. I am in no way knocking your guide or anything, just merely stating a fact. You mentioned in one of your previous posts in this thread about if you wanted better gear be prepared to spend like $2000, well from what I have looked at so far on the RMAH, people are currently selling Immortal King pieces similar or less (stat wise) than yours for $150 at least!!!!! Hell, I really want to try this build out but when I see one piece of gear going for money like that, or going for 1 billion gold then I shudder and hope for big price drops soon....
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Reporting in :
Got the gear to reach the Stats in OPs first post with ~70m.
Currently equipped.

> you can look at it here http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/profile/PuresGift-2186/

(you can´t because it didn´t update yet...)
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Thanks for the guide GoldenAxe, this build has really improved my efficiency in MP3 and co-oping with buddies. (Beginner WW Barb guide follower). :) I won't be looking back to my old play style, as much as I enjoy two handers... Flying through Acts leaving nothing but demon giblets can't be topped.

I can't wait to see the final results when I can afford/get my hands on much better pieces of gear. :D

Edited: The gear I managed to get my hands on to survive Inferno MP2 and slight struggle in MP3 in one single night cost me under 3 mil. Pro sniper of the AH? Nope, I think I simply picked the right day to check out the forums. :D
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GoldenAxe,can u tell mow how much money do i need to farm MP5?
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Look at my profile for a pretty cheap(relatively) way of doing this build. I can do about mp3(slowly) but below that I can farm quite effectively. Total, my gear is probably worth about 60m or so.

Oh also, I am running with bloodthirst passive and bloodfunnel on WW to do more difficult places.

Hope this helps someone =D
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58 Night Elf Death Knight
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Used this guide while gearing up my fresh barb. So far I can handle MP5 without much issue. Tried MP6 and I can get through most of it but. Some elite packs will start giving me trouble.

Sitting at 93k dps /w Battle rage up. Was trying to see what I could upgrade in order to break 100k /w Battle rage. Was thinking gloves is where I could improve more. Needs a bit more AR, but so far I'm pretty comfortable with where I'm at defense wise.

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Snuggles-1547/hero/27895364 (Main hand is now an Axe - profile takes ages to update qq )
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I would like to c a WW Build that use a 2Hander !! I am tired of 2x 1h!
And I dont have High end gear but I have too much armor for my res 550-8000... how so?
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Hey Goldenaxe, love the guide, I followed it closely. I switched to an attack speed whirlwind build from a Skorn barb on a 20 million budget. Even an MP0 full Act 3 farm run I die four or five times (although the speed of the run makes me want to stick with this build). Any suggestions?
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All my gear, excluding gems, was bought for under 100 million. I can farm MP6 in a group and do MP6 ubers no problem. When I farm alone I usually do MP5 because it is more effiecient for me.

Just try to follow this guide as best as possible, and make sure you stack crit chance/attack speed. You can always turn up the MP later but to make the build work you need crit chance, attack speed and 24% movespeed.
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Hey all, I followed this guide as closely as possible, having extreme budget limits and all, and I was able to gear up enough to farm MP4 full A3 clears with little to no issues. Idk if I'm just getting good at sniping bids, but I was able to get my current setup (Weps, armor, EVERYTHING) for ~3.1mil. I plan on investing in some Run Speed/ASI very soon, but, buffed I'm sitting around 61k DPS, 600-700 RA, 900 LOH, 38% crit, 372% Crit Dmg, and im able to farm and spin constantly with no problems, except for fire packs, but I blame that on my Andariel's, and it's terrible Fire roll.

Here's my barb, check it out and let me know what you guys think!


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Definitely going to try this build soon. Thanks OP.
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is the AS responsible for how fast your spins are?
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You've caught a lot of flame for writing this post, but I must say that I found it quite helpful. Thanks for the post!
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Thanks for the guide. I'm still curious about a few things. I haven't been able to find the answers anywhere.

Since the tornado tick speed is based off of the last weapon swung, does this mean you should only use sprint after intentionally swinging the very fast offhand last?

If a tornado is spawned and the OH was the last wep swung, will swinging the main hand change that tornado's tick speed or is it locked in once spawned?

Do WW strikes count toward which weapon was swung last? If so, I would imaging trying to time sprint to only be cast after swinging the offhand would be near impossible.

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Thanks for the post.
Definitely gave me an idea on how to get my new barb rolling,

One question- how much dps does this give u? (Estimated) 80-90k?
Strength : 2000
- Keep it high as you can. This is a minimum. Get it wherever you can.
- Dont forget the every str point is and armor point too.

HP : 40,000 (get vit over life%, but both will do. Nerves of steel uses vit)
- Basic amount, you can skimp a couple k too.

Crit. Chance : 45% (most important stat - get it everywhere, maxed if you can)
- You MUST have high crtch. The whole build revolves around it.
- Stacking crtch/B. Rage with Mighty Weap allows high fury regen.

Crit. damage : 400% total (I get all my Crt Dmg from quad crit on weaps.)
- Main hand 1k plus Axe with double crit.
- Off Hand dagger etc (high attack speed) with 700+ LOH, double crit.
- It is easy to get the crit dmg on weaps, hard on gear with other stats.
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Well done my friend...and thank you....I'll be using this to make a few changes to my current WW barb.
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Can someone please help me? what should my next upgrade be?
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Movement Speed : +24% (boots and bracers/chest)
- Go fast. Have fun. Faster move = more mobs = more fury = more fun!
- drops more tornadoes faster.

This seems to be false. I tried if there's any difference with the movement speed shrine and my movement speed was like +70% or so.. There's no difference. Still spawns 4 tornadoes..
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