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Hyper WW Barb - 1.0.5 Build & Beginner Guide

Check out my build costed me 10 mil .... and I faceroll no mp
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Hi and thank you for a very nice and informative guide.

I recently switched to WW and found your info very helpfull. I do however have a few questions. I am having trouble sustaining WotB for more than a min or so. I have all the required stats according to your guide and have tried both War Cry and Overpower with Momentum as the optional skill with no luck. It seems I am not generating enough fury while I am using WW. I can at higher MP levels atleast not lose time on WotB when hitting mobs with bash for a longer period of time, but IMO with a mighty wep and +4 fury rune should'nt that keep the Wotb at zero?

I have around 130k dps with a mace at main hand (49% crit chance) but have also tried with a mighty weapon at main hand (110k dps and 39% crit chance) without being able to gain enough fury.

I have tried with and without 5 set bonus. Usually I play at MP0 or MP1 and the mobs die almost instantly when I WW. Usually I start by building up fury with bash. Cast battle rage then I cast sprint and WotB. once I hit a decent sized pack of mobs. After a few sec of Wotb I cast war cry and try to keep Sprint up at all times while I WW down mobs. I make sure I cast sprint often to never be at full fury and War Cry at cooldowns for the fury generated. I am usually always killing mobs but the fury just does not keep up Wotb.

Any tips welcome or links to a video guide on how to keep Wotb up, maybe I am using my skills in the wrong order? Maybe I am lacking some core stat? Maybe my DPS is too low? Would love to get your feedback:)

My profile is not updated with all my items so here are a few stats:

DPS: 130k (Mace MH)
Crit chance: 49%
Crit dmg: 457%
APS: 2.04

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Hey.Thanks for this thread.Could you please check which items should be upgraded,I only have 45millions of gold and i would like to run this barb :)

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Thanks for this thread! I've been using it since I returned to D3.

I have a few questions though.

1) Should I keep upgrading the gems I use whenever I get the gold to do it? I'm not sure when to save for items and when to upgrade gems

2) Should my focus be solely to get to higher MP so I can farm components to make a hellfire ring. i could really use the bonus exp.

3) Should I be looking for increase gold or mf% to go on my gear while leveling paragons?

4) Any suggestions on what stats to upgrade on my character next

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do u even play anymore goldenaxe????
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This is a great thread and was very helpful, especially for someone coming from another class and the barb is totally unknown to me.
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Didn't read the whole thread. Nice guide, so far haven't been too far off.

My primary toon has been a witch doctor. But all barb gear just about has been a drop found by playing my witch doc. Go figure. Started playing the barb more and found zuni boots so maybe would say its not impossible to gear up if you play opposite toons here and there. Still lacking the chest piece for the IK set! Hopefully soon!! xD
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This guide helped me out tremendously. Many thanks!
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Nice guide, I started playing my barb in inferno today, tried with mp4, but I cant pass the butcher, I run out of fury very quickly.

Did I make a mistake with my gear ?
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Just wanted to say that I hit all of his minimum requirements with 2-3 mil worth of funding and can run MP2 very easily at least (haven't really tried higher because clearing elites look like a hassle). So basically I'm saying don't be discouraged and give up trying WW barb if you're hardly funded. However, you might need to sacrifice some of the damage and speed skills for survival skills
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The Sprint - Run like the Wind is Not necessary and can be replaced by Hammer.
Using the blood funnet with the WW which can make you stand among monsters, the more monsters the better and the Hammer can clear the rest or elites very fast.

WW+Hammer is better than WW+Sprit because it kills both monsters and elites faster and does not need much LOH.
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This guide helped me.
I'm now 40% crit, 73k ( self buffed, no Wrath) 102k dps buffed ( Wrath up) can faceroll ML2. Done a few Uber runs now almost got my first ting but need a Spine....

I'm having a hard time understanding how people buy, and spend 5,10,60,150 million gold seeing how all I ever get is vender trash. Takes me hours to make 1 mill.

I think it's because of gold sellers and buyers. $40 mill is only $10.
I'm now at a gear lvl where upgrades will be very expensive, and I never get anything of value to sell towards that cost :(
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I like the way you go into detail. Maybe i'll try this when i get 60. Thank you
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hey golden axe i need some help with my barb.. Im at 80k unbuffed but i feel like with my gear i should easily be 100k+ I think my gear setup doesnt have enough ias. Im buying an offhand with crit dmg and ias but after that im not too sure what to do. Plz help!
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I read this guide before going WW barbarian.. very helpful... now i can manage MP10...love to WW several elites pack together..
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In my opinion if you have a decent dmg like 80k and crits up to 300k-500k you dont need life per hit is better life steal in my opinion
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