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D3 vs Guild Wars 2 no comparison

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Please do not mention gw2 in this forum if you want to go make comparisons go to the wow forums instead lol. The only problem I have with them at the moment is they our operating without a net lol they have no forum they send you twitter instead lol
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The reason I posted it here is because I have seen similar post in the general category.
There is no comparison at all. I love D3 and I love GW2.
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GW2 is better than mom's homemade meatloaf.

Hands down... & don't bother to raise them again.
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they the similar game whatsoever u say they similar.if f urself it is still similar.listen whatsoever and whatever u say they similar.but gw2 SUCKS .at least gw was sucking hard and gw2 still suck per 1k km/h. wow vs gw2 ? wow is better coz gw2 suck and boring.d3 is annoying too but still better ,whatsoever
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I have played every mmorpg as well as most of the better rpgs, D3 sucks big nuts, I couldnt stand playing it after 20 or so levels....you have to be easily amused to find D3 attractive, or entertaining....
Swtor was fun till they nerfed everything into the ground, Wow's old and doesn't do anything for me, Rift got lame quickly, FFXXVI w/e is too !@#$ for me, Gw2 is pretty cool except combat is way too much like D3, which ruined my interest almost overnight, Secret World is loaded with buggs, Tera was too pvp based....
Im holding out for the FireFly Rpg thats coming soon. Till then I guess I'll play some of the 300 short %^-* Steam games I have in my library of SSD's....
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I love gw2 to death, but it makes no sense to compare this game to Diablo.
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Combat in GW2 is exactly the same as Diablo3......to be honest Id rather cut my balls off than play another Diablo3(GW2)
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D3 seems more like a hack and slash whereas GW2 is an mmorpg, two different games but both games are awesome in my opinion.
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