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Game wont launch. (China)

Hey there. I can get my game to do the launcher just fine and everything on that loads. However, when I click "play" it does the opposite and just freezes up and does nothing but leave that cool diablo picture on my desktop.

I live in China and the only solution I have found is to launch my VPN, connect to the login screen, disconnect my VPN and play. This always works. So there is something up between the launcher phase and the login screen that won't work for me. Any feedback is appreciated.

*I don't know if this is directly mac related, but I use one so I posted here.
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I know some people encountered same issue. It seems after 1.04 patch, D3 does not support some ISP's network configuration
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Anyone else have thoughts on this?
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Thanks for the post. That seems strange. Who is your ISP there?

I've seen something similar happening, but only because it was a DNS issue. What happens when you flush your DNS?

Flush the DNS
    1. Navigate to /Applications/Utilities/ and launch Terminal.
    2. Copy/Paste the following:
    dscacheutil -flushcache3. Press return.
    Note: You will not get any feedback from Terminal if this is done correctly on any OS.
    4. Then go in your Network pref pane => Advanced and click "Renew DHCP lease"
    5. Attempt to connect to the game.
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I'm having the same problem and I also live in China. The only difference is, I can't get to the log in screen even with the VPN off/on. I'm using Astrill.

The game is up to date and launcher works otherwise but when I press play, the game stops respondin, I see the Diablo logo and the beachball and I have to force quit the program.

DNS flush didn't help for me.
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What happens when you switch DNS? Try google's DNS server instead of your ISP's.

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in my case, deleting the DiabloIII.mfil-file in the install folder helped. The game launched successfully.
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That is strange... thanks for that feedback!
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Hey, sorry I wasn't able to get back to this thread since I posted. I did the DNS flush you mentioned and that didn't work.

And despite my technelogical prowess I don't feel comfortable changing my DNS since I take my laptop to work and it took some shenanigans to get my mac connected to the all pc network at school.

So I just wanted to update you that this is still an issue for me, and not my vpn wont connect, so now I have no diablo! :(

Thanks for your tips though.

Edit: I also have no clue who my ISP is
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I don't know why, but Ventovieras' solution worked! I also deleted the file "Diablo III.mfil" in the application folder and now my game launches on Mac OS X 10.8.1. I never had this problem before the 1.0.4 update.
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in my case, deleting the DiabloIII.mfil-file in the install folder helped. The game launched successfully.

This worked for me!
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Worked for me too! Strange but I had no other clue like many other players!
Thanx for this workaround solution !!!!!
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Hey guys,

Sry to up the post but I kind of have the same issue right now and this solution isn't working for me.

I tried several times to delete this file at every step of the connexion : when on launcher; between launcher and game, when on game
(cause it reappears everytime i launch the game, i guess it's just normal, right ?).

I also tried Machkhan's solution and it didn't work either.

Are u guys deleting juste the mfil or the tfil too ?

I'm trying to connect via a french connexion (also using Astrill) and wanna play on European server : Error 520 : U tried to connect on an invalidate server (dunno the exact translation but should be smthing like that)

Thx for helping out - Sry for the english mistakes
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