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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you [new]

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Can I get an opinion? I know there are some obvious changes but interested in hearing thoughts.

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@paluka Get a witching hour and an amulet with similar dps and more ehp. Might also want to consider dumping the nats helm for a mempo and get the nats boot. A good Inna's temperance will also give you a nice dps boost but don't do that if you lose too much ehp. Solid DH overall.
One of many cookie cutter demon hunters out there . Worth a lot though

1 - Get a better weapon, a 1300 DPS Windforce with socket. I'm not sure about the prices of the EU Auction House but it shouldn't be too expensive. If you can't afford it buy a 1200 DPS with socket.
2 - Get 2 pieces of Natalya, I recommend you the chest armor and boots... Since they're the cheapest. The 7% crit chance will help you a lot.
3 - Change your gloves. Search for 140 dexterity, 80 vitality, 50 all resistance, 30~40 critical hit damage and more than 6% critical hit chance.
4 - Get better bracers. search for 140 dexterity, 80 vitality, 50 all resistance and 5 critical hit chance.
5 - Get a Dead Man's Legacy with more than 180 dexterity and 300 vitality.
6 - Your amulet... Search for 60% critical hit damage, 6 or more critical hit chance, 100 vitality and if you can 50 all resistance or 10% life.
7 - Your rings. You need 80 dexterity, 20% critical hit damage and 3% critical hit chance. Then select vitality, all resistance or life %
@shndany - I have a full set of natalya , im not going for a critical hit dps oriented build . Im goint for full survivability and turret+spiketrap spamm . Turrets do not benefit from critical hit damage , they benefit from flat damage , primary attribute and attack speed .
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@shndany - I have a full set of natalya , im not going for a critical hit dps oriented build . Im goint for full survivability and turret+spiketrap spamm . Turrets do not benefit from critical hit damage , they benefit from flat damage , primary attribute and attack speed .

If you go for full survivability get a Mempho and Ice Climbers. You should get a huge EHP boost with those 2 items.

Very nice DH with legacy Nats, but I think you should upgrade you manticore. 9/10

Not a bad DH - DPS well balanced with defenses. I think an upgrade on the chest to a higher dex/vit roll would be beneficial.
@Generalhan pretty good, could get a bit more resists

Decent all around. Good balance of DPS and survivability. I would suggest more dex (but I'm a dex junkie too). Awesome gloves. One of the few good rare xbows.
peebee - solid all around. but you can upgrade alot of your gears if you have 25-100m to spend on each piece.
@Peebee: Your Demon Hunter is great. At this point, getting any upgrades is going to be costly. Your EHP is decent so you could in theory drop some EHP for some damage on your amulet (I am running into similar issues since I have an amulet that gives hardcore EHP but lacks Critical Damage on it). I would say that you might consider dropping Hungering Arrow or Bola Shot. I know why you use both but you might find Marked for Death better for damage and hatred generator if using Mortal Enemy over Hungering Arrow or Grim Reaper for Bola Shot.
@Destroyer: oh well tank DH, I've never experienced build like this before, sorry I can not rate you.
@Destroyer: That is a fantastic tank. It lacks a lot of punch but I am not sure much people can kill you. Id try to get some more damage. Also, with your LOH, you should change your Sentry Rune to Chain of Torment for mass LOH gains.
Ack! I keep posting after someone and keep skipping someone!

@Paksonghip: Another nice demon hunter and dual 1hander to boot. You might consider dropping Preparation for something else since I have found with 1handers that I could actually get by without it at higher MP levels. If if it is for farming lower MPs, please disregard as you can never have enough Discipline!
Tekkazerox- That is actually not my regular build. Check the link below to see what I usually put on. I decided to put on full tank gears because I noticed that even with my regular build my ehp is ranked 250 in americas. I wanted to see where would be if I build on full tank gears.

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Can anybody rate my DH? :(
@Destroyer: Well that build make a whole lot more sense and is much more focused. Fantastic gear to boot.

@Jeszd: You can easily get a better Natayla's Embrace with maximum armor for the cheap and it would add much more EHP than what you are getting with your current one. Otherwise, you got a good demon hunter going for farmin. :)
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