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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you [new]

@Jeszd pretty good start, now you just need to get your dps and survivability up there. The biggest thing you need right now is some resist all on your gear. Look to get some vit and dex on a neck, and look to get a second trinity stat on your gloves to push your dps up a lot.
@Tharkis: Very Nice Demon Hunter for managing to still be effective with Natayla's Legacy Set. You might want to squeeze some resistance or armor on your gloves for some more damage mitigation.
:D Tyy tekkazerox! Took your advice and got myself a better ehp nat embrace but sacked a bit of dps, no big deal.
@tekkazerox Nice DH, you have lots of armor... I know that they're expensive but I think that you should try to get a similar ammy with vitality and % life.

@Jeszd I think that you should try to get better gloves. Then, your base vitality is kinda low. I think that you should get an ammy with 100 vit, socket, 70% critical hit damage and 7% critical hit chance. Amulets like this are really cheap right now.
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Looks like you have pretty much everything covered...

Lots of life.... 50+ k very nice...

But I would rather more resist all... as yours seems a bit low.

Nice job over all
@demonhunter nice all res but hard to tell your gears worth as you:re using ss.
imo you should ditch mf gear for better dps but thats your call
@ Nyg8 9.5/10

I honestly cant see any real upgrades you need out side of gems. Upgrades to your main gems (helm especially) would imho, make you only more formidable.

My turn, new build that I started Friday Dec 21/12. Some of the gear transfers to my Monk, some is on loan (thanks Dutch81), some is a gift (thanks Vile). The helm was a drop. I've since lost my horse shoes somewhere.....

I like your HP. I'm really confused at your skill build and passives however. I need to try out different builds however. I dunno what you use your build for.

I'm assuming your leveling your paragon up w/ the Hellfire and Socketed helmet. If you wanna run higher MP's I'd suggest looking into getting some more AR. Calamity's a nice one-hand crossbow and yours is good at 1,200 dps w/ some good crit damage. If you love using Calamity (I don't blame you I have trouble deciding between it and Manticore myself) your only upgrade would be a similar or higher dps one w/ a socket for extra Critical Damage.

Seriously nice slots.
The most obvious upgrades would be getting yourself a Hellfire Ring, some Strongarm's or Lacuni's and a better rolled Mara.

Depending on your needs for EHP/Exp bonus after that, you might want to check if you can find a decently priced Mempo to speed up your farming, and allow you to go more dps centric on your other slots. Mempo can carry a vast chunk of your survivability needs.

After that it's pretty much min/maxing your way up with better rolls on your slots, finishing off your Inna 2pc and getting that elusive 2 sock Manticore we all drool over.

EDIT: I'm on the EU servers, you'll have to swap locales to view.
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^ You need more Critical dmg.

Does any know if diabloprogess.com's Ehp ranking takes LoH into consideration?
Do you ever die with such AR, HP and armor ? it is amazingly high defensive stat but how long does it take for you to kill things in MP4+ ? at least a higher DPS weapon please. nice DML by the way.
12/26/2012 08:27 PMPosted by tekkazerox
@Peebee: Your Demon Hunter is great. At this point, getting any upgrades is going to be costly. Your EHP is decent so you could in theory drop some EHP for some damage on your amulet (I am running into similar issues since I have an amulet that gives hardcore EHP but lacks Critical Damage on it). I would say that you might consider dropping Hungering Arrow or Bola Shot. I know why you use both but you might find Marked for Death better for damage and hatred generator if using Mortal Enemy over Hungering Arrow or Grim Reaper for Bola Shot.

Thanks for the pointers tekkazerox. I've had the exact same feelings about sacrificing some eHP for more crit damage. I think in the end I will be better off and I agree that I should probably start at the amulet. A new manticore would also be nice but I agree that any upgrade is going to be a lot of gold per slot... Kind of sucks but that's the name of the game right? Thanks again.
@Diablomk3, Nice gear bro. 9/10 if you asked me.. very well balanced and good dps.. every upgrade is gonna cost hundreds of millions though hahahah
@Destroyer Nice tank build but I think to progress further your dps is TOO low and you're going to have to start working on ways to bring it up some. Just a few small things could raise your potential dps quite a bit, without sacrificing too much survivability. For example getting a Nat's embrace for the 2 piece nat's bonus, or a nat's ring which would be even better, and then find a good survivability inna's belt or legs and get the 2 piece bonus for that set as well. If you get your +crit chance up then, since your gear lacks + pickup radius, you could swap to Nightstalker instead of Vengeance.
How's mine? I just recently regeared it after getting sick of my wizard.

Also, what's with the ultra high EHP low DPS DHs?
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Oops, lot of replies at once.

@Nightmare Good start, I think the next thing I'd focus on would be your gems though. They're something that's always a good investment to upgrade because they will follow your gear through other upgrades. In particular, i dont think the +MF in your hat is really helping you as much as either +xp or +life% would.

Your crit chance is high enough I think nightstalker would be doing you better for disc regen than vengeance as well.

Another very well balanced DH 8/10 from my non elitist point of view.
first post, let me know what you guys think, been mucking around with some loh gear.

Another very well balanced DH 8/10 from my non elitist point of view.

Awesome, thanks.
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