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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you [new]


I'd rate your DH if you had one. :P

Like I said, just swap out "us" with "eu" in the url when you view my profile. Not that hard.

Nice stuff, I'm assuming the Sight is temporary for leveling, if not, look into a godly mempo or andariel roll.

EDIT: Yikes, uhm

My knowledge of dw builds is lacking, but it looks solid. Always room for improvement, but a better rolled Natalya chest would help, along with a solid Nat, Mempo, Andariel for your head WITH a socket.
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@Koreolis I'll give the same basic advice that I've given several others before. Invest in upgrading your gems next, as your gems will stay with you even as you upgrade other gear, so they're great bang for the buck. You might want to look into getting some Inna's legs and belt, they'll help with the DPS as well.
@tharkis nice legacy and dps. could use a vile ward upgrade though
@Phailed you DO realize, that Inna pants only come with ONE attribute? .. and I chose RESIST ALL? aka, ridiculously expensive/boss?! and trust me i know, ill be getting a Mempo, soon enough.
I would aim to get your CC higher! Your life is pretty well balance for your DPS though.
^^^ CC higher?! 55% ?!!?!? is that the best u got?!
well 55% is a bit low with respect to your other gear, but you don't use night stalker so it really doesn't matter. Also you're using a noncrit hellfire ring, so that explains it.
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@AbeBlinkin - you could upgrade you vile wards and ammy and you would have a huge dps increase from just those 2 things alone. Also, you should give me your witching hour kthx.
@Donnybrook your DPS looks fine, I'd work now on more survivability. A lot more all resist and a good bit more vit. I'd also recommend swapping over to spray of teeth with your hungering arrow, you have enough crit chance that it'll be a lot faster for clearing groups of mobs .
Why must ever upgrade cost a bazillion gold?

curious what to upgrade.. i know i need a lot but im limited on what i can buy. i have issues on amything higher than mp3. i feel with my current dps and ehp i should be able to smash mp3 at least.

Just starting on my DH its my least played char so far.
For you Dbum357 I would start with another DML? I think they are not that expensive.

For myself I am aiming for a dual wielding DH even though they seem to be outclassed by the manticore + DML demon hunters :(
Aspirine, I assume I need to switch the US to EU for you. DH is looking pretty solid, i would suggest maybe getting Vile Wards with some form of life on them.

I've got 2 60 DH's, one is my main and the other character is based off only in game items so there isn't much of a point to rating that character. Should be easy to tell the difference. I also don't normally use sharpshooter, just been messing around with different skills. Steady aim is normally in its place.

The first thing you should do is get some new gems. I think your bow is fairly decent but lacks Crit Damage. I would say your next upgrade is innas pants.

I just sold an item for 100 mil and looking to spend it. Do I go for one really nice item or spread it across a few decent upgrades? THinking maybe Witching Hour and Lacuni w/ cc or maybe trying to steal a Mempo with CC.
@Unearthsage-- nice build. Only advice maybe invest in some IAS. You could get some lacuni, upgrade your right hand ring and maybe invest in a DML with higher speed. Still a great build.
@yuntahn-- nice gear. My advice is u invest some CC items prolly about 40% cc change your sharpshooter passive to like TA for some mobility and fast runs or NS for disc management.. Overall its still a good survivavilty gear..
@Twistahh I dont think I'm worth of giving you advice! Maybe just try to find natalya's helm and armor to get the extra disc?
Would really apreciate any advice on my gear/stats. I am currently thinking of buying myself a nice Calamity with high dps and a socket. What would be the next step in improving? What would be the most required slot to upgrade?

Thank you in advance!
Dyste - upgrade your gems and maybe get a windforce with a socket for that extra CD.

Jackal - says that you have no heros on your account.
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