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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you [new]

@mrlucid72 you could switch those bracers for some crit lacunis but verry god gear.
@ pyro

Nice balanced build. Upgrade gems specially on weapon for more dps.
Very nice gear and build!
you can get upwards of 300 dex by upgrading your shoes , your ring Glamour Device and If you get some more vit you can drop your quiver and find a dead mans legacy with 280+ dex 10% crit and huge damage to bola shot :)
but otherwise very nice , awesome amulet by the way!

Pretty nice gear. Swapping your belt for a decent Witching Hour would really help. I would also look at replacing your pants for Dex/Vit Inna's pants. Next to go would probably be your rings or weapon (for 2 soc).
Pretty great gear if you ask me. I'm sure you could upgrade something but it would probably cost a crazy amount.

Nice set. Could use more attack speed to compensate to the slow manticore or get double socket one.

@happynikon nice dh, should focus on AR as you have a bunch of hp.
@ANigerian would get a pair of nats boots with double that dexterity
@pigwing - very nice, you could add a lot of dps by upgrading your emerald in your bow

Besides a manticore upgrade, your main focus right now should be getting all resist on any future upgrades you get. I see you have about 150, and that's about 200 - 250 short of where you want to ideally be for a comfortable eHP level. Your armor is fine, and your HP is decent as well, getting that last bit of resists will round it out for you. You're on the right track building your DH though.

Since you've gone the tank route, I assume you are not as interested in dps so if you want to continue stacking vitality, I would upgrade your mempho with one that has vitality. Are people in awe when you tank with the barbs?

How about an amulet that has vitality/+life%?
Also can try looking out for a strongarm bracer with AR.

You could try to find a manticore with higher DPS which would likely cost a fortune, or you could look for some trifecta gloves. You could also replace your amulet with higher CD or get a trifecta but you would lose some life so it really depends on how much you value your HP at and what you're going to be doing.
Get better bracers, then upgrade your amulet.
@ Ana

I would look at a better DPS weapon. You Dead Man could also be upgraded to add 100 Dex and Vit without a ton of exp. I would generally try to get your CHit Chance over 45%

Your eHP must be pretty high - I like the defensive / survivability mindset of the build. I'd look into increasing crit damage (esp on the ammy + rings) for a big DPS boost.
can someone give me tips suggestions critique upgrade recommendations please
@malo416 Start with your left ring. Get one with CD as well as CC, it will help alot with such a good CC. Also check out Strongarm Bracers. They are cheap with alot more dex. That should help alot.
@MAL0416 : nice overall but you are needing some movement speed! DH's should be about the fastest and most agile of the classes, yet as far as i can see you are moving at the base 0% movespeed.

Ok. My turn :)
skitzflik- Your damage is decent but you eHP is pretty low. Try to get a least above 299k eHP.
Currently you are sitting at 194k eHP. Your current all resist is only 242 AR.
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