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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you [new]

i got diablo on friday so i take it as a complimet:D
thank you and your dh is pretty bad !@# 10/10
@hpunkster get a hellfire ring and a strongarm bracers. needs some work on your survivability. and since you pretty much bought almost everything from the rmah you should have bought the best items and gems so wouldnt have to bother upgrading.
you got geared up pretty quick considering u have less than 1k elite kills, but good job none the less i give u 6/10 but as a starter i give it 7.5/10.
@Nocturnal pretty good gear set of 4 Natalya and other solid legendary items
12/04/2012 07:08 PMPosted by Zodiac
@Nocturnal pretty good gear set of 4 Natalya and other solid legendary items

Hi Zodiac, your gears are pretty decent for less than 5k elite kills. I would rate it about 5/10

Id say try to find some rings with CritDmg/ Crit Chance / Attackspeed. And a new bracer :P
@ tastteless

Not bad I'd say just work on your EHP. As I need too as well. I'll rate 7/10.

I'll assume you don't always use SS :)
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New andies helm bro. You can get one with 100 Dex more and same stats for cheapo
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Grind for Hellfire ring with crit or attack speed brotha
With a soc? I haven't seen 1. Anyway I'm looking at a mempo soon anyway. Awesome review thx.
Looking for some advice on my next upgrade -jewelry.
@ Marcharius
On your ammy look for avg dmg AR if u can get it. And most importantly get CC.
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@JJAY That was easy, 10 out of 10, awesome gear!

I know my Hellfire rings sucks, haha.
@Evolution Not bad, good defensive stats as well as good offensive stats. 9/10
@Nick 9/10
Every piece of ur item is a solid upgrade to mine so there really isnt much i can say lol!
Very solid hp n resist
Ur gear is aldt godlike, ur next upgrade could be adding attack speed to ur jewelry / glove
But not necessary yet since those are aldy great at its current

Ur rare ring though i think u can maybe lose some cc or cd to get some main stat or speed on?
Me, please?
6/10 I'd say Lycka!

A very good start, but could use some upgrades. i.e. It'd definitely be worth investing in a Vile Ward, even though your shoulders do have slightly similar stats. You'll have a lot more Dex on a VW, and they're not very expensive. Also investing in some Max Disc on your DML would be a huge boost for you, and while they are expensive some VIT on those Nat's boots. Getting some average damage on both of your rings will be a quick way to boost up that DPS to over 200k.

Overall though, you're definitely on the right track, and by no means bad. Cool build too, man!
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