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Rate the Demon Hunter Above you [new]


Very nice Dh build coming together. Id look for a avg dmg, crit, dex, ar nats ring maybe. Get you the set bonus for 130 more dex. I usually suggest people go for complete nats for the disc and never look back but you dont need to since you have 48 as it is without it. Nice job. Your AR could use a boost. Maybe shoot for some on gloves, or bracers or ammy. I dont believe in the super high dps and no life builds and that they are viable in high mp. I play mp10 so I build more tanky. I shoot for 1k+ vit, 450 minimum AR and you are pretty much there on Vit, just need some ar. You can afford to lose some DPS if you get really good boots in AR. Just some thoughts. 8/10.

Pretty solid build. I see you might be missing AR on most of your gear. Now I know it would be expensive to keep the same stats and add AR.

Maybe drop the nat helm and get Mempo with AR? You will also increase your DPS but lose 20 Disc. Can you live with that? Nice HF ring btw.

Edit: I missed the CHC on the nat helm, nvm the mempo then. Upgrades are going to be tough for you. You probably enjoy perma gloom... Upgrade Vile ward with Vit then?

For me, I am getting an HF ring on my right hand shortly.
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Decent DH...would definitely try to upgrade your ring...add one with crit chance, and crit dmg....you should be able to upgrade that relatively easily.


I would say that you should look to upgrade your rings and try to get new bracers as you dont need all that movement speed. The attack speed on them is nice but you can get strongarms cheap and have 4.5 CC with alot of dex/vit or dex/AR
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@Tiama..nice build..nice calamity..anyway..would've been great if u can make ur life to 50k..anyway..nice gear..probably better than me..
@mfr2908 nice build, and gear..looks like all your upgrades now are going to be pretty pricey. i guess just shoot for more crit dmg overall and id say trading the helm/belt for a mempo/witching hour

I'd say to try to add to your nat's set, or just get a different chest piece. Maybe the boots. The drop in dex should be compensated by the crit chance, and even more movespeed is good too.
Dont have all my gear on but wanted to post anyways....


Great DH man 9/10



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@celenian very solid dh. i would replace the amethyst with a ruby gem and grind for a hellfire ring for a quick xp though.
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Very nice DH. I can see you melting down mobs with your high DPS. Although I don't see much of AR in your gears, I think your high damage and above average vit/life makes up for it.

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I've recently hit +100k unbuffed DPS. I'm looking forward to a decent Vile Ward when I get around 4~5 mil... other comments appreciated!
Good idea with the Vile Ward, would help a lot :) also, some better dex gems would be a cheap upgrade :-) Then i think I would change the helmet next, but some of the other guys are better at this, so listen to them :D

@ThePwet #6321
Very nice :-) Are you sure WF is the best wep for you build? If so, can you explain it to me :-)

@Sephiroth #1971
Awesome build :D You bow has a lot of dex, but only one socket, is this prefarable?

@Jd007 #1506'
Amasing dps :O I guess this is mostly due to your crit change and dam?

SO all, what should i upgrade next? :-)
Hey i just got two upgrades yesterday my mempo and my witching hour.. i was wondering what would you guys rate my dh? and what do you suggest should be my next upgrade? My dps isnt updated for some reason its supposed to be 209k
maybe change one of your rings to a nats ring to pick up the extra 130 dex bonus
great mempo.. would so love that on my dh lol
yeah thats what im going for but im being stubborn if it isnt a trifecta nats i dont want it! lmao

thanks! the mempo costed me 700m =XX
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well good luck with that, i havent seen anything of that kind and if i did it prolly wouldnt be cheap lol
No one for me? thought we where to rate the one above :/
@ Winta, you're on EU, I see. I am not sure i fully understand why you're using Suppression fire in general. I get that you have a single target and a group target offensives, but I think a different 2nd offensive would be best in non-Paragon farming situations. however, since it looks like you're geared for farming low MP for Paragons/loot, not bad at all.

I'd give you a 9.5/10 for your farming set.
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