Diablo® III

Fllowers in co-op

Would followers in co-op be broken if?:
duplicate followers abilities didn't stack / or they only buffed the owner of the follower
and CC/Snares/etc had diminishing returns on follower spells

I really like the whole follower thing but they feel kinda worthless when they can't come with you in multi-player. Feels like they were an after thought.

I was just curious what the rest of the D3 community thought.
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I just wish I could keep my current follower's passive bonuses in multiplayer. It's a big part of why so many players find killing so much slower in multiplayer despite the fact that mobs only gain 75% bonus health per player above 1.

I do 74k dps without any followers, but I do 78k with Lyndon.

So killing a mob with 1 mil hp takes me 12 seconds with Lyndon (assuming he never hits it, which is likely if he has just taken a bath in desecrate).


If I'm playing with a partner, the enemy has 1.75 mil health. To maintain that 12 second kill time, we need a combined 145,833 dps. I provide 74000 of that, so my partner needs to do 71833 without his follower for the kill speed to be the same speed for me as it is for me solo.

That is a very low margin of difference between our damage values. It is very likely that my partner does less than that, or that my partner does enough more that I slow him down.


Now, say I can keep my crit bonus from Lyndon and do 78k dps in multiplayer. To kill 1.75 mil health in 12 seconds my partner and I still need 145,833 dps, but I'm now providing 78k of that. So my partner only needs to do 67833.

Not only is that a wider damage range to begin with, but it's actually easier for another player to meet that value because he's also potentially receiving a damage bonus if he's using either the Scoundrel or the Enchantress.


So, yeah. If they have an issue with us having 4 more models wandering around the screen, then okay. But they'd solve some of the complaints about Multiplayer if they at least let us keep our passive bonuses from one follower's skills. For some classes even the Templar's resource regen would be valuable to them in multiplayer and it can slow things down a bit not to have it.

If Blizz needs some sort of explanation for it, let us be inspired by a token from our chosen follower while we're away or something ;)
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I would like to see them allowed in multi-player, so each player can bring 1. (Similar skills should not stack, as said before, BUT different skills can (i.e. two different scoundrels--one with the 3% critical, and the other with Hysteria)).

**Would love to ALSO see ALL THREE available for solo-play. They have so much to talk about (which makes traveling interesting between battles), and it gives players a good reason to equip them all well. Wizards might miss out a LOT, as it seems they are the worst at healing themselves and often get "married" to the Templar for the long haul. It would be more fun to quest with a full party of followers on solo-play (as they are quite wimpy at the moment even with good gear) and use your favorite ONE on multiplayer games. :D
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