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Swift Skull Cleaver..

The Swift Skull Cleaver needs to be looked at. Its hit rate and range is absurd for the amount of damage it does. The fact that its attack will hit you even if you're 20+ feet away from it is just demoralizing, and not even something that can be skewed as a fun challenge. If you move while the axe is swinging and you are out of its range it SHOULD NOT hit you. Plain and simple.
Please either fix this or reduce its damage, because the combination of both is just unfair and completely unmotivated.
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Not really, there are worst monsters out there
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Heck, I would even accept DOUBLE damage on these bastards if their range can be nerfed.

It's outright ridiculous.
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It hits you because of server lag.
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This is by design. Unless the swing is a "wind up", you cannot avoid it even if you move out of range. The exception here is if you used something like smoke screen or serenity.

the Swift Skull Cleaver is fine where it is I think. It already had its damage reduced last patch, and now they're sort of wimpy in comparison.
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Is there anything in this game that isnt too powerful according to the forums? Fallen maniacs, fire damage, flying moloks... Inferno is so easy already.
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They nerfed it twice already and people still cry for more nerfs. How about gearing yourself up? If you can't be arsed to do that - look for another game. Diablo was, is and will be about gearing up.
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Agreed with many others, they have already made elites much easier by making more affixes skill based (Frozen/Molten/Mortar all now have clear indicators of AoE, easy to dodge), removed some (Invuln Minions), weakend damage of others, and lowered cast rate of another (Shielding is only on one guy at a time, easy to play around). They did increase the HP of trash mobs by a decent amount, but they still are easy to roll over, and elites HP/Dmg in Act 3 were nerfed pretty well. At this point the only thing they can nad probably will do is give us better drop rates which let people gear up evben faster. At this point the gear needed to beat the game solo is fairly low and the gear to beat with team is VERY low, and then to get the game on farm doesn't take much either.

If they do as the forums are demanding and make legendary drop rates relatively high (say 1 ever 4 - 5 hours of decent farming with decent MF), then everyone will be able to faceroll inside one play though (not necessarily a bad thing).
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The only thing that bugs me about them is when there's a bunch of them, and their attacks are synchronized.

"Doin' good, doin' fine, doOIDSFAOFLM."
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Im sorry but its a flawed mechanic, it should not hit you if you are no where near it when its swing completes. Its called logic.
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