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Hi Ender,

I just sent you a friend request. Would you mind to look at my profile and see how can I improve my barbarian? I have 15m budget right now. Thanks a lot!

Hey ender,
jsut sent a request. Please check out my profile. I used to be a double ww barb, but sort of got bored with it and want to try something new.
09/09/2012 05:14 PMPosted by Shogunmj
Let me know if you want to help.
09/10/2012 02:40 AMPosted by EVO
I want to fit in rend, should I take out ignore pain or WOTB?
Absolutely not. PLayers who want to play with rend should be replacing revenge first or maybe leap. Never replace ignore pain or WoTB IMHO.
@ Everyone, please stop asking me how far you can get with X amount of gold. It really depends on how much you like to stand in fire and hit ignore pain when full HP and run around like a chicken now doesn't it?
Can not reccomend Ender enough, great service, very quick, and even took the time to answer questions about build/gems afterwards. Went from 6-10 deaths to go from the deeps through ghom to farming act 3 with 0 deaths and one shotting Azomdan. Its like he made it a whole new game for me.
My advice, take what he says honestly. If he says don't spend your gold because he will get to you, then do it.

I had a 2M budget, didn't spend and waited, I now have an almost 6M budget for him to make my gear that much better when he gets around to it.

Just be patient and keep in mind you're not the only one waiting. This is, after all, a free service done by him in his free time.

So huge props to Ender and can't wait to play my "pimped up barb".

I just wish there was a game animation so Ender's, and his character only, could pinch your shirt and flick it like Xzibit on his show. You've officially been pimped.
Question: If we are online at the same time as you and we know that we have a time constraint, say we know we have to be somewhere at such and such a time, or whatever, should we tell you that or would that just flood you with too much information?

btw, Ender, can't wait to get my barb pimped. Anytime you see me in game, don't worry about whatever else I might be doing, just get my attention and I will drop everything.

Ender, id like to take your services up. What would be a good amount to fix my Barb up? My basic problem is things such as desecrator pools, arcane turrets, and hands are what really kills me in act 3. I current have 2 mill at the moment, but will have more when you get to me on the list, I'd like a target window on how much more i'd need. Tyvm.
Ender i have 300 million gold and a naked barb, could you possible help me out
Ender i have 300 million gold and a naked barb, could you possible help me out
Possibly!? hahah, I will make you dominate!
Ender, i'll be taking you up on your services as soon as I get my cash back up. I plan on coming to you with about 3mil, unless I need to get a bunch more. i'm a recent 60 graduate, so my gear is meh.

thanks for offering this great service!
i just got back and saw your message im online

I recently beat the game with my barb and I'm currently paragon lvl 5 w my barb. I have tried a S&B build before and had good survivability for the most part, but felt like I was sacrificing a lot of DPS in the process...maybe it was just my crappy gear. Regardless I have been reading ur forum posts and have been farming up as much gold as possible. When I hit 2.5 mil or so, I will def be hitting u up to hlp me re-vamp my barb gear and hopefully hlp me not die so much in acts 3 and 4 of inferno. Could you possibly take a look at my barb rnow though and let me know if there is anything I could do build wise or gear wise now to hlp me immediately? Also if u have any spare or left over barb gear that you could donate to a poor barb brother in need, I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks man!! :)
Hey Ender, I'm looking into enlisting your services. I am flexible with the amount of gold I can spend. Anywhere from 10m - 20m.

I currently really only have a mixture of resist and farming gear. Let me know what you think.
Hi Ender,

Please look at my Barb and let me know where I can improve for farming in Act III.

Max budget 15m.

hello ender, I have read just about everything you have to offer. I have come a long ways so far and can somewhat do a3. Ive switched a few skills around to better suit my play style. I would like you to take a look at my gear and such and tell me what you think. I am obviously not geared great but so far its working ok. I will be spending around 15 mil to upgrade soon and would like to see what your suggestions are. Will be paying for your .02 Cents :p

I can beat act 2 pretty easily with my set up. Act 3 I can do but the elites give me a run for my money. I find that the 2h I have is pretty slow causing me to use rend and pretty much run away for most elites in act 3 until WotB gets back up and then most elites aren't a problem. I have 4mil saved up so that makes for a budget for 3.5mil. Think you could help me switch over from a 2h to a weapon/shield. Or should I stick with what I have going and save some more up?
Wow ender deserves to get MVP status for this
ill be tossing a sticky request out
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