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09/16/2012 10:57 PMPosted by ChronoTriggr
But you never showed up you meanie
I'm sorry I stood you up man, your on the priority list now!

09/16/2012 10:56 PMPosted by SpoonMan
My budget is currently far too low to take advantage of this (a little under 3m) but I will be keeping you in mind.
I've specifically said I've built entire for less than this amount of gold. There is plenty I can do for you with 3m if you're worried about getting your monies worth. Of course more is always better though, and with the average wait your budget will surely increase. I wont be offering these services for that much longer (if /players 8 gives +lewts and so does the new content, then I'm going to actually be playing the game).
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Hey Ender I sent you a friend request and just wondering if you got it or if your friend's list is too full. Thanks!
ender, i sent a friend request just now. initial budget is 14m and hopefully might grow while i'm in the line.

thanks in advance!
Hey ender, great threads, love your work.

I was wondering if you could take a look at my profile and tell me what to fix xD I know all of it is average, but its basically what i could afford. Chest/pants have no AR as they were like 10m+ for AR on them at the time, and i had only 5m. I have around 2.5m left ( Tried to build WW build, got bored and switched, so i have some gear on the AH selling)

Just a quick message would be great :) Like - trade ammy for an ammy with x this and x that.

Thanks in advance :)
ender i got a skorn that i can sell and add to my budget which is currenty at 5.5mil- 5mil for upgrades and 500k for ur services lmk if u can work with that or if i need to sell my skorn to make things easier for u...i'd like to go S&B i want to farm act 3...can't wait for your help
Hi, I have added you Ender. Hope you can help me upgrade my barb with a budget of about 10m. Thanks!
09/17/2012 05:42 AMPosted by Helghan
Chest/pants have no AR as they were like 10m+ for AR on them at the time
This is because you were searching for high str on an item that dosn't generally speaking, have high str rolls on it. You were also searching for both %life and vit instead of just vit, which has high rolls on it. Chest peice with 150 vit is easier to get than 100 vit and 5% life because of the fact that vit specifically rolls high on it. %life is not, generally speaking, the way to get life on a chest peice. You were also trying to get 3 socket chest peice which are uber expensive, try starting with two first. like 160 vit 50 AR and 40 str. The AH is NOT overpriced....this is user error.
Hi guys... may a little advice here, pls?

I'm farming act 2 fast, with no problem at all. Act 3 I can farm, but I eventually die... Around 2 or 3 times in a range of 10 packs. So, it isn't being fast enough.
What should I upgrade in my gear first? Any advice on my build? Or something else...?

I'd appreciate...

Thanks and sorry for the bad english! :P
Okay so the wait was finally over. Ender took my gold and gave me back a 53k hp 47k dps 47 crit chance 300+ crit hit 500+ AR un buffed barb. unreal. it was well worth the wait. so people have patience. Genious at work lol.
Ender do you do Hard Core? I'm working on a barb for hardcore and am having some trouble and want a bit of advice if you have any free time to give it, I can wait if not currently.

so far stuck at hell end act 1 for fear of pushing past my tanking limit..

so far I'm going for a stun/crit tank... but not sure if I am going about it right..
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Just received Ender's PimpMyBarb service: wow! Dude upped my DPS to 50k, life to 58k, armor over 8000, and AR to >500...very happy and impressed!

Thanks again, Ender!
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Hey Ender, I have just got my barb to 60, and wondering what you would change/improve, Im at 20k dps and about 60k health... I would like to be about 50k dps and about 45-50k health. I dont have issues with inferno yet, but do not kill as fast as i would like, Please any info would be nice!! i have gold to spend to.

Thanks Razeel
Hey I would like to know what should i upgrade ive bought 3 Ik set pieces , now i suppose i should get The boot and the chest.. tell me ? also what should i go for Weapons / Off hand?

Im a whirldwind barb thanks you =)
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