i wasnt very impressed with ender's services either myself. I recently had dboy187 help me and he was 10 fold more helpful and made me feel like i was getting my moneys worth. i never got a gold log s/s or any proof saying what he actually spent on my set which kind of made me suspicious. due to what little i got for my money. just my .02

anyone looking for upgrade should talk to dboy he's the man.

Been monitoring this thread, but couldn't leave this one alone.

When I started my service -- and granted, it just started -- I offered to take screenshots of every purchase if requested so that the client knows that I have his best interests at heart. This does prevent gold/service scamming on my part. However, the client needs to request it once I bring it up. It makes little sense on Ender, Rezic, DBoy, or myself to take screenshots of everything without request unless the client specifically requests it.

The purpose of my gearing service is two-fold: to eliminate the many requests I get per day for advice/gearing help, and to provide Barbarians who are ready to take the next step with gear and explanation on how each point of gear works for them in their build.

Perhaps Ender was overwhelmed with the demands. I don't know. I do know he's been doing this for months now and not until recently has someone complained about his service. To me, that's a terrific track record on Ender's part. It only goes to show that everyone makes mistakes and it's how they learn from those mistakes that makes their service even better.

im sure he has many satisfied customers........its just like anything some have good experiences and some do not. im just sharing my thoughts and opinions on my experience. Had a much better experience dealing with dboy.
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