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Hey, Ender!

I have 3.5mil to spend, total, and need some help. I am open to any suggestions about gear/skills, and have been trying to stay faithful to the suggestions you've made in your original post (version 1 and 2 now!). Have a ton of stuff on the AH, just trying to sell, so I may have more.

What I need: Gear and skill suggestions (I can comfortably clear A3, die several times to each A4 champ pack)

A quick note, I couldn't progress at all in A3 without LOH which you say isn't required, so I am willing to go back to my crit gear/weapon (have a 750dps with 56 base crit, and a 70% socketed crit damage). I just don't know how to survive =p

p.s. looking forward to your movie next year =p
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Ender, just wanted to say thank you for this awesome guide as well as recommending Zrave's videos. I hit 60 yesterday and was able to set myself up with a pretty respectable set of gear with the limited gold I had on hand (imo).

Couldn't have done it without this post! Great job and ty again!
@Ender Added you today, know you must be swamped with requests but when can we get this build on? Looking forward to seeing what can be done. Peace.
@ender - hi ender, just need your advise with regards to my stats... i can farm act 3 easily already but I think I have too much HP... I want to still play SnB and not go the WW route, but I'm more open to dual wielding if it gives me more DPS with a guarantee that I will still survive elites.

Any more advise how can I raise more my DPS without sacrificing too much HP? (as you mentioned 50k HP is needed) Which item do you think I need replacement that would cost me cheaper without sacrificing other stats?

w00t! congrats to v2.0!! :DDDD

Ender is very legit here - though i haven't used his services, his last thread speaks volumes. great guide as well and really understands how barb gearing works and is apprently a master at the AH. lol.

make sure to utilize this OP! all the info you need is in there. then it's a matter of how you use the AH. Ender, if you think it'd be beneficial for you and the people here, do you mind sharing how you go about searching for items? especially with a budget in mind, if it can go in brackets? or that might be too complicated.

just a suggestion so people can try and learn stuff on their own as well, while lifting some of the load so you get some play time in for yourself! ; )))
09/06/2012 04:03 PMPosted by Jondice
I'd like to be able to alernate with a 2H build as well as my throw build since they both use similar stats

Not true....2h needs boatloads more resists and armor and HP. Throw barbs usually run very low hp and resists comparatively.... In fact most of the gear is not interchangeable if you want to build them right....i guess theoretically a set could be made that does both, but it wouldn't be great at either...
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I need some help here, although I'm spotting my temporary exp helmet instead of my andy, have around 10m to spend
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09/06/2012 08:30 PMPosted by akamon
Ender, if you think it'd be beneficial for you and the people here, do you mind sharing how you go about searching for items?
You know I thought about doing that only for a budget build, as doing so for different budgets/builds would take too long.

This may sound greedy, but I decided I would loose all of my business If I told everyone my secret search formals...I give people the general information they need about how to compare different stats (especially with EHP and DPS spreadsheets) and general guidelines about ways to save money. After that it should be up to them to learn the market if they don't want to purchase my service. It's valuable because I don't make mistakes =). The benefit of learning yourself is you may end up making costly mistakes, but really learn the material.

I gave it away free to about 100 barbs, and that's a lot of gold not farming/playing AH, Its my turn to profit for a bit =)
09/06/2012 06:57 PMPosted by Patrynn
A quick note, I couldn't progress at all in A3 without LOH which you say isn't required
Its not required if your using the right build, which you are not.....See OP for suggested build and how to use it. I beat the game with zero LoH.
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Can anyone confirm this is worth the money before I give Ender 10 mil? Cheers.

Edit: Nevermind, I just looked at his Barb.. my.. f... god..
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09/06/2012 09:06 PMPosted by JarrettNZ
Can anyone confirm this is worth the money before I give Ender 10 mil? Cheers
Does 26 pages of positive responses in my previous thread mean nothing? Also there are a few testimonials in here if you look...
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With 10 mil, what roughly would you expect to see come from that?
Hey Ender i dont have the money for you to do some purchasing for me but i was just gonna pop in and say thanks for the guides you posted i think they have helped me quite a bit i am just saying thanks
looking to use your services.

ive got about 15m budget
09/06/2012 09:15 PMPosted by JarrettNZ
With 10 mil, what roughly would you expect to see come from that?
Like about 45-50k dps 45-55k hp and 450-500 AR unbuffed.

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I just had Ender set me up a few hours ago for 16m. I decided to wait a while and really pressure the gear and my skills before writing anything, as I like to write somewhat meaningful reviews/comments regarding services.

I've been playing through act 3 for the first time on inferno, and I must say the gear he bought is fantastic! It is still difficult of course, but I couldn't even come close to soloing packs on my old gear, where as now I can solo some. A lot of the failings simply come from me being used to a totally different play style then the build he made for me, but it definately works.

Thanks a ton!!!!
You're clearly very good at what you do for gearing S&B; but let's not take shots at a play style by insinuating it's has a dead end build requirement.

If you try to gear a WW barb for cheap the gear is not compatible with other builds, maybe I worded my statements poorly. I'm sure end game gear is pretty flexible (its godly of course it will be), but for these peoples needs, cheap-mid range, its really not.
09/06/2012 10:20 PMPosted by Sciencegeek
now I can solo some
Try using superstition for weapon master until you get used to moving around more and using your cool downs at the right times. Your coming from WW, its a tough transition.
Hi Ender, im a new barb to the field!

What is the minimum gold you reckon you could spend to gear me a WW barb for Act 3? I know you said you dont go WW barb builds but u seem to be pretty knowledgable in general so wanted ur opinion :)
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