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Blacksmithing: great idea, but broken

I have been loyally playing Diablo III since its release. I love the game, and I am really happy with the changes made in patch 1.0.4. Unfortunately, one of my favorite features is still broken.

I originally thought blacksmithing was a great feature - to be able to destroy useless/mediocre items and re-roll them for the chance of something better. Ideally it would give every magical item a purpose - gear upgrade or salvage and try again. Unfortunately, the more I use this feature, the more frustrated and disappointed I become.

I salvage nearly every mediocre lvl 61+ item I get and then foolishly gamble millions of gold trying to re-roll an improvement or something worth selling on the auction house. Needless to say, the gold I spend making these items is almost a pure loss. With the surplus of items available for sale on the (non-hardcore) American auction house and the lack of people buying them, one would have to be incredibly lucky to create any item competitive enough to return even a fraction of this net gold loss.

There are too many mediocre/worthless items and little to no motivation for players to salvage these items. Salvaging materials are worth little to nothing and there aren't many players who can afford to gamble with blacksmithing. Additionally there is a mismatch between the blue (exquisite essence) and yellow (iridescent tear) salvaging items - the limiting factor being the blues.

Perhaps this feature was originally meant to be a gold sink to slow down the rate of inflation. I don't think this was a bad idea, but the gold cost is discouraging players from using this feature. I so badly want to see this feature enrich the game as it was originally intended, but I refuse to throw away any more of my money.

To solve this problem and give this function more purpose, I propose a further reduction or complete elimination of the gold cost to blacksmithing, and instead require a larger number of materials to create each item. Not only would this encourage players to use the blacksmith, but also increase the value of salvaging materials, increase the number of people salvaging their items, and in turn making every drop useful in one way or another. This would essentially make more of a commodities market for salvaging materials and put a real value on blacksmithing. Additionally this would give new or returning players a rock to stand on in the auction house.

Please leave me your feedback. I would really like to see blacksmithing be more useful and desirable. This feature has great potential if the right changes are made!

In summary:

Problems with blacksmithing:
1. High level blacksmithing is too expensive
2. Salvaging materials are nearly worthless
3. Surplus of crappy items on the auction house
4. Mismatch of blue and yellow salvaging materials - blues are limiting factor

1. Remove/reduce gold cost of blacksmithing
2. Increase salvaging materials required per item
3. Balance blue and yellow salvaging materials

1. Improve the economy by enriching the salvaging commodities market
2. Encourage players to salvage and blacksmith
3. Give crap items more purpose
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I like this idea because it would recycle all of those crappy lvl 60-63 items. It takes the sting out of an hours-long act 3 farm that nets me, at best, some one hander with 800 dps that no one would want. Selling those for 1000 gold to the nearest vendor just isn't cutting it.
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I would really like to see this feature reach its full potential... anyone else have an opinion?
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I have a different approach to this issue.

Issues I primarily see, are the items that you are having the blacksmith MAKE for you is not the same idea as finding one on a monster or buying whatever a vendor might have in his stash.

You see, if I were to go to a store and order something to be made for me, I would want it to work for me.

Basically one HUGE improvement would be to have the items be crafted to suit the type of character having them built. Tonight, I tried 6 times for a belt that my wizard could use. Sure, the base armor skill was higher but EVERY belt had all 3 stats lower than what I was wearing, despite nearly 100 in armor difference. You would think that a higher level belt would drop with more appropriate stats.

Same thing happened for nearly every item I crafted this evening, though the belts were the worst. I think I rolled 3 armors, 2 boots, 2 bracers... None of them were really good, but I swapped some in even though I took off nearly 1k in damage before I was done. I was trying to buff the armor and health a bit, but instead I buffed the armor, lost a small amount of health though I gained a lot of regen and lost 800 in DPS or so.

My suggestions to go along with what you said would be the following:

Prices aren't the problem to me at the moment, but then I'm not trying to craft level 60 plus either.

Not sure why increasing the salvage item usage would help?
Better balance of what was salvaged would be nice.

My main this is this. Instead of having items made by the blacksmith roll with the same percentages the items on monsters seem to have, why not have them roll with appropriate stats for whatever character is currently buying them? Now, they don't have to be godly, or necessarily in the right order, but at least make sense.

For example, on a wizard you are going to want Intelligence and Vitality for the primary stats. Not Strength and Dexterity. Sure you can have those as a 3rd or 4th choices, but you see what I mean.

And this should be on all items, but when viewing an item, it should list the largest stat first, followed by the second, and so on.

Affixes should also make sense if there are to be any on the item in the same fashion.

I am totally cool with random whatever items when picking them up or buying them from a merchant, but having them crafted for my character they really should make more sense, so we are not wasting our time, money, and materials creating the same sort of garbage items we can already pick up in game on the ground. This is why I don't hardly use the blacksmith. Lately I have just been selling everything to make money instead, since 95 percent of the stuff I have crafted has been crap.

Just my two cents.
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I completely agree with you. But I would go even further and would suggest reducing the material costs too. I think removing the cost for blacksmithing an Item only won’t suffice. I know that sounds even more drastically but see it that way. For those of us who haven’t got lucky by finding an uber item yet and selling it for XXX mil via the AH, using the nearest vendor to dump your crappy items is the only way to make at least 100-200k in a farming run. Even without the costs of creating a new Item with the blacksmith one would still “lose” the money for the items that has been salvaged instead of sold to the vendor. And just relying on your luck to eventually get something good out of blacksmithing with such high material cost is just not enough.
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Thanks for your feedback. I understand where you are coming from. I definitely think there are many other ways to fix this problem. I've just tried to come up with something simple and easy so that it is more likely to be considered by Blizzard as a solution. Others have suggested giving us the option to select 1 or 2 stats that are guaranteed on the crafted item. As much as I love this option, I'm not convinced Blizzard will consider this as an acceptable solution. It seems a bit overpowered to me.

09/04/2012 11:49 PMPosted by DTMAce
Prices aren't the problem to me at the moment, but then I'm not trying to craft level 60 plus either.

The crafting prices for items under level 60 were drastically reduced several patches ago. This was a great addition, and encouraged people to craft more of these items. Unfortunately, the gold cost of crafting ilvl 61+ items was not changed, and the cost for crafting many of these items is significant with very little (if any) return.

09/04/2012 11:49 PMPosted by DTMAce
Not sure why increasing the salvage item usage would help?

I suggested increasing the usage of salvaged items for a couple reasons.
1) Although the chance is small, there is still a chance of rolling an amazing item through crafting. If the prices of crafting were to be reduced/eliminated, there would need to be some other way of keeping the number of items produced in check so that there is not an overflow of amazing items. As great as that sounds, it would most likely devalue all of the amazing items out there, making a lot of players unhappy.
2) Increasing the use of salvaged items increases the demand making them valuable. At the moment, salvaged items are near worthless and players can essentially make more money by vendoring their items. This just doesn't sit right in my mind, and I'd like to see more of a commodities market for salvaged items of all qualities.

Anyway, I really think there are multiple ways to fix blacksmithing, and I enjoy reading everyone's suggestions. All we need to do is get Blizzard's attention and give them several realistic options to consider.
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09/04/2012 11:54 PMPosted by Falac
I think removing the cost for blacksmithing an Item only won’t suffice.

Falac: you may be right in saying this, and I wouldn't say that I disagree with you. What I'm hoping will come from increasing the salvaging materials required per craft, is to improve the value of salvaging materials and actually improve the in-game economy. Instead of vendoring items, players have the option to salvage them and sell the salvaging materials for a larger amount of gold to other players on the auction house. It gives rich players the option to spend that extra gold to blacksmith their items if they want to (and support their poor friends), and if they are poor they still have the option to try their luck with smithing or sell their materials to their rich friends.
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There are also time issues where picking up blue items are not even worth the time when making speed runs for really geared out characters. I suppose they wouldn't bother with the Blacksmith at all in their quest for faster elite farming and more loot.

Having to go back to salvage when your bags are full is actually a big time waster. It would be great for many if we could break down and salvage stuff in the field. I'd pick up more blue items then.

I fully agree with lowering the costs. The chances of getting anything good is not worth the gold investment. Even if they make it 10 times cheaper than it is now we would still end up with a lot of crap, but it might actually be more fun and less of a heartbreak to try it out.

Instead of making sure that an item gets a specific stat (if they are too afraid of the balance issues it can bring) they can allow is to block out up to perhaps five unwanted stats.

For example, I set my Blacksmith to craft some gloves. Now, I don't want any stuff that I might find a waste of time such as Pick up radius, Health Globe bonuses, Thorns, then maybe I don't want to see any Dex or Str on the item too. My gloves will roll but with -5 of those specified affixes.
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09/05/2012 02:36 AMPosted by ryvrdrgn14
Having to go back to salvage when your bags are full is actually a big time waster. It would be great for many if we could break down and salvage stuff in the field. I'd pick up more blue items then.

I fully agree with you! Being able to break down items in the field would be a huge time saver. Great idea.
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Remove the cost, and make the items prioritise your characters main stat.

However all other stats should be completely random.
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look at this: http://www.d3rmt.com/auction-house/item/fiery-brimstone/usgold/
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There are two relatively easy ways they can make blacksmithing somewhat more relevant again, and both involve adding recipes.

1) The easiest to implement would be to add the ability to craft ilvl 63 items. Simple as that.

Assuming the information here (http://www.d3rmt.com/guides/item-valuation/) is even remotely accurate, the ilvl 62 cap means that blacksmithing is fatally handicapped when it comes to rolling items that will sell on an AH that's full to bursting with ilvl 63 gear.

2) Add items with legendary-style pre-set rolls (i.e., a few guaranteed mods and a few random ones). If you look at the cost of BS plans, legendaries are the only ones that still have 7- and 8-figure prices, and that's for good reason, namely these are the only items with guaranteed mods (i.e., a floor on how bad they'll be). So, as with legendaries, have recipes where you're guaranteed, say, 150-200 of a primary stat, or a set amount of AR, or what have you.

(Note: Don't make them actual legendaries, because in general these should just be good rares, and we don't want to go back to pre-1.04 legendaries that aren't very good. Also, it would involve using fiery brimstones or creating items that salvage to brimstone, and that opens up another barrel of worms)


Personally, I think they need to implement the first idea ASAP, as the cap on ilvl 62 rolls is just way too limiting. Adding ilvl 63 rolls will help blacksmithing a ton and if the gold prices are right (and who knows what "right" will be), it may be all the fix BS needs. If not, then start considering the second option.

#2 is tricky, of course, because a recipe that guarantees, say a decent crit chance roll will risk a flood of items that tanks the CC market. This can be offset somewhat by making these legendary-lite recipes have much higher crafting costs (BS is supposed to act as a gold sink after all), especially for high-demand stats like AR or attack speed. Tricky, but done right, it can breathe some real life back into blacksmithing.
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agree 100%! i really like the idea of removing the gold cost and the other ideas are pretty cool also!
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