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@weesheng: i don't have any of those problems

@fallofkings: that'd be fun
Good strategies here. I've been telling people since Patch 1.0.3 that Witch Doctors should buff up on defenses, not only because the pets benefit from the Vitality and resistances, but also notice that most of the Witch Doctor's skills are Close range casting spells, which requires you to get closer to enemies (Soul Harvest, horrify, Zombie bears (Zombie Charger), Locust swarm, Hex, Mass Confusion, manitou (Spirit Barrage), and Big bad Voodoo).

Most average players always build a witch doctor like how they would a Demon Hunter, but good luck casting spells without getting killed next!

This is my witch Doctor from my main account: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/vm7488-1767/hero/20318998
confused... what is changing that affects GF/GI?

and... that's definitely not a fotm.

sooooo confused.
Anyone still going thorns build? I seem to do act 3 fine right now but I'm thinking of dropping all my thorns so I can drop fierce loyalty as a passive and pick something else up (COL?). I have almost 10k thorns damage right now and I'm honestly not sure if its helping keeping me alive or not. I don't seem to have a problem with melee mobs but range mobs hurt. So I assume its the thorns helping out with those melee mobs. Not entirely sure and don't want to spring a bunch of gold on a new set if it is.
@Teri: I think GF/GI stands for gold find and Grave Injustice, but I am not sure myself. I'm a pretty noob doctor lol.

GF = gruesome feast. Sorry lol.
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i see. thanks for the explanation.

still, though, i think it'll be a matter of farming efficiency. you won't be doing MP8 with !@#$ty dps. at the very least, though, i like how MP1 makes everything the difficulty of act 3&4.
i'm nowhere near 100k dps. :/
@weesheng... in one thread you mentioned, that setting the MP to MP1 changes all mobs in Inferno to lvl 63 so all acts should become a huge farmground... but correct me if I'm wrong... the drop is stil conditioned with the act right? now you still get better drop in A3/4...
got it!, thx :)
Well crap. I don't know what I am going to do when 1.0.5 comes out. With my enchantress I am only at 35k damage.
Can anyone tell me if I should be dropping my thorns? Anyone else using it?
09/26/2012 07:07 AMPosted by FallofKings
Well crap. I don't know what I am going to do when 1.0.5 comes out. With my enchantress I am only at 35k damage.

I tried MP5 last night and my 41K damage was taking a long time to kill an elite. I was mainly testing Fetish Sycophant so I was using Rain of Toad. And no, I will not start 1.05 at MP5 because that will only slow me down farming. It just took way too long to kill even though I wasn't dying.
1.05 is in test for a reason. i have faith that glass cannons won't be favored when it goes live. the purpose of changing the defensive skills were to make them feel less mandatory in MP0 but useful in more challenging situations (such as MP5+)

really, it's not going to be a big deal. it just means that the people that are bored now will get gear faster, so that they feel better about the game... as a result, the AH will be flooded with decent gear (more than it already is now), and using the AH when moving into inferno at MP0 will become more and more attractive, since the likelihood of getting good drops at that level won't change. why grind for hours when you can get dirt cheap decent items with a small amount of gold? then those people will start pushing their MP up...

so... maybe that means you should save gold for when economy shifts.

so i suppose this is just a long-term way to give people more stuff to do... sorta like paragon levels..

alternatively, you can play pokemon on wow. or both at the same time? the pet battle system is kinda slow paced compared to d3.
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