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What happened to GW2?

I don't understand these fanboys who feel so threatened that some other video game might be more popular/fun than the game they like. Why are you so emotionally attached to a game?

I personally like Blizzard games, and I have no problem liking other games from other companies if they are fun (no bias whatsoever).

Anyway, speaking of GW2, I don't think I've had this much fun playing a video game since 2005, which was when I played WoW for the very first time; WoW back then was pretty revolutionary and mind-blowing. In my personal opinion, I'd say GW2 is as mind-blowingly fun (if not more fun) as WoW was back in its prime. The only reason why I'm lurking these forums is because the servers are down for maintenance :P
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They are opening more and more forum sub categories almost daily now, they've now got not only the support forums open, but also players helping players and a guild forum.

More forum categories are being added as they believe they can handle them when at full server load, it was annoying that they were not opened from day one but I do understand why they did what they did on both sides of the fence, if it's truly to lessen the load, or if it's simply to bypass too many people ranting. Either way works out to what they did when they did it.

As for me, I'm playing GW2, lurking in the D3 forums once in a great while now, and waiting on TL2 to release in the next 14 days.
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Ya because web servers are the same machines as game servers.

Yes because getting off topic discussions up in the most important priority when you are going live with a huge gaming population. I would always tell my engineers that the forums are priority :-p
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they shut down forums because they don't have the infrastructure to keep that up and maintain stability in game. the same reason why they disabled pc downloads.

in other words, anet cares about gameplay experience before profit.

Ya because web servers are the same machines as game servers.
May not be on the same server, but I'd bet their on the same pipe using the same bandwidth and somehow interconnected with the game servers.

While we may not see it right now, they very well may depend on the game servers for authentication or anything else that we've not yet seen on the website, like profiles and what not else hasn't yet been released to the public.
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One thing i find interesting is that the Trading post is linked to ALL worlds so unlike WoW the TP will always have items you are looking for whether your server is dead or not. Also explains why they are having a heck of a time keeping the damn thing up at times. Fear not Wow players GW2 will not kill Wow but give it another year and it will scare the crap out of it
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