Diablo® III

100k dps+ dual wielding demon hunters

Just looking to see how many of us our out there lol. Without sharpshooter!

195k dps..without ss

sometimes my profile with show my mf gear depends if i switched it back before i signed off lol.
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just did a run with "Faster", another dual weilder on the forums. was quite fun and educational :)
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Holler. How you doin'.
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The gearing changes a little bit for DW.

You rely less on attack speed and more on crit damage/crit chance. Most DW Demon hunters are sitting well above 40% crit chance and well over 350% crit damage just by switching over, thanks to the archery talent/dual sockets. Raw damage also becomes a highly desirable stat and will likely become your new best friend. You'll see if you decide to crossover.

Also, I highly recommend trying out Hungering Arrow: Cinder Arrow when you switch over as I've found out there doesn't seem to be a cap to the amount of times you can roll your fire DoT. With your newly acquired attack speed + bouncing Hungering Arrows, you can continuously roll your 30% weapon damage per arrow DoT! I've seen well over 40k ticks in my early gearing days but sadly, I kill mobs too fast now for the rune to do its magic. :(

Hope this helps!

<3 Faster
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Im close to 100k (sittin on 90k)...I sorta cant be bothered playing anymore as my luck with drops is quite bad and do not want to buy anymore gear on AH as there is nothing really do considering my luck sucks. What faster has said is pretty much dead on.
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How do you guys feel Xbow vs bow vs dual wielding? I'm currently sitting at ~30% crit and 250% crit damage. I have 15mil to invest in a new weapon as I've made some money. I feel that xbow is too slow but dual wielding would be too fast. All just a matter of preference or are their advantages of dual wielding vs Bow?
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i used to dw at around 120k dps
but after the 1.0.4 patch, the new dead man legacy is just so damn strong
and imo the calamity the xxx spite 1h xbows are not really that great
they only have pure offensive stats if u want crit damage + socket on them
which basically gimp ur dh defensive stats
this is even worse if u use old nats set
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There's quite a few - I have a dozen on my friends list that DW that are 100k+ and a couple have 150k+. DW'ing demands a different playstyle - but remains effective - I enjoy running with them.
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I just barely make the cut at 105K.

I am not really paying a lot of attention while playing lately so lots of deaths.

But it's generally not a problem if I am paying attention. I've been trying different hatred spenders, but I find myself happiest with cluster arrow - cluster bomb.
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Got up to 125k w/o ss and 320% MF.....and over 160k with my progression amulet and ring. Looking to push to 200k in the next few weeks. I keep getting very nice ledg/set items with nice rolls with my high MF. Love DW'ing but it's tough to hit 200k.
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Hey ive been DW for awhile now and was wondering if you guys have any tips for me to reach that 100k dps mark please let me know which piece of equipment i should be upgrading any help is appreciated thanx
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Just switched over to dual wielding do my dps is low. Hoping to get better xbows soon but the crit is what changed my mind :).
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09/06/2012 10:58 AMPosted by SnaiL
Hey ive been DW for awhile now and was wondering if you guys have any tips for me to reach that 100k dps mark please let me know which piece of equipment i should be upgrading any help is appreciated thanx

Your biggest upgrades are going to be from your weapons. It needs to have baked-in crit damage and Dex with a socket. Most weapons with those stats are fairly inexpensive now due to the new legendary 1H's dominating the market. You're still going to be a paying a pretty penny for 950+ dps rare 1-handers with those stats, though. Increasing your crit damage is going to be one of the highest contributors to seeing your DPS increase. I'd recommend trying to nab a Danetta's Spite as those will come with baked in crit damage/high dex with the potential to roll a socket for mucho added crit damage. Calamity is another legendary to look at but it cannot roll dex and a socket, it's one or the other.

<3 Faster
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Thanks for your advise Faster another question is even tho my total crit dmg is lets say 400 from both my 1 hander ( 200 each ) does that mean i will do the whole 400 or are they separate. Thanks in advance
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yea u will do whatever ur crit damage is not just per shot.. so if u have a total of 400 crit damage ur attacks crit for 400% crit damage.

what ur gonna want to look for is 2 1 hand bows with

800+ dps
100+ dex
50+ crit damage

these are the minimum i would go while looking to get 1 hand bows.

you can look at my bows and get an idea of what u want neither of my bows are over 880 dps but they have good dex and good base crit which adds up to huge crit damage.

i would also recomend to get ur crit chance up to a min of 40% and have atleast 350% crit damage. also sharp shooter is still ur friend even above 40% crit chance i still use it it give a base 3% increase and if u spend a few seconds not shooting it charges up and lets ur first shoot @%%% everything on the screen.

i have
43% cit chance
516% crit damage
2.11 attack speed

if anyone is interested i have 2 1hand bows for sale message me in game abnd ill let u know when i get on.

872 dps
178 dex
61 crit damage

823 dps
9 max disc
216 dex
44 crit damage
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Thanks Evolution for the advise i will look on the AH once i get home xD
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np you can add me in game if u wish i can give u more advice or do runs or something if ya want
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awesome !
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