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100k dps+ dual wielding demon hunters

How i wish i have Legacy Nats... Got a DW DH friend Spamming Strafe, melting everything in its path. that 2 disc per sec really godly bonus set unfortunately i need to focus in DPS. Saving saving gold for 2x 1h xbow.
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just got my dps up to 132k without ss got me a 2 pice nats set going now. i plan on upgrading both my rings and it should put me over the 150k dps mark..

my question is who has the highest dps without ss right now.. dual wielder no 2 hand.. if anyone find there profile link it here.

http://imgur.com/a/oiLxi -- 200K no-ss

http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Xein1980-1848/ -- 211K no-ss (currently highest i've seen)
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I am DWing and @ about 110k dps without sharpshooter (using archery crit chance is 47%).
I found the build I am using now is awesome. I dropped Steady Aim and replaced with vengeance and havnt looked back... Depending on my mood I may swap out Sharpshooter for Archery, but I def use ShSh in public games for extra punch on initial strike...
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http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Xein1980-1848/ -- 211K no-ss (currently highest i've seen)

this guy may have over 200k, but looks like he would be dead from a flick in the face with 7k hp
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howdy ya'll. No Steady aim or Sharpshooter.
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Wow so many godly dual wielders here :)
For dual wielding using legendary hand crossbows, which ones are faring better, calamity, dawn, or get danetta's set ?
Thank you in advance :)
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Just don't get Dawn or Danetta's Revenge.
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I just joined the non-ss 100k club today! =D

I do use steady aim, though.
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Just upgraded again, lost some more hp but wound up with 2pc Inna's that I intended. Time to start a new thread, imo. I'm starting to get closer and closer to 200k XD no SS.
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Hi Guys, I do have a full set of gear for 100dps non-ss Nat Legacy DW build for sale. Do let me know if you are keen. I am quitting so selling all item cheap. Thanks
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Just picked up a Danettas Spite to push me over the edge! I want to get a Calamity next but probably would be better off upgrading something to improve my survival :( Anyone have an idea what I should upgrade next?
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09/12/2012 07:19 AMPosted by TorpedoVegas
Just picked up a Danettas Spite to push me over the edge! I want to get a Calamity next but probably would be better off upgrading something to improve my survival :( Anyone have an idea what I should upgrade next?

Bracers with Dex/Vit/Crit aren't that expensive. Gloves and Necklace/Rings could use some upgrades as well. Everything else looks good! After you get some more survival stats, I'd work on replacing some of your items without Dex.
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Edit : And btw, im not at 100k yet but i was curious about the topic (DW)
I'm sorry about disturbing your topic but it looks like a pretty nice speed potential with DW hand crossbow.
I'm looking to increase my Crit chance to get a bigger impact with Night Stalker to increase my surviability with Gloom and i have a couple questions for you.
Should it be a good way for me to get 2 x 1 handed to get more attack speed to get more crit to proc ?? (I'm trying to play with my MF gear all the time)
What 2x 1 handed would be a an upgrade compare to my crossbow?? I dont want to lost a lot of dps because im switching to 2x 1 handed !!

Thanks in advance for your help !!
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First off I find vengeance way more useful than night stalker since the amount of disc you get back is a guaranteed 2 off of health globes whereas with night stalker it's a chance to get disc back.

I would say the first thing you should be looking for is both a socket and crit damage built in. After that be looking for weapon damage % and dex and either elemental or average damage.

And if you can afford it get a danetta's spite for max disc if you can even find one on AH a yellow with max disc.
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09/11/2012 08:32 PMPosted by IKrow
Got a DW DH friend Spamming Strafe, melting everything in its path. that 2 disc per sec really godly bonus set

I've seen people talking about an infinite strafe build but I don't get it.
Do you just use prepraration:punishment and depend on the crits from the strafe to refill disc?
In that case, are they using strafe: singing steel for the 100% bonus crit dmg?

09/11/2012 09:11 PMPosted by scud
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Xein1980-1848/ -- 211K no-ss (currently highest i've seen)

I'm surprised in his choice of offhand bow... I imagine with the amount of money invested in his setup he could afford something much nicer

So to 100k+ dual wielders, how does your playstyle differ from 2H wielders?
It looks like not many of you are using the big burst damage type skills (LFB or Cluster) and instead is concentrating on constant/sustained DPS.
For high crit chance (60+ and bait = 70+) I imagine Spray of Teeth would be the best generator. I hear others raving about cinder arrow but I imagine the added dmg from the AoE (hits main target also) overcomes the extra dps of Cinder. You just don't get the extra Proc chances that cinder comes with.
Hows about Hate spender? Ball lightning seems to be most people's favorite, however I've heard great things from Frost arrow + Frostburns. For DW DH though, is it worth losing that crit chance from the gloves?

After ToC is nerfed, I'm going back to dual wield, however I'm going to have 2 pieces of each Nat to get +14% crit in mostly non-crit slots. I'm trying to decide between getting a Nat ring and losing 4.5% crit chance, or finding a good Nat 1h xbow with socket, any thoughts?

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I have given up dual wield for Cluckeye. I suggest you all do the same.
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@ Legit

What does the Cluck do?
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It shoots chickens that destroy your enemies.
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@ Legit

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Glass cannon i can go up to around 120k w/o ss
100k ss with Legacy nats

60k with max mf

or anywhere in between

Wouldn't mind having a few other similar dps DW DH on my f-list.. usually play evenings 4-5 days a week
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