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Help, API on my Website

Hello Everyone,

I hope this is the right place for this, if it is not please let me know and move to the appropriate location.

As some may know, I have a fansite


I would love to use the API's provided by Blizzard on my site, but I am hardly a programmer, I am just a lover of the game.

My site is based off of PHP using vBulletin's Forum software and html Styles.

If anybody knows this software well enough and would be willing to help, it'd be greatly appriciated.

I have asked the people and vbulletin.org but all I get are programmers that want thousands of dollars. I am hoping maybe someone here would be willing to help out.

Thank you for your consideration
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The biggest question is what are you wanting to do with the API?
Currently you can get Profile information, Hero Information, Item Information, and Artisan Information. You can easily integrate this information into a PHP site, but the question is what are you wanting to do with it? Make profile pages? Make your own armory style site? Compare your rosters levels? Etc.

With that information we might be able to help you more.
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Thank you for your reply

For example, I would like to use DarkTip's profile script to show profiles when hovering over a users battletag which shows up on every post a user makes.


But, I would like to have it linkable to a section on the site that comes up and shows there entire career with all characters and there stats as well as items they are wearing like what happens here when you click profile.

Follower and artisan information would be a bonus but secondary to me.
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I threw out DarkTip's script as an example, if someone has a different solution, what ever works.

Is anyone interested? I'd really like to get this going.
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Lucifer, did you get any response to your thread? Think you can help me?

Hopefully you see my note. I have been trying to get guidance with Diablo 3 nightmare level "Library of Fate" for my Barbarian Prometheus without much success. Prometheus has tried to kill the Library of Fate Boss maybe 30 times (after one year of WOW I'm still a noob albeit a 62 yr old noob!) I have remixed skills and runes based on suggestions I have read. I have used either a Templar or Enchantress as comrades with no avail. I do not think this is a bug or anything of that nature. It strictly a noob problem for which I would love to get some guidance. ( I do realize by inviting some players in my channel that could take care of it, but seems as though I'm on when they are mostly unavailable or playing with other groups)

Warm regards, Prometheus alias SAL
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1) No, I have not gotten a reply yet, other then those above.

2) Your posting with your WOW account, could you post a link to your Diablo Profile so I can see where your character stands as far as gear and stats.

I understand about letting strangers into the game and the dangers of it but I think Blizzard fixed that issue.

Personally I only play with members of my clan though, sorry
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I really appreciate hearing from you. I'll try to realign with Diablo Forum for accessibility to my profile.
many thanks,
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Many thanks for your reply. I have been investigating all over to link my Diablo account into the mix. no luck so far.

Another request to you Lucifer:
I followed your link to Sanctuary. I registered but got a note back saying i'm a spammer. which is absurd since i'm the most ancient noob since George Reeves' Superman.

I responded to Sanctuary Customer Service for help but no response yet. I tried to reenter and was told already used 2 of 5 attempts to login. so i'll stop that approach.

Would you please give me assistance. Prometheus email etc. already entered into Sanctuary registration data base. again, many thanks, Prometheus
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My websites spam control software takes alot into consideration, IP Address including Block. email address Geography, ETC.

I have created your account and sent you an email with the info.

Welcome to the site.
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