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Clustered fps issues with gtx550ti

So I purchased a 2gb gtx550ti about 2 weeks ago.
Put the car into my rig which is a amd 8120 3.6ggh with 12 gb ram.

I cannot play without heavy stuttering issues.

Frame rate jumps from 70-10 when big mobs are encountered. Worse wen playing in a 4 person game.

Let me state all settings are on low. With 1680-1050 resolution. Nothing is running in the backround and my card is running at a steady 50deg.

Any ideas what I can do tofux this problem? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated
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NVIDIA cards can be a bit pissy about drivers. I have two 560ti in SLI running under the latest WHQL 301.42 drivers with no problems so far. If you're running that driver with problems, try the 306.02 - BETA to see if there's any improvement.

What kind of card did you replace? Did you clean out the old drivers using something like Driver Sweeper and CCleaner? Sometimes old DLLs can cause an issue.
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I'm running the same version drivers you are haven't tried the beta drivers.

I've had to turn off pretty much all settings. The old card was an onboard intel hd graphics but my 550ti is the card selected.

The issue is basically if I'm engaging any mobs over 6-10 guys as soon as stuff starts dying the screen slows right down and is choppy as hell.
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yep running gtx 680 here same issue.. been browsing web/forums for a whole week no fixed.. tried many different things like adjusting nvidia apllication control to all settings in game makes no difference wat so ever.. sad just wait till nvidia releases a fix for this game or a blizzard patch..
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Weren't there some Hard Drive-related stuttering issues being discussed a while back? You might want to see if that could be contributing to your stuttering.
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