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rmbp saw huge drop in fps after recharge

So I 'm playing on the retina mac book pro, and it had pretty decent fps when i first played d3 at default setting. however after the laptop went out power and recharge the next day I saw the fps dropped to unplayable level ( 10 fps at default setting 1900x1600)

I saw some posts mentioning that the game might be locked to the integrated graphic card when the laptop went out of power and didn't switch back to the 650m card properly even after recharge and plugged in now. however i tried to reset smc pram and d3 cache follow the instruction from http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5575474873, it did not fix the issue for me.

So right now i had to turn my graphics all the way down to 1300x800 with all graphic setting set to low to get merely 30 fps on my rmbp .
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actually, it probalby wasn't the recharge but the sleep.

10.7 and 10.8 are both afflicted with a bug that causes opengl performance to go down toilet after you use sleep mode on certain graphics cards. to fix, you need to reboot machine. Some say you can fix it by going into system preferences, displays and changing resolution once then changing it back as well but i haven't tested this work around yet. I know for certain rebooting will usually solve it, and it's best to avoid sleep do to this annoying bug apple has added to 10.7+
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I also did a battery discharge to start a fresh charge cycle last night and afterwards the Starcraft 2 fps dropped to 17fps in-game on 2880x1800 resolution (it was 45fps before) and in the menus it was 8fps (before it was 30fps). I thought my Starcraft got corrupted or something because when i first launched it after the battery discharge, the game opened up in a window instead of fullscreen. Ever since then the game was messed up with low fps. I also deleted and uninstalled any Blizzard/Starcraft from the Mac and reinstalled/patched with no luck...still low fps.

Was going to do a fresh Mac OSX 10.8 reinstall until i saw this post and did a SMC Reset (http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3964) and can confirm my Starcraft 2 is back to normal. Nice fps again!

Thanks for the info MysticalOS, i'll keep it in mind when i do battery discharges again.
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something weird is going on. I have a fully decked out rMBP (512ssd, 16gb ram) and its been very hot the last week so I've been playing with it elevated off the desk. The last 24 hours my frame rates in WoW dropped to below 15 and the game started to get choppy no matter what setting I put it on. Then I tried SMC, pRAM resets, reboots, etc, and nothing improved it. did some hardware benchmarking using Cinebench and my GPU is only running at about 25-30% of where it should be. Seems as though its been damaged, so it's with apple Genius Bar overnight so they can do some extensive testing on it.

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