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Stuck after Furious Charge

I was fighting in Arreat Crater Level 2. Suddenly I was stuck (probably after Furious Charge, not sure). It looks just like rubberbanding. Only it's permanent. When I use any skill, there's the animation but it has no effect. I can't use any skill, can't teleport back to town, can't identify items. I can see damage/heal numbers keep ticking. The monster can still damage me but they can't kill me. My follower enchantress keep fighting the monsters until they are all dead. I have to leave game to fix it.
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It happened again today. This time I am sure it's right after Furious Charge. And I found that Wrath of The Berserker can still be activated. War Cry, Rend, Battle Rage cannot be used. When I try to use these skills, I see the animation but it has no effect, to me or to monsters. And I can't pick up anything in this state, not even gold.

One more thing, it happened when I was fighting elites. They have waller affix. Not sure if this has any thing to do with the bug. But waller seems cause a lot of movement glitch.
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I got stuck in a wall made by a waller elite yesterday morning around this time (made a thread for it too if you search for it).
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Same has been happening to me and my barb ALOT 17NV lost just last night!
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within just the last couple hours it has happened to me but it is with WW i use it then i get rubberbanded back to were i was i can no longer do damage and wont die the mobs still do damage to me and will kill themselves from what little thorns i do have as well i can no longer loot items or gold and as well must leave the game to fix this the only thing i can do is continuesly use WW to move around but as soon as i stop i just get ported back to were i was i can cast TP as well and see the cast bar but when it finishes it just stays there till i try to move i have lost lots of loot and NV stacks from this and would like to know if bliz intends on looking into this or if they alrdy are and why they havent fixed it yet as far as i know it happens to other classes as well im just not sure which ones and what skills are effected
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Just happened to me again!!! another 5 stacks of NV down the drain!!! How many posts is it going to take for there to be some acknowledgment that this bug is a problem of many... and action taken to correct it...
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If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006892777
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