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Error 502 and Error 3

This morning I tried to log in, and kept getting Error 502, with "there is a problem with an authenticator module" and now I am getting error 503. Anyone know what the heck is going on? I logged into WoW just fine, and into my account so I could change my password.

edit: Just logged in again into Diablo, and this time my information went through and it asked for my authenticator so I provided it, and finally it allowed me to log in. Absolutely no idea what on earth is going on, but would love some assurance that it's not an issue that was on my end.
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I think there was some hiccups earlier. Let me know if the issue persists.
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Thank you for the response; the issue does not seem to be persisting so far - I changed my password, and that seemed to be the fixer oddly enough. Or at least, once I changed it the trouble stopped. Still not sure what was going on, but it felt a lot like some hiccup on the other end, like you say. Was a little worrisome there though for sure!
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This just happened for me too, and my connection to battle.net has been terrible the past couple days (my connection in general is fine). I have been getting kicked from games and the server every couple minutes. What's going on? (In the Boston area)
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Can you try this and see if it helps?

Clearing your Battle.net Cache
    1. Navigate to Mac HD/Users/Shared/Blizzard/
    2. Move the Battle.net folder to the trash.
    3. Empty the Trash.
    4. Launch Diablo III
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I have the same issue but I use Windows XP SP3 so what can I do?

I tried to change password into my account but it seems does not help at all.

P.S. "there is a problem with an authenticator module" (Error 502)
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I have had the same problem (error 502) for some months. Usually can be fixed by rebooting system. currently still getting error 502. Went to Blizzard Tech Support but apparently they have never heard of error 502????
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I've been getting error 502 for days now and i'm not sure why..
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Error 502 is a timeout error message.

I've seen this happen on school/work networks due to additional security settings on the network. Do you happen to be on this type of network?

You may also want to delete your Battle.net cache and see if it helps.

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Do you have any reccomendations for those of that are on that type of network? I've already tried deleting the Bnet cache, but my ability to connect is still incredibly sporadic....appearing to be more successful during our schools less intensive internet hours.
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i cant solve my error 3
can you please show me the step?
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hi guys, me still exprerience error 3 in diablo3! i follow the steps here in this forum but not work at all why? do you have other work around at this moment? Im used Vista SP2! TY!
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Window users will need to post in the Technical Support (Windows) forum: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/5386227/

Is anyone on Mac OS X still experiencing errors 502/3?
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i have mac osx and error 3 is not gone yet following this steps....please help!!
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What kind of internet are you using? (DSL, Cable, Cellular, Satellite, etc)

I've seen this happen with cellular connections that aren't able to maintain a stable connection.
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