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Error 73 cant log in!

error 73 here too (also americas)
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to requote feedback from when this happened in November...

Dear Blizzard,

That's exactly why we are not happy you made the game 100% online even when we wants to play SOLO.
This is not acceptable, you should knew before that problems can occur, computers are not immortal.

You must for your own sake Enable the Offline Mode to allow us to play at least Alone, this way, if Battle Net crash, we will still be able to have fun.

Also, you thought that error is Fixed but its not, i can't login at all.

You sold the game a bit expensive and still, we can't play when we wants.
You make moneys with Auctions House, still, we can't play when we wants.

WE NEED TO PLAY WHENEVER WE WANTS and that's should be your Priority Number 1 : Making customers HAPPY, we paid for it remember ?

I don't care about achievements, i just wanna play.

Troubles are worldwide, in Europe we got the same Error.
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we have an eta for a fix on this?
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We want offline and we want peer to peer... server based sucks... delays and hacks and etc....

Even this Canadian is getting ticked and we are always nice guys...
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It's online only to maintain the integrity of the game...cuz that's how Blizz rolls.
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Same here...

"Error 73, the battle.net is currently down" or something like that.
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I like how it takes over an hour and counting before we get a response from a blue. Thought they paid people to monitor these threads...
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90 Human Paladin
Same here.
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There is a temporary outage of the Battle.Net service. Please try again later. (Error 73)
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01/05/2013 06:14 PMPosted by Schumway
Even this Canadian is getting ticked and we are always nice guys...

That is a blatant lie, i pride myself on my !@# holery, that being said I demand the servers are fixed immediately!!

....If they have the time that is.......please and thank you.....sorry for being such a nuisance....
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Yep you would think that there would be at least one response or a message that pops up for them for this much traffic on a TECH SUPPORT FORUM....
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Not getting any specific error message, but unable to log in. Offline would be EPIC, since I have a lot of ongoing issues with my wireless dsl radio.
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Checked the web and it says WOW and SC is also down.... hmm maybe this will be a start to enable peer to peer, locally hosted servers, and offline play...

guess I will go play on Steam...
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At this point, starting to have some serious withdrawal! I just wanna kill some demons!
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I'm getting the same error - any update?
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Error 73!!!!

I',m trying to level my hardcore monk on a saturday night!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF its saturday! i'm drunk and trying to kill my level 12 hardcore monk. When is it coming back up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Love you Blizzard even though you killed my pvp diablo 3 dreams. <33333

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Having the same issue here.Any lastest updates about this error 73?
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Wow, this is great! Yet another weekend of server issues! Why cant this stuff happen during the week when I’m at work? Anyone know if there is an ETA on the fix.
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I'm on Win 7.

1. Deleted my battle.net cache files (less than 300MB)
-See here for doing that: https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/deleting-the-battlenet-cache-folder-pc
-This link has a link to the Mac instructions as well

2. Opened game via normal launcher

3. Closed launcher after "Play" button appeared
-This step may not be necessary

4. Launched again, clicked play and logged in normally...took a bit to authenticate but worked.

Hope this helps,
Edited by Volaan#1857 on 1/5/2013 6:30 PM PST
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