Diablo® III

Monk getting stuck after using dashing strike

Seems to happen to me in a solo game when I use dashing strike. My character disappears and I'm stuck. It does not do it every time and so far it seems to happen when I am fighting elite/champ packs.

I can't do damage with skills except wit my aoe (sweeping wind, Conviction aura) When this happens I can't die even if my health gets to zero and my character never uses any spirit even though I am using all of my abilities.

Usually my follower kills whatever I was attacking if my AOE doesn't. After everything dies I can't move or pick up any items. TP does not work. I am able to switch abilities on my bar. I am also able to cancel buffs and skills that I have on me.

The only way to get out of it is to exit game.

Seems like I am trapped beneath the surface. I can see faint glimpses of my sky splitter animations barely reaching the ground when I try to attack. If I try to move I immediately get a pulled back to where I got stuck. I cant move very far in any direction.

I can also hear my character making noises like I am attacking/using a skill; however, I do not hear the sounds for the skill itself.
Example I hit my mantra and hear a clap and my character grunt like she is casting it but no activation sounds from the skill itself.

It happened to me 09/10/2012 @ 7:33pm EST. I was in Skycrown Battlements, near the entrance, and next to a pit. I will stay as long as I can in the game if someone wants to check it out.

Added link to picture of my position

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happend to me twice today, and yes, while i was fighting elite/champ packs ... cant use tp, can't loot anything... seems like the toon was stuck in a patch of square under the floor... both happend inside an instance... earlier this morning in a timed run in act 2, and just now in vault of the assassin... toon doesnt die.. only way to get out of it is to log off from the game...
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Thanks for taking your time to write a detailed report, it would be nice if they could spare a moment to let us know it is being looked into...
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If you want a thread combining every other threads about this issue please follow the link and post : http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7006892777
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