Diablo® III

Expansion: Leah stay dead!

Leah will be reborn as Evil because she is the devil's daughter.
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02/14/2013 12:05 PMPosted by Beefer
I think it would be rather poor storytelling to bring her back... which means she's going to come back.

Yep, can see this coming all the way from the horizon with Metzen around.. right now I wish he would resign..

What is the point of death if it's not final.. it becomes child's play and is the equivalent of the douche going ''Nu-uh, you didn't get me.. cause.. I have magical..uh- special armor..''

They already butchered Warcraft with this.
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All the women are awful. Leah, Adria, Iron Wolf Wench, Enchantress, Maghda, and even ol' floppy boobs diablo his/herself.
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She will become the angel of justice now that the spot is open. Calling it now.
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Don't give them any ideas! But seriously hope they don't bring her back she was meant as Diablo new body and that it. Maybe save her soul to move on that alright but bring her back from death? Why they didn't then bring any of the other bodies Diablo used before then? She is not special and better stay dead and before she is Diablo 'daughter' she is not both her father and mother are humans also no she can't be the angel of justice because she wasn't born from the crystal like all the angels only the crystal can give birth to a new angel of justice.

I don't want to see WoW story move to Diablo where everything which meant to stay dead can come back to life this will be ridicules.
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Leah will surely come back, but i think it would not happen in D3, maybe we could look forward the next ten year when D4 comes out.
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