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Trade Bug ?


I'd like to report a bug? that occured to me today.
Sorry for my mistakes in english, I'm a starter.

So, today a player had a 2 slot manticore, with fair dps and stats which he was trying to sale (he is a Monk).
I was looking forward to buy one soon, so I asked for the price etc etc

This player invited me then to trade, the trade window opened, he places the manticore,
I put the amount gold (30m + 2 items). Then the ''accept'' button comes white and I click it.

everything seemed to be complete with no problems but when I opened my inventory to look at the item, it was not the one I could see in the trade window!
I now have a single socket manticore with a crappy dps and useless stats.

I accepted the trade JUST ONCE and after I was sure it was the item I wanted, I'm not completely stupid, friends of mine already got scammed before the 1.0.4 patch, so I do pay attention, even now it has been patched. So I don't know what happened, maybe a bug exploit there, but the thing is I'm now poor, in possession of a !@#$ty item, and I'm mad!

Plus, I don't even know how to report this, I phoned the assistance in my country, they did not even give me an answer.

Any help or advice would be VERY APPRECIATED here.

PS: ofc, after the trade, the other player just left, pretending that all went fine, and gave no more answer to my whisps.... what a community!

Thank you :((((
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Sorry I am in the wrong section I think
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Not really the wrong section just the wrong websites section, go report this as a ticket possibly? idk the mods on the forums here are usually too busy to deal with everyone bug heck they wont even acknowledge the fact that the game guide is listing items saying they will have "1 of the following attributes" then they give you the range, and youll find 99% of those items wont have that guaranteed stat. Go check out the memp item game guide and check the mempo i have on me. There are many like it and many people crying and no one is bothering to tell us y.
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