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i will give it a try , it's been to long playing with defensive skills
Is it just me, or are they nerfing wizard like hell and giving extra buffs to DHs? Seriously lately I don't meet any wizards when I join games. Only DH's and from time to time WDs as they have better skills now. I fell myself like I should start playing WD as my wizard is useless after so many nerfs now...
Just reviewing energy armor's nerf. While it makes me sad, don't you think the nerf in it's entirety is too high?

I can understand the nerf to the amount of energy armor. 65% makes it much more advantageous to use in-game.

However, I don't quite understand the nerf to the resistance using prismatic rune. It seems to be too much of a nerf to have the prismatic rune as an option IF you use energy armor.

There was another thread I read that calculated the approx. percentage differences from this nerf and the wizard would take something like 31-32% more damage, but the reduction is aimed for 25%.

Wouldn't you agree that the resistance nerf should be adjusted so that the net damage intake would be 25% rather than the 31-32%?

This is from the other thread:
165% armor -> 135% (18.2% increase)
140% resist -> 120% (14.3% increase)
Total: 32.4% increase dmg received
Blizzard is bad at Math.

1.0.4 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 50,000 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 17,500
    50,000 x 0.35 = 17,500

1.0.5 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 37,500 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 24,375
    50,000 x 0.75 = 37,500 x 0.65 = 24,375

Gloom needs to be at least 50% in 1.0.5 to retain damage reduction comparable to 1.0.4.

I was generous in my first calculation as I thought Gloom was only 60% instead of 65%. It's fixed now. DH w/ SP+Gloom will actually take a 40% damage increase. Let's not forget about the ToC nerf either, thanks Blizz!
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Not being an active contributor to the forums, I really feel this time I've got to state my mind -

I feel really offended by your, Blizzards, plans, of which I am absolutely sure will make my current game experience worse again.

I used to be pretty proud about the fact I managed to find some proper gear, buy some other, and create a wizard that currently is really fun playing. It feels balanced, provides 33k dmg, is able to properly survive act 2 and needs some thinking in act 3, but feels ok. I have invested a big load of time (for me, related to my job and family, that is) together with some friends. All of the patches up to date increased the fun in playing D3, and I was always looking forward after reading the patch notes.

Just now it feels like: What have I done wrong? Thats just not the way :-( I already see 1.06 turn back the nerfs, but seriously, the game feels really good atm. Just leave it that way and concentrate on PvP. Really!
If you want to make money / decent gear to trade in the fastest amount of time post 1.05 you'll run /players 8 act 3. In gear that costs a fortune. And you will most definitely need your defensive skills. It is not good for casual players at all. Or demon hunters. Only those who are very dedicated or willing to spend a lot of $$$.
Please don't make that change to Companion. It's pretty obvious that those three versions will become required if you do. Especially the spider one.
09/14/2012 10:44 AMPosted by Peter
You don't need to make this game any easier then it already is, the whole point of inferno was that it's going to be very hard to complete, it's easy at the moment, any easier will just be stupid

Did you not read the part where they said they were adding a Players X command? That makes the game harder...as hard as you want it...
Argh, I had a good summary typed up, and your website ate it (thanks to this aweful work computer I'm typing on atm).

I'll try to be brief.

This is what concerned me the most:

•Leap - Iron Impact: We’re adjusting the design of this skill. Rather than providing 300% armor for 4 seconds, it’s going to provide 100% armor per target hit for 3 seconds. So if you don't hit any targets, you won't get any armor. If you hit 5 targets, you'll actually get 500% armor. We are making this change because the intended fantasy of Iron Impact is a barbarian who leaps into the thick of battle and is super tough. The way the skill plays out on live it is essentially an Ignore Pain that can also move you. For the most part it is better than Ignore Pain, making not only Ignore Pain unattractive, but also the other Leap Attack runes. In 1.0.5, if you want a defensive cooldown - grab Ignore Pain. If you want to leap into the thick of battle and be super tough, take Iron Impact.

From launch until about a week ago, I was using this ability in my Barb 'Tanky' spec. It was good in 3 situations:

1. To catch a fast, running ranged mob
2. To leap into smaller packs
3. To leap out when things get hairy, and allowing some breathing room with 3 seconds of extra armor.

The 3rd one is what I used it for most.

When I use it to leap into elite/champion packs, 3 seconds is not nearly long enough to be beneficial. Generally if it's a pack with heavy elemental aoe's dropping, it's useless, since they don't drop the aoe until about the time the 3 seconds wears off. Now, not only are you in there sitting in an elemental aoe spot, unable to move because you're surrounded by mobs, but your 3 seconds is up, and your bonus is gone.

The biggest situation I see the change benefitting is either a more glass cannon 2H barb with an obscene amount of DPS aoe'ing the mobs, and frying the champ pack within 3 seconds, or a tank running in, getting the mobs on him and the aoe dropping, than hopping to the other side of the pack before he's really hit, in which case 3 seconds is enough time to get a few hits off, get a revenge proc up, and fire it off.....unfortunately the revenge heal is rarely needed yet since you had have 300% armor...

My recommendation is if you're going to make this change, do one of the following:

1. Increase Iron Impact to 6 seconds at minimum.
2. Reduce the Cooldown on Leap itself to 5 seconds. Reduce Fury Generation to 8-10

Number 2 is my recommendation. After all, it was spammable in D2. :-)
The most important thing for the "Player X" system is how good can the drops be and how much exp u can get. They said nothing in detail about this point.
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As a Monk player, I actually like how my class isn't going to be affected all that much by the changes. I knew for certain that Seize the Initiative was getting nerfed (c'mon Monks -- it was our best passive and you know it!), and that One With Everything wasn't getting nerfed (due to the gear requirement).

If anything, I'm really glad that War Cry / Impunity is finally getting the nerf it so richly deserves. I'm really sick and tired of going into public games and seeing Barbs in Act 4 running around with <10k DPS, but are still considered a good party candidate because of one single skill and rune - War Cry / Impunity. Seriously, the skill is a disrespect to the class, knowing that the only contribution to the team is to War Cry the group, and then try (many times unsuccessfully) to draw enemies away from the other players in battle, while all the other players have to do all the work. BUT! War Cry / Impunity is so OP right now that everyone just lets it go!
All this will do is shift focus away from some skill to armor. AR gear will be much more desirable than it is now, because then someone can reach values from gear, at which damage is negligible. Gear becomes more powerfull, the gear that no one finds. This is not a buff for players, this is a buff for the two AHs. Anyone who believes the players will benefit from this should get his head out of his a$$.
so...those who already have top end gear get to use monster command to increase difficulty and drop rates ? plus the infernal machine drops ? because lets face it, anyone who either didn't exploit on launch, flip the AH all day or blow hundreds on RMAH or get extremely lucky isn't going to be able to do any of this..we will still be farming the same act hoping for a drop thats worth more then 200K..

Itemization is still lame..nerf inferno all you want but the biggest problems is

1. Nothing to do but farm
2. Balance was never Diablo
3. PvP needs to be done right and not an arena deathmatch noobfest, need an incentive like cosmetic rewards or something
4. Stare at the AH interface more then playing the game
5. Bosses should drop the best loot, not the worst, no one had a problem running Meph/Pindle for 10 years cuz they dropped good loot atleast 40% of the time
6. Low level items are useless outside of Leorics and Cains, but this faults to itemization.
7. Constant load from HDD causes stuttering in co op games, still no reason to play co op either


took the words right out of my mouth
Thanks for thinking of the tanky DH!

The "litmus test" I think is that a DH with lower DPS (because they stack defensive item affixes) still kills about as quickly as one with higher DPS - as long as they are taking hits rather than kiting and dodging.

A nest with Jagged Spikes, Sentry, etc. sounds like it might work for this as long as life steal is workable, since a JS plus 2-3 sentries would give you several times DPS multiplier as long as you can keep the monsters in the nest. Pets could add to the fun!

can't wait to try it.

Random idea: Trail of Cinders does double damage if you cross a monster during the vault (i.e. boost damage if you are going into danger rather than away)
Wizard needs:

1. Frozen Orb from D2 (not Arcane Orb but Frozen Orb).

2. Fireball

LOL my mage in Warcraft has frozen orbs and fireballs - suggest you try WOW!

Pandaria is 25 Sept BTW : - )
Blizzard: Changes to One With Everything heavily impact existing monk gear. We still plan on addressing this in the future but will do so in a way that does not invalidate the gear monks have invested in.
Well good luck. Hope I won't feel stupid for having bought gold with REAL hard earned money to get equipement, mostly focused on Monk because I like the play style of it.

When I initially bought the Collector's Edition, I thought to myself that I will never buy anything from RMAH but it's only 2 weeks ago I decided to say "ok, just 10$, then another 10$, etc." - Oh well, let's hope for the best!
so I'm pretty much going to switch from Impunity to the Dodge ruin and will be virtually invincible! Good thing I can raise monster difficulty now
Thanks for breaking SP:Gloom for Reflect Damage. Appreciate that.
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