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Dev Journal: Defensive Bonuses Discussion


Not sure about the skills change (says the barb using war cry/impunity) but anything that gives more options on what you can have in your build is a good thing. If it works.

The changes to the difficulty i like. The game starts at inferno, so its hard to balance between the noobs like me who have just started, and the guys with 120k+ dps who just faceroll everything for the same rewards. Difficulty adjustment solves that. Awesome.
Blizzard is bad at Math.

1.0.4 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 50,000 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 17,500
    50,000 x 0.35 = 17,500

1.0.5 - A projectile is going to hit my DH for 37,500 damage, with SP/Gloom this is reduced to 24,375
    50,000 x 0.75 = 37,500 x 0.65 = 24,375

Gloom needs to be at least 50% in 1.0.5 to retain damage reduction comparable to 1.0.4.

I was generous in my first calculation as I thought Gloom was only 60% instead of 65%. It's fixed now. DH w/ SP+Gloom will actually take a 40% damage increase. Let's not forget about the ToC nerf either, thanks Blizz!

But now it lasts 5 seconds instead of 3, which gives it a much higher percentage uptime.
Monks have Bad passives. Seriously, what offensive passives do they have that are any good?
I can see you want us to all die in Hard Core, hmm lvl 60 inferno.. what should I use something that gives armor which I should have already as barb or ... Resist all...

Its not my fault babarian doesn't have other skills to give mega deffence.

as for wizard I use energy armor for the 5% crit bonus the loss of armor is bad but the crit bonus is a great dmg buff it's stupid they forget each skill and sub skill is significantly different.. it's like they don't even understand their own game... I would use ice armor but it doesn't offer a buff to my dmg crit rate...
wow great changes to the DH!! I really like the idea of using some pets as the WD one.
So let me understand: you nerf monster damage by 25% and you reduce seize the initiative by 50%......and in the next patch you'll nerf also owe????
Why doesn't simply delete all monks from d3?
So the idea is to make defensive abilities less mandatory by nerfing them and nerfing monster damage, to encourage people to use offensive builds more? So why nerf STI? You gave us no offensive passives, Blizzard! OWE and STI were two good passives out of a list of 20 rubbish ones, do you want to remove all good passives from us? All Barbarian passives are good! You are killing the monk class. I may have to reroll Barb now or just quit the game, since you hate us so much.
monster damage lowered
player defense lowered

8 player mode increases mob toughness and drop rate

Everyone's just going to go all out DPS to kill on 8 player mode as the new inferno... doesn't change much IMO
What We want: Itens with more than just basic parameters!!
What Blizzard does: Let's go nerf all class!!

I think blizzard is not listening us

No pvp till xpac i guess. Sad that i been running act 3 since its the ONLY ACT TO FARM FOR OVER 600 HRS :/.

Blizz has already said PvP is coming with 1.1.

Plus, the Monster Power system is going to change item drops as well (not sure if it means amount of drops or quality of drops) so it will hopefully make farming other acts more viable.
Two words Skill Trees. That's it. This will resolve the problem with diversity and to put an end to nerfing skills. I guess blizzard is going to learn the hard way because once blizzard realizes that wow all that time we should just put skill trees in the first place.
09/14/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Balkoth
All this will do is shift focus away from some skill to armor. AR gear will be much more desirable than it is now, because then someone can reach values from gear, at which damage is negligible. Gear becomes more powerfull, the gear that no one finds. This is not a buff for players, this is a buff for the two AHs. Anyone who believes the players will benefit from this should get his head out of his a$$.

This makes zero sense.

You just said that now that monster damage is reduced, that people are going to build their characters to be more defensive.

Barbarians have been able to make builds where damage was negligible from the start, and people migrated away from those extreme tanky builds a long time ago, because they don't farm efficiently.

Your tinfoil hat is restricting blood flow to your cerebral cortex.
As a DH Gloom was the only decent defensive skill given for solo play, now it's been nerfed, thanks alot. I like playing along side a Barb because War Cry gave me an extra layer of defensive, so now I've been double nerfed. Does anyone on the D3 team use there brain? Why won't you listen to your customers?
When are you people going to understand that we WILL NOT get good loot due to blizzard being greedy with the rmah. This abomination of a game is all about company greed, not player happiness.
Please do away with the arcane sentry cooldown, even if it costs more disc. This way we can lay out the traps quickly. If we have to stand around to create these "nests" then the whole build idea is dead on the vine. This has alot of potential!
The monk is the most boring class in the game. Since I'm paragon level 45, I'm not going to re-roll. I've killed about 20k elites with my monk and I've had a pretty good time for the most part but it makes me furious at times at how boring his gameplay is. I have faith that Blizzard will do things to help the monk out in the future but right now things just suck.

We don't have any other useful passives, so 1.05 just makes the monk feel stupid. Every monk on top of diabloprogress uses the same skills, Thunder clap, cyclone. Perhaps flash can be replaced by fulminating onslaught. The monk is the ugliest character in the game, and he's also the most boring.
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Well, great! Wizards get the worst nerf... AGAIN!
Buff those useless skills instead of simply nerfing a major favorite that greatly enhances survivability in inferno... Other classes now can stack great DPS with great resistances / armor / tanking pets.. Wizards are already a run-shot-run class...

The problem is not the nerf itself, but the fact that wizards are getting each time weaker than other classes now...
So far the changes aren't too bad. However, Blizzard if you could answer some of my concern if you ever read this post. I play Demon Hunter I'm awaiting changes to the demon hunter class.

What will happen to reflect damage?
Shadow Power + Gloom are both getting nerfed. That means unless reflect damage is also getting addressed, then it's most likely an overall nerf to Demon Hunters because most demon hunters, if not all, use Shadow Power+Gloom to deal with reflect damage.

Will there be any changes to Smokescreen as well as the other defensive/tactical skills?
As of now, Smokescreen is a mandatory skill for ALL demon hunters not just because of the invulnerability but also because it breaks all impairments (frozen, jailer, fear, etc.). It's the only skill of the Demon Hunter that breaks all impairments (and also the only skill the provides invulnerability.

Will the Passive skill Perfectionist be addressed at all?
The passive skill Perfectionist is the most useless skill in my opinion because it will reduce the cost of discipline at most by 1. I don't know the purpose of this passive skill at all and would like to know if it will be addressed in this patch or any patches in the future.

PS I can't wait for this new patch.
I hope you look at some of the monk's passives to make it more appealing.

People will still take "seize the initiative" and "resolve" because there's nothing better out there!

Too many weak passives compared to other classes. If a passive provides a bonus that can easily be found on a piece of gear as an affix then that passive is MEDIOCRE and needs serious reworking.

Passives in general should define a MAJOR TRAIT of the class it is designed for and generally comes as stats boost (meaning no mechanics attached). Also ,players should be given the option of four slots for passives: MORE CHOICE = MORE FUN.

Example of the redesigning of Fleet footed : +20% Movement speed, +10 % Dodge chance and+ 10% Crit Chance. The reasoning is that being quick on his feet the monk can dodge better and get more opportunities to strike a deadly blow to the enemy.

Passives should provide massive boost for the player,close enough to what a godly piece of gear can achieve for you.
Curious about new possible DH styles.

Overall, very excited! Lowering the "initial" difficulty of Inferno seems great with the addition of "/players x". If the rewards are good with /players 8 than I don't see any reason to complain about the Inferno Nerf. It's like a buff and nerf to Inferno at the same time, there's something for everyone.

I think i'm most curious about the Uber Bosses though.

Great job Blizz!
the most stupid buff is sixth sense, the reason you would go for resistance over a small doge bonus is obvious

and armor is a must when taking dmg or as we say tanking... 100% dex=armor because more is always better and most is best.. if you make something less it doesn't make it less usefull it's the stat it self that is useful diversify the other skill bonuses vs nerf the only useful skill buffs.
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